Well anons. I’ve done it, I finally got kicked out of my house today...

Well anons. I’ve done it, I finally got kicked out of my house today. I’m 19 enrolled at community college and have a high paying part time job. I don’t have any close friends so I’ll probably just live in my car and try to get my job to pay for my housing this summer. What do you guys think I should do?

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Why'd you get kicked out? Microwaving cum again?

Sucks man. Sorry to hear that bro

You have a plan, what do you want advice on?

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I still have that one screencapped.

Join a local gym for access to showers or see if you have enough money to live out of a hotel / motel for the time being. What parents would actually kick out their child if they are paying their fair share? What did you do (if anything?)

I don’t have a plan. Unless you consider living in my car for at least 5 months a plan. I don’t know what the fuck to do. My high paying job only pays $20 an hour and I can work 20 hrs a week tops. I live in central illinois so it’s pretty cheap. I don’t know how I’m going to shower or eat seeing as school costs me around $1500 a semester, should I try and get student loans? My parents are also taking my phone away from me, should I buy a prepaid phone or just not have a phone? I’m pretty lost.

How do I deal with the fact that my parents hate me and don't want me around?

I’ll post an imgur link of our last conversation’s screenshots. It’s kind of a long story but a but of background is that I renounced my religious beliefs and am still forced to go to church or else I get kicked out. I asked my did if I could miss church to play in the first match of our school’s college lol team.

This isn’t me

Here’s the imgur link. imgur.com/gallery/msAuY7j

Ok, I hear you now. Living in the car happens a lot these days, there are ways to manage it.
Specifically, stay enrolled in school. Not just for the degree, but for the gym shower and cafeteria. Student union for comfy couch. School counselors can give more info on dealing with homeless students. I think they’ll more than glad to know they helped.

Government welfare agencies can get you hooked up with a phone. Your choice if you want to seek other stuff there.

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>People are commenting on the imgur post

Nice one guys, outing yourself as R*dditors

I don’t believe we have a cafeteria, but I will use their gym for showering.

Any idea what to do with loans?

You deserve to be kicked out. Want to play games until 4am and continue being late for work and school? That's your choice but you don't do it under their roof. Best way to kick a nasty habit like gaming ials if you're thrown out and can't do it.

Focus on school

Well, you’ll want to start with a budget to see where your income can go. That’s a must.
Student loans are doable, decent terms, such as repayment tied to your ability, and as I implied, the degree will improve your chances a lot.
This is a time to gain the confidence in yourself for managing this... you’re not alone in this kind of situation, I wish you well .

Stop projecting user.

First, get a membership at the cheapest gym with a shower. That way you can keep yourself clean.

Make sure you have all of your important documents. SS card, birth certificate, anything with your name on it

If you don't trust your parents, lock your credit so they don't start doing stupid shit like buying a loan for a new boat in your name

Don't be afraid of taking time off school to focus on working to lay a solid foundation
If you decide you're going to stay in school, talk to whoever you need to for financial aid

Go to food banks for food. Every cent you save you can use to getting a more permanent place to live.
They also will have other shit like toiletries and blankets you can use while you sleep in your car

Oh. And on your way out, tell your parents not to call you when they need piece of liver or a kidney

>MY phone

what a fucking old cum stain
the phone belongs to him and you are only using it or he bought it to you? cause if he did, then it's yours. he give it to you. fuck him.

>have a high paying part time job

How much is that, exactly?

Jesus. You're a loser.

You make $20 an hour in Illinois outside of Chicago for 20 an hour. That means, tax aside, you make ~$1250 a month. For reference, that's not good money.

How much is rent? You need cheap rent. Can you get rent $600 or under? Might have to live in the ghetto, unfortunately.

Yes, you should get a cell phone. Get a prepaid cheap-ass phone until you're good.

What kind of school do you go to? 2-year, 4-year, technical? what kind of degree? Is it *worth* staying in? If you're going to ITT Tech for Game Design, you should just drop out. Engineering 4 year? Probably stay in.

If you choose to stay in school, you'll need to get loans. No way around it desu. If you're getting a degree worthy of your time, you won't have trouble paying it off. That is, if you graduate with decent grades and knowledge and can get a good job. Can't be playing LoL til 4 AM anymore. Seriously, that's 14 year old boy shit.

Oh, and make sure you apply for all the grants and scholarships you can.

Apply for food stamps, you'll likely qualify. Buy food from Walmart and Aldi and Asian markets to minimize expenses. No steaks for dinner - chicken thighs, beans, rice, seasonings, tofu, etc.

You want to be a big boy and play your video games against your parents advice. That's cool, but now it's time to deal with the rest of being a big boy.

>school's college vidya team
fucking yikes, user. sort your shit out

$20 an hour outside of chicago is more than most full time employee's make, but yeah, I meant good for my age. But you are right, it's not enough.

I'm going to a 4 year school in computer science, my internship is as a software developer at a fortune 50 company.

I don't give a fuck about the video game team, just the principal of my dad constantly moving the goalposts on me.

If you're gonna live in his house, you're gonna live by his rules.

So all you had to fucking do for free living was go to church for an hour a week? Just apologize to your parents and all of your problems will go away.
Swallow your fucking pride and stop being a bitch.

Congrats on getting into software development at a fortune 50.
This is your best asset and ticket to future success. Protect that, and continue the related studies and degree. Become someone they don’t want to lose. Your housing difficulty is temporary. Family is temporary. The earning a living goes on for ever.