Life is passing me by

Life is passing me by...

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Is it your 20th birthday today?

Shall I buy you some V-Bucks.

I'm 31. Shit is still real good.

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At least WE're not alone, OP.

Not OP, but that's just for you.
I'm 30 and recently realized how time I lost. How many relations I could've had somehow I didn't fully realize until now and now I have to look for a fucking therapist because of it...

Stupid phone...

>mfw you realize decay is most generous gift from god to us

Most of people dont realize this. Being afraid of death is completly insane. Imagine for a 2 seconds you were immortal unable to die. All of us. You brainlets dont even comprenhend the punishment of immortality. Worse than any pain or anything you have ever witnessed in those gore videos. Get your life straight.

Afriad to live

Afraid to die


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If you are a woman, and beyond 38, kys, you are a genetic dead end.
If you are a men, enjoy the ride that it's coming.
Trust me, you don't wanna miss it.
It will be too much fun!

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That's heavy my guy but you're not even middle aged yet so...

>Life is passing me by...
And that's a good thing!
The only thing that keeps me going is that it's all means to an end.
We're getting there, one step at a time.

Just imagine living through this hell forever.
Thank the reaper!


Feel the same way op. 'm 29 this year and I have done nothing at all.

I have no idea how to comes to terms with all the experiences and opportunities i've lost, how to come to terms with all the years i've wasted.

27 year old virgin and social retard here, feel the same. I've hid away in my apartment for so long. I only come out to go to work or occasionally visit family.

Watch some anime, gramps! This one is from your generation, I love going back and watching the oldies!

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whenever i read "if you're a woman and over 38 you're a genetic dead end" i get really scared. I'm a girl and I'm young but I'm way too screwed up to have a bf right now. if I'll become a cat lady, will life be really that bad? are children and a husband everything a woman requires later in life? if that was what you were talking about obviously haven't looked into the correlation between age difference and divorce if you think men aren't affected by being that old.

My dad rates having and raising his family as, by far, the most satisfying part of his life. Better than San Francisco in Summer 1968, better than dancing naked to the Grateful Dead on LSD, better than 1960's "Free Love." He's in his 70s now and I've never heard him say he misses those rebel days, but he's often told me he misses being a dad.

So I take it that family life is pretty important.

everything's geared towards reproduction basically. i kind of hate how happiness depends on that. reproduction just generates more suffering. i don't want to be selfish and have kids because it's gonna make *me* feel better. you rebel during teenage years because life truly is painful and boring, then you make up for it by having kids, and they will do the same thing as they grow up, and have kids who'll do the same

consider killing yourself friend
the weight of this cancerous life is just a little bit too much
not a problem
life sucks anyways
loads of ways to commit suicide
preferably you take some folks with you
school shooting will do the trick
good luck OP
please stop considering life as something valuable, we all know that humans are an evil cancer on this world, you're just one of the few people recognising it OP

looking at your miserable ass suddenly makes me feel better

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good to you friend :) although I do hope you kill yourself aswell, it's okay if beings such as us die

No. That's what society makes you think about

My parents always told me you don't need kids to be happy. Its a different kind of life its not a bad one, but its different. People with kids often wind up in mediocre careers etc., and its not easy and not as beneficial as it was in early societies to have kids. But you still get to have a kid that you love and apparently, its fun watching them grow and teaching them. But you don't absolutely need it. Evolution is no such perfect mechanism. Love, maybe. Children, not necessarily.

... good marriage options for men dwindle at that age, so you will not be alone regardless.
At least know that.

Afraid to waste a life full of opportunities, wasted on 70+- years of boredom and mediocrity

Wait sorry; I meant to say men age with you. In real old age men have an advantage, but that's another story.
There's probably always some man at any time in your life in your same position. If you end up with him, n a way, its as if the entire time, you were aging together.
So there's that.

seems wise but your parents have kids though. they can't know.
i don't know if i get what you mean


You nigglets can't fuck with me. I'm 34 here.

I think key is not to take your own life too seriously in a sense that you constantly run after things you THINK you need to achieve, because you either have the ambition to achieve them or you don't. If you don't, then there's no point to cry after something which wasn't worth the effort to you in your younger years.

+ it's never too late. As long as you're healthy and not in terrible debt or some other kind of shackles, you can always try again. Aging only makes everything harder, but that shouldn't stop you.

If you want to look at it from a nihilistic point of view, everything fades away anyway so none of the things you have, haven't had or miss in your life will matter 100 years from now.

I mean look at this picture. Everyone you see on there meant something at some point, but their memory is slowly fading away and soon nobody will give a shit anymore. Do you still remember the guy who discovered fire? Do you still respect the guy who invented the wheel?

Chill man, chill.

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>lmao it doesn't matter anyways
so why shouldn't people kill others for fun? why shouldn't you just rape a girl and kill yourself? or commit some terror attack before killing yourself? if life really is so worthless, why consider living?

>so why shouldn't people kill others for fun? why shouldn't you just rape a girl and kill yourself? or commit some terror attack before killing yourself?
Where did I say you can't? You're free to do so.

>if life really is so worthless, why consider living?
I didn't say it was 'worthless'. It's up to you to find meaning in it. There are many philosophical works about this topic (which is why I posted this specific picture showing Sartre in Cuba) so maybe read up on that. Of course you can chose death if you prefer, but where's the fun in that?

32 here. I've lived my whole life not believing that anyone could ever be attracted to me, but I might be deluded. Now all of a sudden I want a gf and a social life, but I will have to do some extreme settling if I'm being realistic since I'm not at all attractive despite trying to improve my fashion a lot, I don't have a lot to work with genetically.

I think I'm going to focus on making friends instead since that seems more realistic. The voice in my head is telling me that nobody wants to be friends with me because I don't bring anything of value to anyone. I'll just have to ignore it and try anyway, but it can be hard to stay motivated sometimes.

>Every single shitty person on Earth is alive forever
One of the few comforts I take is that tripfags will, eventually, die

Remove that and Jow Forums truly becomes a living Hell

I'm Don't be discouraged. At our age, it is extremely hard to make or maintain friendships, because people are not so young anymore and feel friendships more of a burden + their focus is on building their own lives/jobs etc. Having a lot of friends is only really a feasible thing when you're in school.