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Despite being in relationship for year and a half. I still think about my first girlfriend I met at the age of 15 and been with for 2 weeks. 22 now and when I saw her 3 days ago I had to stop myself from trying to talk to her and saying how beautiful she is. I hate being a human

I need to be in relationships because if I'm not that means I have to deal with myself and how much of a shit I am.
I'm stubborn to change and slow to grow and I look to others for inspiration instead of pushing myself.
So I need to be in relationships to have that person push me and give me direction that I can't give myself.
Separately, I care not for things I want. I gain more pleasure from giving to someone and obsessing on their comfort rather than mine. As long as I'm given basic care I'm fine, but I want my partner treated like royalty.

This isn't healthy. But I don't know what else to do. And I don't think asking is much help either if what I need to do is self-love and self motivate.

Analyze me /GIOYC/.

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I am wasting my life and I must change

I failed again but I don't have to fail horribly I can maybe save some things

I fucking hate my body so much. I hate myself to the very core. I wish I was born as a different person. I just want a healthy body and a better life. I wish I was born as someone else. I hate being so useless.
I can't do anything for anyone nor myself despite all the effort. I can't, I can't, I fucking can't! Nothing can save me.
This is too fucking much.

Yaaaaaaawawwwaawwwww××wwwww×w××wwaaw reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

What is it that you can't do?

I wouldn't tell anyone there this, but the only part of my old job that I miss was the paycheck. I worked with some truly horrible people. I felt like I'd been abducted into some kind of goblin cave.

I'm a little uneasy about the lack of money but I'm not depressed anymore. The long nightmare is over.

A lot of things, even basic ones that people would normally do in their daily lives. My body gets progressively weaker and I can't do a single thing about it, which in turn makes me rely on others more than ever. Relying on others is one of the things I've mostly despised, especially if it has something to do with my family. Jesus Christ, my illness fucks me up.

I mean is your body at Ehlers Danloss syndrome/Lou Gehrig's Disease levels of dysfunction and messed upness or are you just fatigued all the time?

Why does everyone abandon me? First L, then R, now A am I that horrible. I just want to be loved

I miss you R, I wish you felt the way you said you did before. I'd change everything for you

I have an unknown form of muscular dystrophy, and I don't get as much medical help from it. My parents can be really oblivious when it comes to that. Childhood wasn't that great either which also fucked me up psychologically. At this point, I'm just trying to function as a normal person even when most things have already destroyed me. Been trying to improve my life since 2015, yet both physical and mental health are continuously deteriorating.

Why me

>met a girl in a party through my friends that I went with.
>We kiss in that party.
>Thought she was pretty cool and kept talking to her the days after.
>She says she would go out with me but she doesn't want anything serious.So we decided to be just friends.
>days passed and we talked a lot almost everyday and went out with our friends in common.
>yesterday she says she passed in a university in another state and that she is going to move
its been only a month since a met her but I feel like im losing someone really close.

I'm still in love with my Ex, she does still talk to me through unconventional means, I don't want to move on from her, but she's been trying to avoid me (she talks rarely and vaguely through her sisters phone)
But. She still chooses to do that. Of her own volition, I don't think she's over me. But cause it's long distance. or was, she's just trying to make up for the physical intimacy I couldn't give her.
I don't know what to do, I don't want her out of my life. She is a good person. And her family love me to pieces.
I'm just too far away...

I’m in love with a woman that I pushed away for a man because I was scared she would never return it in the same way. I am shit.

Fuck that guy desu.

Reach out to them, they probably miss you too.

Tell her how you feel.

I deserve someone who wants to be in a relationship with me.

People think I talk too fast because I'm twitchy, nervous, or on drugs. Or that I'm trying to rush through and dominate conversations. People over the phone complain when I call all the time.

This kind of pisses me off. I have a naturally fast pace of voice and it speeds up when I'm happy or enthusiastic. I don't like people killing the mood by saying "hey, you're talking too fast, slow down." I'm talking "fast" because I'm eager to talk about something that I like, you fucking asswipe.

I've tried to slow down my voice in formal and professional situations but it actually physically pains my muscles to do that, because the movements are so different from what I'm used to. I actually notice slowing my voice coincides with me getting unhappy or depressed.

My sister calls me every name she can think of and says some really lowdown shit to me when she gets mad but when I finally snap and call her a crazy cunt she throws a tantrum because I "called her out of her name". This is coming out of the same mouth that just called me every kind of bitch, loser, broke bum, etc

Who's the crazy obsessed stalker now? kek

My how the tables have turned. Dumbass.


I never kissed M.

m fathers wife died - my mother, somebodies kid died, someone split up after 10 years of relatio ship, someone just had an accident and will never walk again

Many people could ask the same question and suffering in your life is a unfortunately very natural. The love of my life left me. I could ask myself the same question.

Probably you

I started our relationship with a lie. After I told you about it, our relationship never recovered. I'd take doing it back if I could. I don't blame you for the way you lied. I think hearing
>I finally decided to stop lying to you
broke something in me. That line rings through my head sometimes. Just as I know some of things I've said do the same for you. You're amazing. We both know that. I'd do it all over again the right way of I could.

I've moved on though. I found a cute girl I enjoy spending time with. Who knows where it'll go. I do know I'll never make the same mistakes. It'll be fun finding out.

I love you
Forever and always

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I don't know if you're just not interested anymore or what. I really liked you but I guess the feeling's not mutual. Wish I knew what I did that changed things, you seemed really interested and happy when I last saw you. A while back you said you'd be "busy till a few weeks after new year's". So... I guess that's that then? You should've just told me upfront that you didn't want to bother instead of getting my hopes up. Why do you even bother responding to my texts anymore? Just tell me to fuck off like I know you want to.

I hate them all.
They're all so fucking happy.
My dad thinks I'm a disappointment and everyone else I know thinks I'm an edgy loner.
I fucking hate them all, I hope they all die.
I've tried to open up to other people but they're all just pieces of shit and I want to bash in their fucking skulls.
I have no dreams, aspirations or anything.
My hatred for other people is the only thing that is the only thing distracting me from the fact that I utterly loathe myself and I'm going to kill myself at the end of the year.

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Why are Catholics so damn obnoxious?

Stop contacting me. You lied and were mean. I’m happier without you than I ever was with you.

You know it. Fuckface

Could be worse. Jehovah witness bring it to your doorstep.

I feel like killing myself. I know I won't, as usual. I don't care anymore.

I'm getting in really good shape to feel superior to those around me. I'm an egotistical asshole. I feep great by looking down on others. The only reason I help others is to feel good about myself. The only reason I never lie or cheat is so the day I die is regret free. The only person I trust is my girlfriend. I am only genuinely kind and giving when things involve her. No other person is important to me in my life.

I'm emotionless, cold, cynical, and calculating behind my fake smile. Everybody looks up to me. They all think they're my friends. In reality they mean nothing. They're pieces on my chess board I am willing to discard at any moment if it benefits me or my queen.

I'm suffering
I want to do it, I want to do it so fucking bad
I can't get anything I want, there's no fucking chance
Something's money can't buy and there are some places you can't go
Tons of people you can never meet or fuck
The chance my shallow heart finds happiness is below lottery standards
Just let me do it or give me a break

Me too, people abandon me over time.

>The only person I trust is my girlfriend
Not gonna make it

They said "I miss you" but I don't. The fuck do I do?

Holy shit why is Christian music so fucking TERRIBLE???

I think I have to leave. We’re too different.

I keep missing you and waiting for you

But I really should just erase you

Then I wouldn't have to keep waiting for someone who will never come through on his promises

sounds like trying too hard to be a character and not genuine

I feel bad but i legitimately hate black people as a whole and would be perfectly happy never seeing one again in my life. Their stench is unbearable too. Im not even white

Sis, don’t let your happiness be controlled by him.

I love the white race

What promises did they make? Were they slowed by forces they can't control like financial set backs? Or were they just a failure to take time out to spend with you?

If it is the first they probably still care.

Talk to them about it, life can fuck people over and impact their time. But they could still care.

Haven’t fapping in like 2 weeks. Wanna jerk off sooo badly

I'm past that. I'm currently in a loving relationship with myself.

First is somewhat related, but not really the issue. I had my own financial troubles. It's not the second rother5. It's their selfish dishonesty about literally everything. I know he cares and sorry but that doesn't change character. People don't change. My emotions were wasted.

I’m so sick and tired of being treated by everyone around as a fucking boy. I’m 21 but I have a babyface and therefore can’t get a girlfriend, never had one and whenever I’m talking to one, it’s like they feel this compulsive urge or duty idk to ask in that coquettish manner “ HoW oLd ArE yOu?)))” fucking hell
Every one of them asks that like after 3-4 replies

My gfs libido is way too low but she regularly gives me sex 3 times a day. Sometimes she gets into it because my pleasure is also satisfying to her, sometimes she just uses lube and lays there motionlessly while I do my thing. I know she often does this because she's so scared of losing me
I feel bad about using her body like this but I'm an animal and can't stop

Talk to her what she likes it
How you can improve it and what you should do

>Somewhat related
>I know he cares and sorry but that doesn't change character
The first thing I mentioned is something that can be totally outside of someones control, as can many issues in life. If someone can't deliver on something they said due to external forces like immigration, finances, law, health, or work obligations it says nothing negative about their character and they probably feel like shit it happened too. The world can be a cruel place like that sometimes.

Like I said, step back from the situation and think about if what ever happened is actually his fault or if it is something outside his control. If it is something outside his control and you are assigning blame to him because of it, then that would probably be why he is scared to tell you when events like that occur. It is fine to be disappointed in situations like that, it is another to assign blame for them. Either way, honestly I think you two should talk out your problems.

what's your story ?

remember when we were kids and I said gay people don't exist and the NBA is for niggers and you tried naming gay people and white basketball players and couldn't? I remembered that and thought it was funny, I wish we hadn't lost contact
I agree with your post completely. It's unfortunate, but if it means I get to live comfortably so be it, the cleansing can't come soon enough

God give me the ability to discern and get rid of people like this

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Peanut your trip is off.

I'm so burnt out at my job. It was my first one, and I held it for about a year and a half. It was fun at first, this guy who's about five years my senior was kinda teaching me it and challenging me a bit in my worldviews, but I've been getting really shitty feelings from it lately. I spent 18 straight months getting praised for my reliability, work ethic, and speed, but the moment I ask for something like "regular and back-to-back days off" (ie. Monday and Tuesday, or Tuesday and Wednesday), it morphs into "who does this kid think he is?" I'm getting ready to transfer into a different department, where I won't have to work a split shift where the second half is a full overnight (I'm a morning shifter...), but I'm a little bitter about life right now. I can't even enjoy the time I'm off of my job.

Part of me wants to jump ship and get a new job, other part of me wants to wait until PTO is confirmed first. If I can get the weekend I want off, I feel like I should just hold out until then.

Kinda nervous about going out tonight. I've recently found out some of my stalkers have been following my friends on social media, so with that they might know where I'm going. At the same time, I think I've hidden long enough and should snap once given the shot.

This guy gets it. I wish I trusted my gf. I just don't. The only person I trust is myself. Because when the shit hits the fan, I'm all I have

I know you've been unhappy since our break up. It's been a long time now. And you have almost no friends.

We can talk, you know?

I think you guys really downplay the fact I was TORTURED TO FUCKING DEATH.

and every single person I have ever known, love, trusted, whatever... has lied to me about literally everything.

We kind of have, she said she didn't have a lot of time to get together right now but she still wanted to talk. I don't know if that's her way of friendzoning me or what. Though to be honest I'm not really sure what we had to begin with. We hung out a couple times but they weren't like formal dates or anything. I didn't attempt to kiss her or anything romantic like that. I don't know what she thinks of me. It's all so confusing. Guess I can chalk that up to us both being young and inexperienced.

At least she remembered my birthday, so that's nice.

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My mother died early age, friends died, i grew up under a mold ridden ceiling, while getting food from soup kitchens. Was bullied in school and lost 2 girls duo to circumstances outside of my influence. Spent my last 2 christmas, new years and birthdays alone in my room contemplating to end it.

My friend, you might have it hard, you might also have it harder than many other people on this planet, but you have to lesrn that pain is temporary and there is something great for us, just waiting in the far future.
I liked the quote that an user posted in another thread: "No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell."

Seriously, when my father was 20 years old his live was absolute shit and the only thing he had left was himself and his car, driving around in europe looking for word. By this time my mother wasn't even born! They married when my father reached the age of 43 years, while my mother was 23 at that point.

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If you were tortured to death, how are you still able to post?

Are you an internet ghost?

Based. I genuinely hope everything works out for you my man
And remember if you kill yourself they win. You have to stay alive almost as an act of protest ( that's how I've willed myself through the shittiest periods of my life)

I'm sick from alcohol poisoning. When will I ever learn. You know what Wes Montgomery said before he died? 'I don't feel very well'. I won't keep getting away with this.

I feel alone and left out from real, meanwhile I am smoking weed to make my life seem less horrible.

I am actually so weak and not strong at all.

I should be able to endure more while sober

it's so fucking obvious you cunts are poisoning me.

How do you expect me to not go for revenge? Are you people fucking retarded?


V, you think I'm an idiot. We've been friends for years, and just like all your friends I used to struggle with your mental problems and your ridiculous depression. I forgave many, many things. I always tried to be honest with you, even when you were a giant asshole. I helped you when you had no money, because you're a fucking parasite. I was there everytime you needed me.

But this time, after 8 years, I'll play another game. I'm tired of "listening" and "understanding". You suddenly became incredibly nice with me, only because you need material help. And it makes me puke.
Yep, I can do it. And I won't. And I will let you think you have a chance, just to see how many time you can stay that nice and gentle, which is absolutly not your nature.
And then, I'll dump you forever.

I don't hate you. I will do it because I want to do it, and because it's a good reason. You're selfish. Now it's my turn. Simple.

you literally described my life with your first paragraph.

Just without the whole army torturing me thing, and the NSA psychological abuse and programming.

I hate all of you so fucking much.

Wanted to add to this since I'm still mulling over it. I feel like such a dumbass for getting so attached to her when she probably doesn't feel anything for me beyond "he's nice I guess". I had a thing for her for a while, and we chatted here and there in school, but I really started to develop feelings one night after an exam. It was late and we were talking for a while after, exchanged numbers, etc. She let me wait with her in her car while I waited for my ride (i have no car atm and she wasn't allowed to drive me that late). And just the fact that she offered and was so sweet to me the entire time melted my heart. It's such a minor thing and I was stupid to think too much of it.

I had a shitty teen life because I spent my time locked in my room thanks to depression stemming from a bunch of shit. Not much of a family. Got abused at a Catholic school when I was 9 which kind of derailed my education, and I had to switch schools a lot so I never got to make many friends after that, let alone a girlfriend. Just turned 20 and I'm feeling more depressed since I feel like there's this gap in my life. So being with her made me feel all warm inside, y'know? In a way I haven't felt in years. Like someone really *wanted* me around. Even when we went out she was smiling and laughing. It was so dumb of me to fall for her so quickly, it all sounds so idiotic writing it out. I couldn't help it. I just want to see her again and hug her and spill my heart out, and explain what she means to me, but I know I'd sound like a desperate loser and only push her away. Plus I know my loneliness is probably exaggerating my feelings for her, and I should just meet more people and not get so hung up on her. And I'm trying. But it's hard. She caught me off guard at a weird point in my life. It's odd to feel real emotions for another person after all the years of nothing.

Why are children lied to and told
>You can do anything
>The world is fair
>Authority figures have your best interests at heart

I wouldn't talk to you if we were the last two humans on earth.

If I'm being honest, I'm not missing you. What I'm missing is what could've been. Deep down, in my heart of hearts, I know that we wouldn't have worked anyway. Still, it was fun while it lasted.

I think it's because their parents were told the same thing, etc.
Make it stop with you.

Reach out to them.

My increasing proficiency in playing the wrist violin is the only feeling of release I have right now.

God is taunting me. He's reminding me of my sins at every corner. I guess this is how things are going to be.

>21 yr old
>still stuck at home because of shitty housing options in my area
>live with narcissistic dad that routinely gaslights me and reminds me I'm a worthless sack of shit
>had to take a semester off school because cannot afford it in the slightest due to getting fucked over by FA
>Working at a coffee shop where I hardly make over 10.50 an hour
>have an associates degree in math ed. that means dick shit until I get a bachelor's
>can't open up emotionally to my girlfriend, but try my absolute hardest to help shoulder her burdens of mental illness
>have lingering trust and commitment issues after being with several women that were mentally and emotionally abusive, terrified this is going to go the same route
>been diagnosed with anxiety and severe depression since I was 15, unmedicated and can't even afford a fucking therapist
>constant drama is coming up in my life because of the actions of other friends in my friend groups
>can't even find a roommate because literally everyone I know are in comfortable living situations with no additional room

I just want to fucking end it all at this point. As much as I pretend to everyone around that I'm happy and things are good, I'm fucking more miserable then I think I've ever been on a day to day basis, and I can hardly fucking stand to look at myself in the mirror anymore. I feel like I've hit a wall and I don't know what the fuck to so with myself anymore

If they all look up to me, if they call me their hero, if I saved their lives, if they owe their fame and fortune and everything they have to me... If I saved the fucking planet


why? Why fuck with my medications? What's the fucking point? Why are they fucking doing this to me? Why won't anyone talk to me?

What the fuck is wrong with you fucking people.

>girl rejects me but we remain friends
>randomly meet her in the cafe for dinner
>proceed to have a deep conversation for over an hour and a half
>fall for her even more

crazy I feel the same FUCKEN way didn’t know anyone else did



What I did wasn't even that bad. Why cant I bring myself to contact any of them?

Aw man, I just gotta do what I'm supposed to do. That's it.

If this post ends in a 1 or a 9 Ill friend the girl Ive been stalking.

Why do you have guests over when the kitchen is a fucking mess?

I just want these two weeks to end so I can fucking relax again.
It's been a tough ride.
The old man over here was amazing and he made my job so much easier. I just want to go back to planning my life again not giving a shit about everything else like before.

I have a goddamn pet now while I was planning. It was always a dream for me to have pets and the one time I indulge? The fucking world crashes at me.

I have a kink for being on the giving and/or recieving end of animalistic predation.

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take speech class or go to toastmasters
communication is super important this will help you develop great speaking skills

Don't think is thread worthy so I will just post it here
>Be college student
>Fall in love with university teacher, hit it off pretty well with her in class, we're pretty cool with each other
>Gift her something for Christmas (she loved it) and ask her out for dinner, she says she needs to think about it and walks away incredible nervous.
>Fastfoward to this week.
>Go to her office to ask her a couple of questions about the subject as well as asks if she has thought about my proposition, as soon as she sees me she's almost as nervous as when I dropped the bomb last month.
>She says that isn't possible, ask if she would be interested when we end our student/teacher relationship once my finals are over.
>She replies again with a big "user NO!", visibly upset that I even asked her that
>Try to say that regardless of her answer I still think highly of her as a teacher, but she basically throws me away saying "Stop it user"
>A day later find out she had a boyfriend.
What the fuck is wrong with women Jow Forums? Couldn't she had said that the first time, something along the lines of "I'm sorry user, I apreciate the compliment, but I'm seeing somebody else already"?

I'm not mad about her saying no (I know it was pretty much a lost cause) but what I'm confused/bothered about it's because it feels like I got played hard here and I could've avoided all this and ended in good terms with her in my last visit if she had been clearer from the start. Can someone explain the swift in actitude here? You guys believe she talked with someone intimate about the situation and they told her it was a bad idea?

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I feel miserable. I feel as if I’ll never marry a man and have a family of my own. I’m nice, caring, a nurse. I love animals. I just feel like there’s something wrong with me for me to be single for so long. Why should I even keep going on if I’m going to be lonely for the rest of my life?

You tried to make me think I was insecure, but now I see the truth. You’re insecure.


I am crushing on a girl in my program but she already has a boyfriend. I respect that and what to move on, but I can't get over it. Now, I feel like I'll end up alone and never find anyone for me. Feels good to get that out. Hope to get over her soon.

It’s amazing how clear everything becomes quickly after you leave someone.