What to write in a suicide note

Long story short I am going to us a helium exit bag before the end of this year, I fear it will be very hard on my mum and I am looking for the right words to alleviate her pain.

Something spiritual maybe

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You probably don't want to hear that but if you care about the people who are going to suffer from your death, you shouldn't kill yourself.

I don't know why you want to do it but can it wait until she's gone?

Nothing you write will alleviate her pain. If you have to do it you have to do it, but you will leave your loved ones in pain and they will forever blame themselves. Trust me, I've seen it.

I am hardly getting through the day, I cannot watch my rotting corpse for another 10-20 years, it's physically not possible. I think no matter what point of time you die, there would always be people griefing.

Sure, like I said, if you truly have to do it and you've really got no other choice and have exhausted all your avenues fine - but don't think you can make it any easier for those who love you

something very concise and short. something in Latin would be cool, like
>Non fui, fui, sum fui, no curo
>I was not, I was, I am not, I don't care
Ancient Epicurean epitaph. or maybe
>short for Sit Tibi Terra Levis
>may the Earth rest lightly on you
Ancient general Roman epitaph.

or maybe a line from Seneca's epistles 70 & 77, the ones where he exhorts the virtue of suicide.

You're stronger than you think, pal. I know you can do it. At least til mummy's gone.

But if you choose to leave them, it's the worst possible for them. They'll feel guilty for the rest of their life.

Why are you saying you're rotting? Have you really thought about everything you could do to just make your day better? Or is it just that you're tired of even trying?

I like it.

I am practically disfigured and subsequently psychologically broken and it keeps getting worse and worse thanks to stress and insomnia. In respect to my older unbroken self, I hate to watch what I have become. There is no way out, even if I get better mentally I will still live a miserable life thanks to being disfigured. There is nothing I can try or do.

I’m sorry to hear all this OP. If you don’t get some help and change your mind, I hope you can find peace in death. I agree with the other anons that your mom will be hurt no matter what, but you should leave her a short note. Tell her you love her, you don’t blame her for anything, and that you don’t want her to blame herself. If she’s Christian drop some bible verses on her.

Nigger I'm here to make you feel even worse thinking about suicide, mostly because I was sitting in your shoes for the Most of my Teenage years. I'm one of those guys who grew up in a piss poor family, without friends and almost no clothes. The guys whos mother died when he was 6 and had no one else to talk to from that point. That guy who had tons of pictures with him smiling before that happend - a smile which disappeared completly after the incident.
I'm one of those guys that got bullied in school, while seeing thst the only people he ever dared to call friends died.

Dude I have spend my birthday on the 16th alone drinking wine, while sitting on new year infront of my window when the rockets went off. Cried my eyes out on christmas on a bench in the cold - again. This isn't a competition on who got it worse, but you can fucking make it out of everything, no matter how bad it is.

The only thing that kept me from doing it was this post on Jow Forums. Seriously. My father is the only real person I've left in this planet and he would also kill himself if he saw my dead body somewhere.

Your life has probably been shit, maybe even much worse than many other people. Unfortunately such is life. Maybe talk a bit about it, why is your situation so bad and how old are you in the first place?

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Thanks buddy.

I am 28 and homebound, there is no real way out to my problem as I have outlined here.
Thank you for your offer though.

what about friends or vidya? I don't care about frecking looks. Do you have steam / psn or some shit? I mean we can play some vidya till you decide to end it. Maybe your time on esrth will be less shit

I understand and respect your decision of ending it.

There is no conceivable way to “alleviate” her pain. If she loves you even a little she will remember your lifeless body every day for the rest of her life.

Nothing senpai. There's nothing you can say or write to make it better. Literally no parent wants to see their child dying before them.

If you actually care about her, tell her you're unhappy and you're going far far away in another country to try and fix things. Tell her to not expect updates and assure her that you'll be fine.

After that register with the red cross or a charity that helps people overseas, a buddhist temple or something to go far far away and start over. If you still hate your life, you can exit there where nobody can find you. Your mom will think you were somehow lost but you went for a good cause and you were an amazing person. She will have at least some closure and not hate herself for not doing better with her son until her death.

I alienated my friends due to my change in looks and personality. That's a kind offer, my friend but I don't think it will change anything.

I like this idea, have thought about it before.

Suck it up buttercup! Life sucks. No one can really argue that, but that ain't no reason to do something stupid that's going to do nothing more than make other people's lives worse. Time to stop thinking about yourself and grow up a bit!!

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I'm pretty sure I read that commercial helium tanks are adulterated with some oxygen so you won't die, just get fucked up and maybe become a vegetable.


Nah man, loads of people have committed suicide with helium bottles for balloons

>I like this idea, have thought about it before.
Stop thinking about it and make it happen frien. If you truly hate your life and think you have absolutely nothing to lose, do it.

In the process you'll get to change the environment, see the world, you'll make other people's lives easier and, as someone that volunteered for charities before, I can assure you you will be surrounded by wholesome people that accept you regardless of how socially inept or physically impaired you are.

If life sucks even like that, you can go on your own terms feeling at peace and good about yourself. So, make a serious decision, call a charity, book a meeting, flight etc. I'm sure there are loads of organisations willing to take you in. Just make sure they have a good image and not try to turn you into the equivalent of a modern slave instead. The red cross is probably the way to go.

Well, I stand corrected.
>wikibooks has guides for suicide
I don't know what I was expecting

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well m8 whatever floats your boat. I still wish you the very best for your future, even if it means that you succesfully kill yourself. I don't wanna shill my account onto you too hard, so if you have psn and are bored, check out zod18. Same counts for steam, username is A_L0k1

We might never write to each other again, so best luck in the afterlife, maybe we will meet there and play some games

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Thanks you for your help pal, I will seriously think about it.

Holy shit a person who actually accepted his fault naturally
Sir, I salute you for your greatness

Talk to your mom about this,and seek help from a doctor and therapist. If you love your mom you wouldn't do this to her.

I double this

How did you get the bag?

By trading currency for the components over the internet like everything else you've ever acquired

Can you not buy the complete product? I'm not very good at DIY and I need one of these things.

Nice try veronica sawyer

Death...is harder than you think user kun

>I am looking for the right words to alleviate her pain.
Sometimes the right words aren't words at all.

Sometimes they're emoji.

oh really? You've spent an eternity dead before you were born, and you turned out just fine. How can dying again be any different?

i'm sorry you're suffering.

but like others said, there is going to be no 'there there' for the survivors you will leave in your wake. There is no way out of the guilt you are concerned about feeling yourself for what people will be left behind feeling.

I want you to know this, when people tell you they don't want you to kill yourself, it is not because they want you to prolong your suffering.

some believe suicide to be a sin and are acting out their own spirituality, to be sure.

but most people are trying to appeal to you 2 things: that everyone is going to die, no exceptions and that checking out early is really a waste; and that it really is impossible to fully predict the outcomes of tomorrow that might justify your struggles and that its worth it to both struggle and to want to see as many outcomes as you possibly can.

but suicide, and stuff like what threw out there, that shit will basically make everyone you leave behind wondering either a: what they did or didn't do to stop you or b: guilty for your suffering on this earth, especially mum