How do you rate yourself out of ten? Is there some kind of chart?

How do you rate yourself out of ten? Is there some kind of chart?

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That dude is cute af /10. No homo. But damn he looks comfy and happy.

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wishful thinking


I really don't like my face.

Low 6.

You don't strictly rate yourself. For appearance generally I've heard they rate low for guys and high for girls but there's many other sites and you should get multiple opinions because you need to consider audience. For example, this was quite a while ago, there was a tinder thread posted on adv and every guy except one posted in that thread was a uggo, the rating will be skewed when that's the case.

This, i rate my self 5, here is my pic so you can see if you are better than me or not, girls talk to me here and there...

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That is a terrible profile

8/10 on a regular day
6/10 on a bad day
9/10 the one time I put actual time, money and effort into looking good, but it was too much work for that one point increase I won't bother doing it again

Is there a chart for women?

Nah dude is fine, oh btw look what i found xd

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No homo but, better than 5. Funny how we are always wrong on way or another.

Femanon here. It’s an awful profile. How many matches do you get?

It's percentile, OP. It's not a science, just where you roughly think you rank in comparison to the average.

Yeah he is quite beautiful. in an odd way

>IQ 200+
Top kek.


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Sweet! Thanks

Like 1- 2 per day, what is bad about it lol?

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In terms of looks? Would probably say 7.5/10.

>I have basically ideal male height (6'1)
>I'm fit physically. Lift 3x per week and below-average body-fat (around 12%)
>Decent facial structure, good jawline (mostly due to being quite lean rather than great bone structure)
>Clear facial skin

>I wear glasses
>I have a bad hair line (receded, not really balding though)
>I have acne on my back and shoulders
>My face looks kinda weird from a side-angle (in my opinion though, never heard someone point this out to me)

3/10 At best. I look like some sort of Man-Rodent. Personality-wise, I'm boring, passive, weird and socially-inept.

> gosling a 7

5/10 looks-wise. I have an attractive figure in my opinion (flat tummy, small breasts, but wide hips and big ass), but my face isn't so good. Ny jaw is too mannish, my face in general too wide and my nose is strangely shaped. At least I have nice eyes and hair.

boring post