Folliculitis Treatment

>20 yr old femanon
>have folliculitis
>mostly on shoulders and back
>3 or so years and it hasn't gotten better
>tried using acne creams, soaps, and triple antibiotic ointment
>nothing has worked so far

Any advice on what nonprescription treatment could help clear It?

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If it hasn't cleared up in 3 years, maybe you should save up money to get a prescription treatment. Other than that, try replacing your razors and buy higher quality ones, wear looser clothing, and clean your shower/tub more often.

Try this

Disregard that. It looks like folliculitis is a fungal thing which urea doesn't help

Its okay thank you. I think it's bacterial, probably staph bacteria that's causing it. I have pictures of the folliculitis but it's really gross.

Thank you for the advice, what is the price range of prescription treatments and do you think getting it prescribed by my primary care physician would suffice?

If it's bacterial it could help
Also you could try apple cider vinegar cleanses.

You need organic and unfiltered. Braggs is the most common brand.

When you take a shower, dilute apple cider vinegar 1:1 with water and wash your infected areas with it.

Try to keep it from washing off while you wash and condition your hair. For the most part, the longer you keep it on your skin before washing it off the better.

It you have any open cuts, it's gonna sting quite a bit

If you're a poorfag, your clinic should have someone you can talk to about getting discounts and stuff

Thank you, I'll try to get some this weekend and see if it helps. If not, then clinic it is.

I might do that if it comes to it. My PCP gave me a referral to a Dermatologist, however I recently switched insurance plans so my new plan probably doesn't cover it now.

I'm not entirely sure but I think part of it has turned into a staph infection.

This is the worst of it, on my shoulder. I tried triple antibiotic ointment and a bandaid for this but I don't think it's healed much.

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*saved to folder "delicious female bacne"*

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First time I ever heard of someone yanking it to bacne. Kek.
But seriously, does it look like possible staph infection ?

Post the folder, user.

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I'm not a doctor, but it might be. If antibiotic creams aren't working get a professional to evaluate it. The lacknowledge of change is more concerning than the look of it. How's your diet? It could be hormonal or something.

I'll be honest user, that's the first pic in the folder.

OP here again, it would be funny if you did. I know the pic is gross, but your comment made me genuinely laugh, thank you for that

Y-yeah, I'm totally joking.

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To be honest, my diet mainly consists of trail mix, fruit and vegetables, and occasional dark chocolate. Don't eat much. Drink a cup of coffee everymorning. I don't get much acne at all on my face. I'm not on any medications or take any birthcontrol.
The infection got this way after I read that vitamin E cream helps with acne, it made it to the pic i showed .

Hmm. You've stopped using the cream I presume? If it caused a change that persists after no longer using it, I'd have to guess it's probably an infection of some kind.

I use it on my arms and legs but immediately stopped using it on my back after that. The infection was already there, but the cream itself made it heavily inflamed like shown. I haven't had any additional acne or so on my legs or arms.

It sorta flares up and then dies down to the point where everything is scabbed and healed, and when the old marks are healed, new cysts replace them.

If it is caused by staph bacteria, should I make an appointment with my PCP to obtain antibiotics?

Yes, or at least to get it checked out.

So just piss on my skin?

If you can piss on your own back, I'll be impressed.

It can be your diet, it can be your immune system. I had the same problem and it cleared up a lot after i changed my diet by dropping greasy foods and chicken. The only meat i consume now is lean beef but not often. Quit butter and sugary drinks, start eating stuff with probiotics. Another thing I did was to keep my nails trim and wash my hands often. Also wear things with polyester, cotton can make it worse. and change clothing twice a day if you can, or once a day if possible and keep clean sheets. Treat it like how people treat a bad burn. So many things are involved and no cream or ointment will help you. Trust me.

Real OP here. Sorry, left to look at some other threads. I don't piss on my skin, but I did piss off my skin. I'd also be impressed if I could piss on my own back, that would be pretty cool.

Thank you, I will keep that on mind. I do wash my hands constantly, just trimmed my nails. I do wear alot of cotton, since it's cold where I'm at. But Ill try to get some polyester tank tops or something to wear under layers. I change clothes everyday, wear different hoodies to bed, try to atleast shower every other day.
What probiotic foods do you personally suggest?

Also to everyone I appreciate the advice and the occasional humor, thank you all

Also disregard the first part, I didn't check before I posted, sorry

i mostly get yogurts, you'll have to shop around and find what you like. Go for sugar free ones if you can. I avoid hoodies and sweaters to bed actually, I sleep shirtless, which is why clean sheets is a must. Changing sheets often can be a pain in the ass desu. Even if you get 50% poly %50 cotton its good enough. Find out if you're lactose intolerant because that can affect it too.

And last but not least, have sex once in a while. It settles your hormones and helps produce natural collagen in the skin and reduce the production of sebum, although this last one might be an old wives tale, i did have some improvement after becoming more active so idk

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