So, somehow I ended up as a mommy gf to my bf...

So, somehow I ended up as a mommy gf to my bf. I've never taken on the dominant role at all but I'm a caretaker by personality, so doing cooking and cleaning comes naturally to me but he calls food "nummies" and makes that little boy voice "I want nummies woman!" "Gimme snuggles!" "Want kissy!" *snuggles up on my chest*
Its adorable, but also weird for me. I'm not used to taking care of someone and babying my partner so much but he's so sweet and cute and he never had a real mom figure and was abused by a stepdad growing up, so I feel that its good for him to feel so comfortable and safe, happy. But I'm really more of a submissive person and I feel weird being his mommy and all that, he's a NEET too and its weird being the one supporting us, plus I'm 5'0" and he's 5'8" so I'm a bit small for a mommy..
Have I enabled too much? Is it good to keep playing mommy? Will he "grow" out of it?

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Hahahaha, oh wow


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Is his name James?

Also this is pathetic

No his name is Billy, why/how is it pathetic?

Uggghhh how does he get such a sweet mommy gf without trying? However being a tiny gal I see why it might not feel likd the proper role for you. Other measurements?

I'm thicc w/ C cups hourglass figure, mommy body type I guess but I'm just mini

Dump the loser and get a real man

Idk I do care about him and I love him, I just didnt sign up for this and I'm not sure how to handle it

>:c want.

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Lmao, he literally behaves like a 4 year old around you and doesn't work, instead leeching off you.

How the fuck are you attracted to that?

Just stop, just say you won't be his mom anymore and he needs to be the man in your relationship.

talk to him about it. tell him to ease off the childish ways. like. it’s cute sometimes but too much is too much. you’re his girlfriend, not his mother.

He's still cute, handsome to me and i mean he isn't little 24/7 we can still have actual conversations and sometimes he's not quite dominant but assertive when I do something he doesn't like or he wants to be serious. Plus he is bigger than me so I do get a lot of comfort from being close with him still

But what if its healthy for him and he'll be better as a person as he grows out of it?

>he’s a NEET too
oversold it there

>I can sometimes have a normal conversation with my bf as a positive
Lmao, keep coping

Giving you 3 months until you're fed up

>only assertive to get what he wants
How do you put up with this

>tfw in the exact situation but inspired him to actually get a job and better himself
>even 5'0
you sound like a bad gf

Idk I just care about him and its ruff cuz I meanfemale traditional roles are to care for your man, but this isn't quite that and I'm not sure how to make it that but I don't want to end our otherwise healthy relationship just because he's never experienced being taken care of

I probably am, what am I doing wrong

If your relationship is as good as you say, you can just tell him to stop this mummy bullshit. If he has actual problems he can talk to you about them rather than acting out on this weird fetish that makes you uncomfortable.

Dump him a date a guy who isn't mentally unwell or has developmental issues. It's beyond offputting to see an adult man act like a child. And it means that he lacked care and motherly love when he was a kid which stumped his emotional development and rendered him almost useless as a man. You can't expect support from someone who has mentality of a child. Break up now, before it's too late. And have higher standards... dating NEETs is the absolute low.

Ill try to

But then I feel like he deserves a chance and I hate feeling like he's a hopeless case

Are you underage or just retarded? It's your life so you are free to date mentally stunted retarded with no sense of motivation, responsibility or productivity. Just be ready to sustain him financially and emotionally for next decades. But be aware that when things go bad in your life, he will not actively help you or even passively help you. And lose weight, I can tell that are some desperate hamplanet with no self-esteem to date someone like him. Or if you are a daddy issues girl, seek mental help. Otherwise you're go thru life clinging to retarded losers...

Tbh I've always had daddy issues, image issues, so yeah my standards are kinda low.. The only time I dated a really attractive guy he was still a mess emotionally, and other girls would ask me why a very attractive guy was with me, chubby and babyfaced, so that also kinda ruined my desire to raise standards. I'm working on my weight, I'm 30lbs over and I'm 18. Idk man I feel like since I'm widely considered undatable that undatable males deserve a shot too and why not me give it to them

>fat and with daddy issues
That explains everything

You're not even wrong. I'm sorry

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Its your life, enjoy being a cumrag of a NEET with mommy issues

You should be you fucking whale waste of space. I bet he's the only sorry excuse for a male that would have you. He doesn't even like fucking you does he?

What's the sex like?

He doesnt really have sex with me, he turns me down often be a use he says heconly likes to make love, and he's not often in "that mood"

Tell him what are your needs

What's the fucking point? It's her fault for enabling him, and she wouldn't be in such a shitty situation if she wasn't fat and probably ugly. They deserve each other and they deserve death.

Normal stuff as long as he doesn't act a fool outside the house and is capable of being serious when required.

How is that normal

You are too fat to him and hes a manchild

Sorry to break it down to you

It is not at all uncommon. I don't know how. That's how some be. You don't need to like it. But it ain't unusual

Is your English fucked or are you just funny?

I know

If staying with him makes you happy so be it, he's an adult and should be able to make decisions by himself, so if you're uncomfortable about something talk to him about it, a couple should be a team, a friendship before anything so you should be comfortable talking to him about this, if he is too much of a manchild and you can't bear it anymore then just leave, it's best for him to understand how nice you've been to him and he'll see the opportunity he wasted and then he may mature, i wish you godspeed

Christ op. Is this the life you want?

KEK, this made my day lol

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You actually seem to have a caring and nurturing attitude, which may strike as "motherly" for "needing" people. I sure can see you as a very good submissive in the right hands tho.
The problem here is that you can't impose a role in your partner, he won't magically become a dominant person, especially as long as he gets pleasure from his sub role in this relationship. The only thing you can do if you don't enjoy this relationship is to try to make him stop with the "little" attitude, but he'll always be a sub

Also he's an adult, he'll have to learn sooner or later how truly unforgiving life is and grow up


have this as a consolation

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