Can I get a masters from a community college

Can I get a masters from a community college

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no, you get a masters degree from a graduate school. Very few community colleges even let you get a bachelor's

Associate or certificate.

Oh my local cc has bachelor's.

So how do I get a masters real fast

You go to a university with a graduate program. You’ll be done in 2 years minimum

Why minimum ? Come on just let me have a masters. I don't want to support universities

Well that’s too bad, because universities are the only places where you can get a masters degree. The programs are designed to take at least two years so you have time to work on a research project and also take classes. There’s no quick easy way to do it

If this is a question you had to ask Jow Forums, you are not going to get a masters lmao

You have to do a project for a masters ? Man I already did a bachelor thesis

Fine, what's the biggest joke for a school in America I can do online?

Why do you want a masters' degree when you clearly have no idea what it entails?

Do you just need an MBA to get promoted?

afaik. community colleges only offers associate degrees. Maybe a couple bachelors

Judging by your writing, I'd have assumed you didn't even complete a bachelor's.

I think it'd be funny
Peace out girl scout
My local one has all the bachelor's. I got my bachelor's from da real respected honors school


if your "local one has all the bachelor's" and you got your "bachelor's from da real respected honors school" why don't you ask it if you can get a masters there instead of anonymous individuals on a Tibetan Beyblade messageboard?

What? Because I don't want to support that school . I just want a fast masters

Just get one online :^)

I mean sure. How can I do that for basically free


ill fax it to u, no worries brother

>I think it'd be funny
I like you.

Learn Spanish and do some online program from some Mexican for profit "university"

Can you get a scholarship to these places ? Also I already know Spanish. Do you have any universities in Mind that allow for 100% remote? It'd actually be almost valuable as I'd get a chance to practice Spanish.





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