Overcoming HOCD

So boys, Ive came to a realisation after reading a few articles and consolidating with some people that I infact have HOCD. Been straight all my life, never felt anything towards my sex, always dreaming of marrying a beautiful girl and having two beautiful kids... All those seemingly cliché stuff, however my HOCD was triggered after Ive lost some interest in my current girlfriend cause she is a pot user and unfortunately my parents are strongly against that and I started questioning could I be gay, because I was overwhelmed. I started selftesting, and it grew into me like a genuine obsession about wheter could I be latently gay or not. My psychiatrist says to just ignore it and live with it, but Im having a little bit of a problem with that. Do you all veterans have any helpful advice or methods? This is a genuine plea for help, Ive aquired gastritis from anxiety and I cant focus on day to day life. Thank you in advance :)

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I had this few years ago. U aren’t gay senpai

thank you user, love that i am not alone :)

Find what your triggers are and then find ways to avoid them. I've had TOCD in the past and it's mostly gone now, I'll talk to you about it if you want


if this is what i think it is, it would help me a lot

My triggers are my random thoughts that occur from time to time, basically summed down to what if i am latently gay and im not living my life to the fullest

what is TOCD? HOCD stands for Homosexual Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? typo or?

Also don't know or care, at the moment, what anybody's talking about but if you "self test" for homosexuality, you're making yourself gay.

not really cause these people dont enjoy these thoughts, they rather give into compulsions so their ocd doesnt pester them as much

I was stating a declarative fact. And have no desire for a debate. You may opine if you wish but, maybe that is the trouble these days.

Well that what you said does not fit with the formal definition of gay, and besides that could be someone's OCD trigger. Have some respect for these people and let genuine lads who actually overcame the specific OCD and had experiences with it help these lost souls. Leave that shit for Jow Forums

>There's a clinical term for questioning your sexuality
Maybe if you stopped thinking of it as a disease, accepted that you like women, and stopped focusing on what dumb label to apply to yourself, you'd feel better and not have to have a professional inform you have basic common sense.
Human sexuality is complex. You will never figure it out, just accept that you like women and that's enough of a pool for you to work with.
Who cares?

You misunderstood my words for disrespect user. I already say I don't know what's going on here and bowed out. I say the only thing I know is true and shall respectfully watch from the sidelines if you will allow me.

That is also a way to look on it

Pardon me mate :)

>my parents are strongly against pot
I mean, if she doesn't do it openly, what does it matter what your parents think?

Come to think of it, what does it matter what your parents think at all? You're an adult right?
Live your own damn life then.

Im actually 16, I still live with them

I think you mistyped that motherfucker.

either way, their opinion means alot to me

Just fuck a man in the ass and let it go. It's a great feeling, trust me.
t. LS

I was trying to say that 8 looks kinda like a six. Dummy. You know what I mean?

idk man, it disgusts me and I cant even look at a man in a way that I think of doing him... Its like every man that I am friendly with is a family member of mine

autism kicked in, sorry lad

how did you get rid of it

You accept that it’s just OCD a not a reflection of who you are. They’re just thoughts. Do you want to date or marry a guy? Do you want to fuck one? No to both? Then you’re not gay.