She said she has boyfriend

She said she has boyfriend
And then she said: let's meet again. WHAT?!

I politely REJECTED.

what the fuckkkkkkkkkk fucking bitch WASTED MY TIME!!!

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Good on you desu.

she was just shooting her shot shorty

OP again

I really liked her..we had great connection .but what the fuck.....FAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKK

>shooting her shot shorty
whay does that mean

also she has been trying to date me since 1 year and I finally took time to do it.

OP here again
I feel so sad anons

She and me worked out so well together.....fuckkkkkkkk why did she do this to me, waste my time, play this stuoid ass game...fuccccccccc

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You could be cucking someone right now

I'm 30...that motherfucking game is over for me, I played that game when I was 17 my nigga. I want a solid bitch not some whore cucksucker
fucking bitch I thought she was a good girl.

OP you stupid idiot. Fuck her dump her! That's the way to go with these kinda whores. Right into the trash bin after sex.

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It's okay OP, you have morals and there's nothing wrong with that. This girl would have eventually cheated on you if you'd gotten together anyways.

You'll find a girl for you, dont give up

Why is it so hard to find a good bitch these days? Every ody is living this polygamous whoreful life.

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Thanks but I seriously don't know where to find a girl like that.

You'll find her when you least expect it, but do keep looking to speed up the process. Don't get jaded

....ok thank you

Let her suck the stress out of your titties

You dis the right thing. Jow Forums is proud of you, boi.

Same thing happened to me twice, talked to some girls who seemed interested, ask them out and they both had boyfriends. You just got to move on dude. Now I'm thinking to ask them if they have a boyfriend first to not waste time, is this a good idea?

Did she know it was a date? That's so weird.

>Did she know it was a date?
Yes, we were officially dating. I had no idea she had a boyfried until after the date, I told her that I like her, and she said she has a boyfriend but she would like to go dinner again with me.

She must be beautiful, or at least, lots of boys are after her. Beautiful girls usually have a cuck beside them when they date other guys. They are never single.

You posted this yesterday
She was just using you for a free meal
If you can separate between
sex and feeling just try to fuck her, shes a whore anyways