See cute short Asian medical student sitting alone

>see cute short Asian medical student sitting alone
>really want to talk to her
>walk past her 2 times, make eye contact both times
>don't introduce myself
Why am I so gay?

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Stop masturbating twice a day, start lifting

I already am on noporn. It's just I've never actually cold approached a girl.

Yeah, walking up to someone randomly doesn't work for getting dates.

The question is, why are you so sexually frustrated that you fixate on a random girl?

No porn, trying my best to not busy a load.

So? Watching porn or not, you could be dating someone and getting laid. Why aren't you?

Its better than the alternative of being so sure of failure that you dont even think about it.
All you gotta do is muster up courage, thats why I recommend exercise, you get enough testosterone in you you wont even be able to overthink the situation like you always do before you go to talk to her

>you get enough testosterone in you you wont even be able to overthink the situation like you always do before you go to talk to her

What? Common sense is not destroyed by working out.

You don't know this guy, so you can't tell him to go to a stranger and ask her out. empty advice is worthless.

Not him but obviously lack of self steem

I'm 18 and spent my highschool years not making connections with others and wallowing in self pity.
I have a decent build and am close to seeing my abs. I'm already handsome, just socially awkward, a little.

Let him reply, unless you are talking about yourself and want to advice, too.

You’re right, i guess what I’m saying is he should get a hobby, something in which you can advance and feel good about progressing, so he can be proud of something and get more self steem

He was pretty much spot on.

>spent my highschool years not making connections with others and wallowing in self pity.

Good thing you are 18, you have time to do it now.

I don't have as low a self esteem as I used to. It's just I've never approached girls in a romantic way. Gonna join jiu jitsu in a month or two, after I get lean enough to see abs.

But I'm in an all male electrician class, I go home and to the gym. When and where am I supposed to interact with girls in a non platonic way?

>But I'm in an all male electrician class, I go home and to the gym. When and where am I supposed to interact with girls in a non platonic way?

Your solution:

>Gonna join jiu jitsu in a month or two

So you can wrestle with more guys!

I'm calling you out, but at least you are going to join a group activity. That's better. Making some frineds will help you meet women, so at least make friends and don't pussy out when they want to go out.

What do I join to get around more girls? I thought girls liked jiujitsu. Am also going to dog park events with my dog.

>What do I join to get around more girls?

See, that's the problem. You joined a clas to meet girls, and you didn't even research it. That's like asking a stranger out, you randomly hope things go your way with no effort whatsoever.

Go to the class, you want to and having fun is the best way to make friends. Learn to interact with people, go to parties and meet women.

Don't join a class to meet women.

So don't just introduce yourself to cute girls you see? I have to have fun first?

That would be the way most people make friends and date, so yeah. Stop hanging out alone and start hanging out with others.

Reddit would be a better place to ask, just saying

You just have to man up and talk, this is why you need to practice everyday with uglos and monsters so you dont fuck up with the few cuties.

fuck plebbit, you need alpha male strategies, he goes a little over the line but overall he has good points like patrice o neal.

BTW OP, dont fucking let these retards tell you that you cant ask a stranger out, i did it and almost end up married after dating the girl for years. How did all start? By randomly asking her out at the park the very first time i saw her and that would have been the only time in my life that i had seen her if i havent asked her out.

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LMAO, is adv the new r9k shithole?

Ive approached many girls and had many dates and loads of sex, how else are you supposed to date?

Dating friends? Enjoy destroying your social circle
Dating coworkers/fellow students? Enjoy being that creepy guy who was rejected
Tinder? Corward.

How to even introduce yourself in a situation like this?

I literally cannot comprehend how you can just walk up to someone and start a conversation like that.

>Tinder? Corward.
>waaaah I don't get matches, you're a fucking COWARD if you do

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Hi I'm user. I noticed you were sitting alone, care for some company?


I tried, got matches.
The thing is, girls get so many matches that its just a beta fest begging to shitty women.
Dont you have the balls to leave your house and talk to girls in real life?

>but user, that is rape, that is sexual harassment, didnt you learn something from the gillete commercial
No its not. I have female friends, exgfs, i have seen them being hit on every now and then. The worst thing is the boost in confidence it gives them.

>Hello, i was just going to x place, i noticed you, i love your jacket looks good on you, whats your name?
make some more small talk and then go for the number, 3 minutes interaction, unless you two really hit it off then stay.

If you have a dog take him for a walk, girls magnet, if they dont come and talk to you then you go talk to them about their dog.
Same thing about running, skating, going to a concert, you already have a mutual topic to OPEN about.

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Bith of those are hitting on her. If you randomly ask a girl about her shoes or offer company it's obvious what you are doing.

I've heard a lot of girls say that they really hate getting hit on every single day. I don't want to contribute to that problem. So I feel a little stuck.

not op.

OP here. I decided I'm just going to fuck an escort. It'll probably make me less awkward in general.

Yes and she knows it, girls are not dumb, but if she is interested she will give you her number. If she doesnt just say, "ok! have a nice day!" and go to the next girl.

Well, yeah. That's why you ask girls out that say they are interested (that rules stragers out), use Tnder or similar (they are strangers, but they are interested) or hook up at a party.

>It'll probably make me less awkward in general.

It won't. It didn't help me at all. Fucking becuaee you paid for it won't teach you to flirt or escalate with a girl.

oh yes my man, believe me, they hate it so much like my exgf. She said that, and she still had a fucking smile after someone approached her.

They love the attention, validation, "oh this guy said this jacket looks good on me!" how fucking terrible right?

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The problem with that plan is that you need to have a high tolerance for frustration and the ability to move in varied environments. When people from here try it, they just build a reputation at their uni because that's the only place they see girls, then get mad because it doesn't work as fast as they want it to work.

Bad idea.

If you are a virgin it will give you the wrong idea of sex. Stop fapping, stop watching porn, go out talk to girls, install tinder if you get a couple matches it will boost your confidence, lift, be interesting.

I wouldnt do it frequently at the uni, just go to the park, downtown, go about your life and only do it when you feel like it. Im not telling you to go out and shotgun everything, unless you live in LA or something that big.

Yeah I did all that. I honestly just want to fuck. I don't understand why dudes get into "relationships". Like they want to fuck the girl, but for free, right?

I don't want to do it, I'm just pointing out why it's bad advice on Jow Forums. When it doesn't work in a week or two they get mad and come here to vent how women are bitches and ignore them because they wouldn't engage at the grocery.

But by just some random guy? ehhh it seems super implausible that this would work but almost a certainty that you'll be a creep.

Personally, i want to be able to kiss her and lick her genital area and feet, something i wont ever do with a prostitute. And believe me ive been with prostitutes, sex is a different thing with them.

Yeah, thats true. men need to be persistent and watch what they are doing, look good, all that shit.

Yes. I remember very well a couple times this happened, once, i went to take a leak when we were in a bar, as soon as i she told him "he is my boyfriend" the guy went away. And the other time i was waiting for her at the metro station and she was talking to some guy while walking, turns out he was trying to pick her up. Both times, she had a grin on her face.

She was the prettiest girl i dated tho, was a mix of mexican and filipina, big tits, pretty face. My other gfs or friends were not approached frequently.

>My other gfs or friends were not approached frequently.

One girl is approached twice and that means you know how all girls feel about it.

Yeah, checks out, doesn't it?

Fucking dumb whiteknight.
they were all approached, even my landwhale friend was approached by a nigger. I heard no complains. She didnt gave him her number because SHE IS A FUCKING RACIST! Do you want her email to call her out you fucking "lefty"?

Go back to fucking \r\twoxchrosomosomes and cut your dick off.

I think your reaction speaks for itself. If OP listens to you it's his own fault.

Big Cringe

BTW, im not saying that all girls like to be approached, but the only way to find out is trying, be respectful, dont call her "babe" or anything like that.

Dont listen to these fucking incel whiteknights. Had i not approached when i was 17 or 18 i would be a virgin right now.

You're cringy please stop

user do what you think is right bro. Shoot your shot or don't but don't make anyone feel uncomfortable

If you are 17 it's not the same. At 17 that's fine. You can't live into your mid twenties as if you were 17.

Yeah, they are doing better being sexually frustrated incels, waiting for a tinder whale to pity them and fuck them.

Good work Jow Forums, keeping the incel population increasing

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>Yeah, they are doing better being sexually frustrated incels

Why is it either asking strangers out or nothing? It's your fault your life is empty, you have no frineds and you don't go out to have fun with people.

There are other ways to meet girls beyond random strangers. You don't need to be a creep to avoid being single.

Thats why i said, they can wait for a tinder whale to pity fuck them just like you. Good luck with that.

So, strangers or nothing. Going out, meeting people, having fun, getting invited to parties, to the movies, all of that is impossible in your mind?

But according to you, you cant talk to strangers because its rape. Why would you go to all those places to just talk with whoever friend invited you?

>you cant talk to strangers because its rape

If you can quote where I said that, I'd love to see it.

> Why would you go to all those places to just talk with whoever friend invited you?

Do you think talking to a girl at a party is the same as doing it on the bus? I'm asking seriously. Do you find both situations to be equal?

But you said you cant talk to strangers because its rape?
Why is it ok to talk to a girl at a party but not at the dog park?
Should i call the police the next time i see people talking each other outside and they say "whats your name?". What if one of them is lesbian or gay, will the standard be the same or will i look like a privileged male?

You gotta teach us the social rules incels like you use, because i have no idea how the world works.

If you just ignore my posts, then it doesn't work. This is a conversation, right? So please, tell me: Is a party the same as the bus or not? I will keep going after that.

And again, I don't put words in your mouth, so don't do it. It makes you look bad, kinda like you have nothing to actually say and instead try to attack an imaginary thing I didn't say.

Dont ignore my posts and i wont ignore yours.

You are cherrypicking parts of my posts to force your shitty whiteknight feminist politics here.

Where the fuck did i said "approach a girl on the bus"?

But fine man, let op decide what to do, talk to girls in real life or be a coward incel like you and just creep on facebook sending messages to girls or whale hunting on tinder.

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>Where the fuck did i said "approach a girl on the bus"?

So, you understand that there are places to do it and there are places not to do it. Great! I?m glad we got there.

Now, the first question, another one you ignored: Why is a stranger at the dog park the one and only possibility in your mind? Why is having a social life such an impossible to imagine situation?

Yeah, why didnt you said "is it ok to approach girls in the womens toilet?"?

You are retarded right? I would talk to a girl on the bus, but if im rejected i cant go away, thats the only fucking reason to me, but i still think its ok if you take it slow enough that if you get rejected is not akward, ive seen it happen. WHy not? Why is it rape to talk to girl on a bus? Please, tell me.

Should i call the cops if i see strangers talking on the bus?

The other day i was wearing my anthrax shirt and some girl started talking to me, she said she likes the band, asked my name, what other bands i like, nice chatting. We were inside the subway train! Should i have called the police on her? No? Because she is a girl you say?

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Obviously he didn't mean just chatting on the bus you fucking retard.

There's a difference between coming up to people to just talk to them and trying to get their phone number.

BUT HOW DO YOU GET A FUCKING SOCIAL LIFE!!!!?????? I graduated highschool with no friends and didn't even attend the graduation ceremony.

Well, she was not going to ask my phone number because guess what, SHE IS A GIRL and made the effort enough to talk to me, and i was not going to ask because i had a gf at the time.

Why is it suddenly ok to talk to strangers to you on the bus now?
>Oh asking their phone numbers is not ok! thats the rape part!
Fucking bullshit.

Maybe you live in saudi arabia, india, california? Those places where freedoms are restricted by religious and fascists nutcases?

I wasn't the guy you were talking to, just pointing out that he's right.

I was this guy

Get some hobbies. If a coworker invites you to an activity, give it a chance. Have fun with people. It will be slow at first, but it develops.

well, you both are retards.
You can chat with anyone anywhere, if you get along why not ask for the number?

Im not saying go to the bus and tell a girl "hey babe nice ass, wanna fuck? gimme dat numba"

autists, when will they learn

You really like the word "rape". You might notice you are the one that brought it up and the only one using it here.

That girl was hitting on you. It happens. If someone says strangers never meet randomly, they are lying.

But you are going way to far. In your mind, you can only talk to random strangers. And it might work for you, but 9 out of 10 guys end up as frustrated creeps this way.

You need to understand the person you are helping, not yourself.

Well, should i have called the police for someone trying to hit on me?

> 9 out of 10 guys end up as frustrated creeps this way
Where are your sources? any studies about this topic?

Read this board. That's the source. See how the guys here do when they try your plan.

>read this specific board where guys that cant get laid ask how to get laid

Sure m8, who ask \r\twoxchromosomes how to be a man

If you come to this board, and offer a solution to people from this board, you have to imagine they will react like people from this board.

I didn't think that would needed to be said, but apparently it was not obvious to you.

I wish I were gay. I'm so over having a gf but men are disgusting

What is your solution?
>Talk to the girls from the parties you are invited to
>what? You dont get asked out to the movies? talk to these girls!

Like these niggas are living the chad life. No they are not.
They need to be told to shower, brush their teeth, learn to dress, and go out and talk to people.
You fucking retard.

>They need to be told to shower, brush their teeth, learn to dress, and go out and talk to people.

We agree. But not random girls on campus. They should get hobbies, make friends, and learn to have social circles.

We are almost on the same page.

>They should get hobbies, make friends, and learn to have social circles.
no they dont need to do that shit, that is creepy as fuck, making friends to get laid? CREEP. Joining a salsa school just to creep on women?

The getting arrested should be you.

Not meeting girls is a symptom of bigger social and self-esteem issues. Getting laid won't fix OP.

He lives in a cycle of class, gym, home, with no social life. A girl will get tired of being his only social outlet quite fast.