I'm starting to get a crush on a girl. This absolutely MUST NOT happen

I'm starting to get a crush on a girl. This absolutely MUST NOT happen.
How do I stop it in it's tracks, before it grows?

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Just remember that she'll never feel the same way about you and that nothing you do will ever change that and pray the cold logical side of you beats the irrational emotional side to death with that thought.
Or ask her out and ruin the next few months of your life with debilitating depression, your call.

Yes, the first part is what I need help with. I never even considered asking her out and never will.
How do I 'kill it at it's root' every time my mind wanders off?

Hello to myself! How are you this awful morning?
Nah, but there's another way, just ask your crushes out until you can stop taking women so seriously. You'll slowly bounce back faster and faster with each rejection, and if she's still cordial, she becomes a great target for teasing once you get over it. Getting this girl at work to flip me off is the high point of my day right now.

It ain't happening user. Nevermind the fact I've never asked a girl out before, crushes are terrible, I don't want to have go through with this again.
I don't have many ways to approach her anyway and there are other guys after her that are infinitely superior to me.

p-pls respond this mustn't happen

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>I never asked a girl out before.
Just do it, and drop the whole inferiority complex. You're all just a bunch of little dick heads that are sniffing after some pussy. They're not superior to you. Half of them are probably dumber than you, some of them are uglier, and at least one of them is shooting himself in the foot with too much sexual aggression.
Everyone else is doing it, so why the fuck shouldn't you?

I was a hikkineet after highschool till my mid 20s and now I started college for the first time.
I'm also overweight.
They're not uglier. I wouldn't be bad looking if I lost weight, but most of these guys are better looking still.
They're also in the same class with her so they have her number and social media to talk about 'class stuff'.
I can't ask for her number and I don't have social media.
Fuck, why am I even arguing, I need help to stop this from developing into a crush, not how to ask her out.

I was the same way. Didn't talk to anyone until about a year ago.
You're not disqualified for being a fat guy unless you're full on using the scooter at Walmart. Who knows, maybe she just wants some anime pro she can binge bunny senpai with.

You're looking out at the world through your foggy, neet lair window. You aren't going to know where you actually stand until you start poking the world to get a reaction.

I'm smart enough to know where I stand. I'm not morbidly obesse and I'm not a lost cause, I could be decent with some self improvement but I'm not there yet.
I can't have myself having a crush. Last time I had a crush it was years ago and it was so difficult to bear I almost dropped out of high school.

If you want to lose the crush just imagine her getting plowed by those chads that have her number because that's probably what they're talking about through text and perhaps sending nudes. That one asshole probably gets to lick her ass. You know which one. The really douchey one

That seems to actually help. Though none of them is douchy, all of those Chads are pretty nice guys desu.
Now I just hope I don't develop a cuck fetish.

You're not smart enough to know these things that you never learned. You just have endless excuses to keep yourself from getting hurt.
You're talking about self-improvement. Your most vegetated characteristic is easily your social one. Start flexing it at least. You can at least talk to her, can't you? Find out what she likes, if she's interested in nerd shit, if she's single.

Thats true user. The only way it can fail is if you're a literal cuck! I've been cheated on by chicks but if you think about it, you don't really want a waifu that you know is getting the sausage laid to them by someone else anyway so it cushions the blow and helps you get over it easier. When you start to crush on her just imagine Chad wobbling his dingdong all over her face and she's all pink and giggling and shit.

I mean, I kinda just want to be the Chad in that scenario.

I am. I know immediately what's cringey, who the loners and socially awkward people in my college are, etc.
I've judged I have no chance here, with cold logic. The non-existent confidence and feelings of inferiority come afterwards.
Well, anyone would, she is really cute.

>When you start to crush on her just imagine Chad wobbling his dingdong all over her face and she's all pink and giggling and shit
Picturing this scenario only makes me more miserable in the short-term. Over the long- term it would probably help you get over your crush if it is in fact actually true. Finding out your crush is a massive slut/roastie could make you realize you she isn't really anything worth being upset over after all.

Ok, so be cringey and awkward, but don't just sit in the corner and hope you learn how to talk like a normal fucking person.

I ask you again. Can't you just talk to her? Make small talk, ask her questions? Hell, even getting a giggle out of her will be good for you.

Well, she doesn't look like a roastie.
I assume she might have had someone in the past, or even currently, cause she's really cute. But other than that, she seems like the quiet, studious type, gets all the higest grades etc.
Yes, I can talk to her normally, I'm not a sperg. I make her giggle from time to time. But I can't get as physical as the other guys and I don't have her contact info.

Did you find out anything about her that can justify you two spending time together?

Aside from class related stuff and teasing her and her bestie, no.
It's just, her looks, style, mannerisms and various other things are exactly like my previous crush and the type of girl I would say I like the most. Although, I understand, someone like me shouldn't be having a 'type'.
Also, we're freshmen, I'm in my mid 20s and she's 19.
Other than that, I think I present myself decently well in general over there and do a good job of hiding my un-normieness.

Stop acting like you're somehow breaking a rule by liking women. It's pathetic. You can have a type.

It's not breaking any rules, but isn't it a bit arrogant for someone in my position?

No. It's not. You're a goddamn man. You can like what you like.

Well, noone's stopping me, but I'm smart enough to understand it doesn't really matter what I like because I'm still a long way untill it's possible for me to be liked back anyway.

That's probably the biggest hurdle you have with people right now. You see some skinny little homo who's several years younger than you and think"yeah that guy is superior to me." I'm not saying you should put him down, but you should be more judgemental about people. They're not "nice." They're simpering. All but one of them is going to get heartbroken and spend a few weeks moping, but they won't be as pitiful as the dickhead that just jacked off to the side without trying.

>Well, she doesn't look like a roastie.
Yes same here. Funny thing is, an important factor which makes me fall for a girl is if she isn't a slut or a roastie. Meeting a pretty girl who comes off as quiet, shy and reserved makes me go wild for her. Problem is that shy and reserved girls are usually way harder to get than the slutty ones. Maybe there are some anons here who can give some tips on how to snag these types of girls.

>make thread about how to not get a crush on someone
>majority of advice is how to ask her out
Guys, please. I'm not in any position to do that.
I need at least a year of gym and socialisation before I can consider trying stuff like that.
No to mention it's very weird for someone at my age to be so inexperienced in these things, I hide it well but it might come out.

Usually the only way to get those is coincidental mutual interest.

It's a date, not a fucking job interview. The only way it could possibly be construed as a job interview is if the job has literally ONE FUCKING REQUIREMENT, SUFFICIENT INTELLIGENCE TO PUT CIRCLE PEG IN CIRCLE HOLE.
Trust me, her being shy is absolutely no hindrance to her being a slut. It just means she filters out the non-aggressive ones.

The first advice people give to lonely losers is to get fit though.
I may have stopped being a shut-in and am not a big sperg anymore, but I'm overweight so I can't ask her out.
And again, this isn't what I made the thread about. I want to NOT get a crush on her, not ask her out. I hate the feelings that come with crushing on someone.

You don't have to be "there" before you try to build relationships.

What in the fuck makes you think you'll have the will to get shredded, if you can't even deal with this tiny embarrassment?

>You don't have to be "there" before you try to build relationships.
That's literally the opposite of everything else I've read or heard about the topic.
'Get your life together then try to get a girl, love yourself then you can love others' etc etc.

pls respond

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Just don't get invested in her user. Just remind yourself it's a bad idea. Remember, this sort of shit might take you down a fucked up road, user. A road filled with shit like divorce, std's and monthly payments to a shitty retarded kid. Don't end up like my dad.

Turn down your lust by fapping more.
Try to cut her off as much as you can, stop talking to her, stop sitting next to her, whenever she says hi just ignore her and walk away. She'll get the hint not to talk to you again.
It will take a lot of time, but it will pass, and you'll be ghosts to each other. Godspeed.

I was going to stop myself from falling in love but it still happened and now I hate myself.

>Masterbate a lot, NOT TO HER
>Don't think about her, when/if you do, go browse gore threads on /b/, read the bible, and also think about your mom
>Try your best to avoid her, try not to speak to her ever
>Don't be upset about it later on, it makes the next crush harder to let go of, also, bad vibes are bad times, nobody wants any of that, alright?

Just ask her out just so that she can reject you. You know you don't have a chance, but your body won't accept that until it actually happens. You're just going to ruminate it over it for months until it drives you to do something worse.

Just get it over with and do your absolute damnest to not get your hopes up in the slightest. Don't let her be nice to you. Don't let her cheer you up or encourage you. Be direct but not angry. Then you can move on with your life. Good luck.

Remember, you're doing this for the sake of your mental health.

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Your life's never together. God fucking damn, are you that easy to cow? I don't want to hear any more of that pussy shit. Get out and get you some.