Does having a girlfriend makes you a better person and improve your life?

does having a girlfriend makes you a better person and improve your life?

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If you are a shit person you gonna just forget about troubling things in your life.

After my break-up the depression hit me harder


The exact opposite

Having a girlfriend is like having a pet tiger.

Really cool and fun if you know what you're doing, but you will regret it if you're not ready for it.

Not necessarily but if you have the right girl then you'll definitely improve your life. The most basic blessing you get from having a girlfriend is the fact that you no longer have to feel the pressure of attractive women. You already have a girlfriend so you can treat other women like men and be assholes to them or whatever you want. This is also why men find that more women are attracted to them when they are already taken. But beyond that you can also train your gf to do many things for you like cooking and cleaning. My gf is very good at that.

No, it does not make you a better person nor improve your life.

It does however provide you with someone to be there to enjoy things with you.

improve your life before letting someone else into it

if you are happy with who you are as a person, a good relationship will elevate things
if you are not happy with yourself as a person, a good relationship will be poisoned and ruined and a bad relationship may destroy your will to live entirely

A girlfriend only helps with self steem. But a bad girlfriend can backfire.

Depends dude. If your personalities are opposite one another you'll balance each other out and you'll turn out to be better individuals in the long run just don't date someone who's way on the other end, that relationship will surely end.

my friend worked for like a year to get this 9/10 gf and though he acts happy around her hes pretty depressed

Bro women arent everything. Getting a girl will not magically make your life better. In fact it might get worse. Take a step back and take a moment to think why do you want a gf so bad.

Depends who holds the power in the relationship ( = who is the most desirable)
And in this day and age that mostly boils down to looks

The person who cares less always triumphs over the other in relations tbqh

To a certain degree yes, women have a different life experience from us, meaning they have a lot to offer you. They see mistakes in you that you can't see yourself.

The amount of humanity we have in common is, in my opinion, very small.

You also have a lot to offer her, too, if you're a halfway decent man.

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Depends on the girlfriend.
They can make you a better person or a worse person.

>The amount of humanity we have in common is, in my opinion, very small.
This is why your opinion doesn't matter.

I feel like I was a better person before. I find myself getting anxious and depressed a lot more now that I'm in a relationship again. And I'm spending way more money. But she's hot as hell and fucks like a champ. It's a shame at my age sex doesn't feel like it used to. I'm actually not sure what I'm getting out of this relationship now that I think about it, but I guess I don't really care.

The opposite. Being a better person and improving your life gets you a girlfriend

Not getting a girlfriend improved my life and made me a better person. Actually getting rejected by a girl made those.

I had sort of waited and put self improvment on hold until after i found a gf. And when i found it i, assume for whatever reason, she rejected me. After that i started improving any aspect that i can think of, loosing weight, getting dressed better, not being overly anxious about stuff. I said whatever reason cause i dont want to know, i genuinely hope i never see her again.

Because for now i am improving myself for an idealised her, it doesnt matter who she is at this point. For a worthy person i want, i need to be equally worthy to match.

So maybe a girlfriend will improve your life, but maybe it will just be a motivation for you, even if you are with her or not.

Only right answer here.

ignore everyone who says it doesn't

You're much happier and and less anxious if you're having sex regularly with a girl you're comfortable with.

Fucking lol. If you care about that then your relationship is fundamentally broken

This. Having isn't a magic bullet to solve all your problems but it definetly makes your life better. The companionship and sex you get if it could be encapsuled in a pill would be by far the strongest antidepressant in existence.

I'd more liken it to a stimulant than an anti depressant solely because when you lose it.. ohh boy.. the crash..

Everyone cares about that to varying degrees. Everyone has shallowness to them, love doesn't magically change our nature

The most successful people in the world are the ones who "know what they don't know"

You'll never be able to comprehend a woman's experience, nor she yours. And it's this synergy that makes us so complete and powerful together. If not, then we'd be complete as individuals and not crave the other.

But it's obvious in their actions and words.

that's a good comparison too

Was in a relationship for about three years. Single for four months now and way happier now. Women are overrated af.

In and of itself? No. A girlfriend should be a supplement to an already good life. It's supposed to make an already good life even better and more fulfilling. If you have a shitty life, your life won't all of a sudden become awesome just because you have a girlfriend.

Though i would agree with this:
>The most basic blessing you get from having a girlfriend is the fact that you no longer have to feel the pressure of attractive women.
For me, i find that being single is more emotionally draining than being in a relationship. Sure, being single gives you more freedom, but it also comes with the pressure of having to deal with your sexual urges and having to go out and constantly meet new women to suppress those urges. Meeting women can be stressful. Being in a secure and healthy relationship gives you more peace of mind. It frees up some of your mental capacity which you can dedicate towards other things because you have your romantic side of life 'figured out'.

This however does not apply if you're in a toxic relationship full of drama. Which is why i'm specifically talking about a 'healthy relationship'.

It makes you miserable with a person.

That's what most people say, but me being a person that cares a whole lot more about other people than myself, it just shoved a rocket up my rectum and now I do over triple whatever I did back when single.

It does if you're not a beta.