Punched a monitor in the college library again

>Punched a monitor in the college library again
>This time everyone saw me

Fuck. Am I screwed here? The screen cracked pretty badly...

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>Punched a monitor
Why do you autists always do this?

Bro just go on disability already I don't want to work with people like you anymore.

Time to pay up, dumbass.

Its not my fucking fault the school's computers are shit and never work properly. Rage inducing

You reap what you sow, time to pay up and dont punch stuff that isnt yours in the future.

Kys if you cant control your emotions enough not to damage what isnt yours, grow up pussy

>playing game on phone in coffee shop
>lose and yell “fuck” really loudly, forgetting I’m in public
>everyone around me obviously shuffles in their chairs and some take quick glances

Idk how to control myself

Who the fuck yells at videogames?

I snapped my 3DS in half the other month because I lost a gym battle in pokemon...

>Killed another girl at my college
fuck bros...

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What in God's name is wrong with you?

>t. never played a video game

I’ve broken more controllers than I like to admit. If I had to guess I’d say at least a dozen over the years.

I beat both Bloodborne and Demon souls without even grunting, faggot.

I bet you think you’re the most Stoic guy around? Stupid fag.

Fuck you man. I played XCOM and never lost my temper because some virtual dude got sniped by a thin man.

I played xcom2 on legendary and never complained about the rng.

I played XCOM 2 Legendary Ironman and completed the original campaign with no squad deaths.

I ate a bowl of nails for breakfast this morning without any milk and didn’t do much as wimper

I built shoes out of Legos.

OK you win.

Nigga that's just masochistic.