Sex survey

I just saw on TV a study how our generations are having less sex. Let’s see for ourselves.

1. Your age/sex/country
2. Number of sex partners
3. Out of those sex partners, how many were hook ups vs relationships
4. At what age did you lose your virginity.

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>1. Your age/sex/country
>2. Number of sexual partners
>out of those partners, how many were hook ups vs relationships
1 hook up and 1 relationship
>at what age did you lose your virginity
20. But I was like 1 month from turning 21




> 3 partners or 3.5 because one was barely relationship/sidechick. But id say 3 partners and 6hookup
>lost at 15 with my first hg who was 16

First gf*

That’s a lot of sex desu

In which sense?

I don't think so... my bestfriend got laid much more at student party back in the days... Im pretty sure he fucked over 12-15 girls. He was in medecine uni , and he got a flat in the town so it was more easier for him than me haha

This motherfucker even fucked a qt that was on EVERY bus of the town. Maybe I can found it back I should check haha let found this bitch

>Your age/sex/country
25, F, US
>Number of sex partners
>Out of those sex partners, how many were hook ups vs relationships
Both long term relationships.
>At what age did you lose your virginity.

How did he do that

He met her at a party as usual and fucked her. couple days later she was making photo shooting for the university with the national bus company haha I cant find her I will ask him wait a minute

>1. Your age/sex/country
25/F/Sweden (literally moved to the UK one day ago though)
>2. Number of sex partners
>3. Out of those sex partners, how many were hook ups vs relationships
>4. At what age did you lose your virginity.
Take a guess.

Maybe If you want I can fix this ? Litteraly you just have to cross the north sea. Im fun, cool, not a jerk, got crypto but i fucked up in 2017 . Hmu haha

At age 0. When your daddy jizzed in your mommy. Does that count? Am I not a virgin? Yay!

Why is this on Jow Forums?


Haha yeah imma hit you up sweetie!

because advice is the sex board. Obviously

Because incels and roasties. Let the shit flinging begin!

So what's wrong with you?

Still haven't

Woman (male). We are talking about sweden after all.

Haha loser. Useless virgin neet. Kys you worthless meatbag.

1. 25/male/Germany
2. 2
3. 2 Hook ups
4. 25

What the hell is this?

18 m usa
17, prolly coulda lost it earlier but muh someone special

You are now on a Interpol watchlist. Congratz.

Boy, I feel safe now.
Thanks for watching over me, Interpol!

No problem buddy! Just dont push too hard on the shitter. The anal probe has to adjust for a few days. Also, clean your cam and get a better mic ffs.

Kik ? Watsapp ? Hahaha whenever you want baby Im free as fuck and bored too... and I really care about virgins first time. Back in the time 3 of my gf was virgin so im pretty used to it haha

>Almost raped which led to a fear of being touch altogether. Nearly 6 years of therapy to turn that around.
>Fat girl (Although changing that around, down 70 pounds, yay!)
>Shy, introverted, insecure and low self-esteem.
>Focused more on my education and career.
>Was and still is not into online dating. Hopeless romantic and wanted to just stumble upon a guy in real life.

Take your pick!

Fatty. All else is irrelevant. But keep dieting good job! Even so, fatties also get laid no problem.

Hmu haha! Imma be gentle haha. Haha.



Hit me up if you come back.


>number of sex partners

>out of those sex partners, how many were hook ups vs relationships
both in relationships

>at what age did you lose your virginity

All three were hook ups.

>1. Your age/sex/country
23 M France
>2. Number of sex partners
>3. Out of those sex partners, how many were hook ups vs relationships
0 vs 4
>4. At what age did you lose your virginity

There was one chick back when I was twelve or eleven but I never reached all the bases. So 0.
None. I don't count her.
Hopefully 20.

>our generations are having less sex
If that's true on both sexes and not just males holy fuck ours parents were slutty

1. 19 / M / France
2. 2
3. 2 relationships
4. 18

on the TV they said Boomers averaged 11 partners between 18-35 while millennials average 8.

8 is still a lot tho...

>boomers Ava era gen 11 partners between 18-35
And here I thought they were more traditional and married like good boys and girls and only hippies fucked around
But I'm not surprised, what more could I expect from the generation that basically invented divorce

> 1. Your age/sex/country

> 2. Number of sex partners

> 3. Out of those sex partners, how many were hook ups vs relationships

> 4. At what age did you lose your virginity.

1. 17/ M/ Malaysia
2. 0
3. 0
4. N/A

It's possible that our generation is slowing down on sex, no one I know at my age has had sex yet.

And the generations thay fucked up the entire world !

Well let's hope the zoomers fortnite dance us into a non fucked up situation

>0(have had sexual relations to an extent though)
>Both relationships

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Ha ha. Yeah we have so much fun together. Hmu if you want to have more fun ;) haha

aren’t zoomers having more sex than millennials tho?

As if anons are going to be receptive to this with all the other anons who could post their own insecurities .
>definitely a real survey and useful thread. Not bait at all

Averages are fucking useless. Get manslut mc chad. He fucked 16. Get ian incel. He fucked his bodypillow. Average is 8.

Well, that's pretty much a delusion on your part then.
This "people are supposed to be traditional, modest, well-behaved little lambs" is mostly propaganda.
Human beings are sex crazed beasts, we are animals and our number one priority will always be to procreate and further the species.
If you think about it, most of our oh so sophisticated behaviours serve that purpose.
Your parents were not different, your grandparents were not different, their grand parents were not different.
Unless you outright oppress people with force, you wont keep them from fucking each other.
It's what our bodies and minds have been conditioned to do since the beginning of time.
A few hundred or thousand years of silly human superstition don't change that.

One of my friend’s New Years resolutions is that he will have sex with a different girl every single week for all of 2019..

Lots of fatties, uggos and psychos incoming. Dont touch him btw. He will be more std than human.

1. 23 Male UK
2. 1
3. it's my current gf of 6 years
4. 17

How the fuck people are able to do that is so far beyond me, we might as well be different species.
How, literally how?

he’s already fucked more than 30 girls so far. A lot of them are hotties desu. But yeah he will fuck uglies and fatties as long as he can keep to his goal of 52 for this year.

better question is WHY, literally WHY would he let himself become a human petri dish?


1. 27/m/usa
2. 100+ women like 30 trannies
3. 99% hookups lol
4. 18

u mad

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he has good genes. I remember one time him and I went out to get dinner. We were at the table just talking and waiting for our food, and the 2 good looking girls just randomly approached our table. Both were looking right at him and they giggled and said “hey”. He turned and looked at them and just said “haha, uh, hi?”. and then they shot him a smile and walked over to the bar. He looked at me and said “I’ don’t even know them”. Then we continued our conversation. About 10 min later one of the girls came back. She sat right down next to my friend. Put her phone on the table, and slid it towards him. He looked at her and said “you’re interupting our conversation.. can you leave us alone?”. The girl looked FLUSTERED she grabbed her phone and left. I was shocked too. He then turned to me and said “this happens too often. I am tired of being bothered”.

Why NOT?

STDs is a pretty good reason

What the actual fuck. I am good looking and get mires but never did I even get approached. Probably not hot enough I guess. Yay for inceldom.

>fucked 30 trannies
No, I am not mad.

It is more fun when it burns and itches. Also blood and puss are like colorfull lube.

I mean he’s just blessed with great genes. Hes super Jow Forums and tonnes. and has good features. Girls love it.

Though, he has said in the past that it’s very hard for people like him to find real relationships. he has the same problems that hot slutty girls have. Pump and dump. He can absolutely fuck hot girls. But they will just pump him dry and and then leave. That girl from the restaurant that one night, she probably just wanted to fuck him, not date

Boohoo he wants vanilla cake but got chocolate. Poor guy. Im so lucky to not suffer his horrible fate.

I hope so my nigga but its too damn late...

>1. Your age/sex/country
>2. Number of sex partners
>3. Out of those sex partners, how many were hook ups vs relationships
>4. At what age did you lose your virginity.

Stfu send pic

It messed with him desu. For the last 2 years he really wanted a gf. I think that’s why he’s started this year long challenge. I think sluts fucked him in the head

1. Your age/sex/country
>24, male, the netherlands

2. Number of sex partners


3. Out of those sex partners, how many were hook ups vs relationships

1 hookup, 1 relationship

4. At what age did you lose your virginity.

~22 via a hook-up. I wanted to know what sex was like, it turns out I don't like it unless it is someone who I can bond emotionally with.

I think 15. Most of it was meaningless with your typical hoes, which I regret.
Out of those, two of those ended up as a short term relationship.
I lost it at 16 to a girl who said she was 18 but was really 21 - I'm not sure if I was technically raped?

yeah. Like 10 of them were fine, though, the rest were really just twinks. I had lost my magic touch and they were desperation fucks. I fucked 90% of the women before I had ever been in any relationship and also before I fucked any of the men.

Dropping 70 lbs is legit awesome. You should be proud, but most importantly don't stop until you're completely satisfied.. as with anything in life. I saw a huge, morbidly obese guy in the gym this past two weeks and I hope he keeps it up.

Once more boohoo. Getting his dick wet on demand. Poor soul. The suffering.

No srsy wtf is the problem? Say no and ignore the sluts. Done. He wants a gf? Pick one. See if she stays around. Not like he has a lack of choice. He can throw shit at the wall and see what sticks. How fucking stupid is he?

i wonder what our old friend literally hitler would think of this thread.

Also he fucks sluts in the head. Literally.

27 partners
About half of them were hookups
I lost my virginity at 14

1.)20/Male/ America
Still a virgin no relationships

>1 partner
>1 relationship, the one I'm currently in
>lost it at 23

Because it feels fucking great and gives you a massive sense of accomplishment and being desireable?

Man, being below average to ugly looking sucks so fucking bad.
It just sucks.

Hopefully I lose it by 30.

This is the absence of problems.
He has girls chasing after him, so literally take your pick you retard?
Just try them all until you find a good one.
Normal men struggle to attract a singular girl.
I actually hate your friend.

>Normal men struggle to attract a singular girl.
You, I, and everyone on Jow Forums are not normal my dude. Sorry.

I am talking about normal men.
People on Jow Forums often struggle to get out of their basement or interact normally with women at all.
Regular average dudes have a hard time attracting women, that's just how it is.
They need to prove something, while Chad is just assumed to have it on grounds of being very good looking.
Everyone else has to convince.

24 / m / Canada

You realize Chad is just good at convincing, right? That's literally all there is.

72 hook up and 2 relationship (polyamorous)

Havn't yet

Do u want to?

>1. Your age/sex/country
20/F/former commie hellhole
>2. Number of sex partners
>3. Out of those sex partners, how many were hook ups vs relationships
0 vs 0
>4. At what age did you lose your virginity.
Still counting

Alright cunts.
1) 22/M/Aus
2) 6
3) three relationships, one sesh of being “the other guy” and two prostis
4) 14 my dudes.

Ya, but id have to meet someone new and i dont wanna do that


Yes very convincing at just sitting there and looking gorgeous.
Read this again What did Chad do here? Literally exist.