I could have sex with this woman for half an hour, I have the money, that's pretty much all I have though

I could have sex with this woman for half an hour, I have the money, that's pretty much all I have though.
Not even very expensive, just poor.
It is perfectly legal.
I feel hurt, disappointed, lonely and horny right now so I want a living fuckpuppet to pump my frustration into.
She takes it up the ass according to the description.
Talk me out of it.

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How about I talk you INTO it you Casanova you.

Watch some porn, jerk off, and then decide if you still want to go through with it

Not really much of a casanova if I have to pay to get laid.

Seems like a waste.
I want to be as horny as possible.

You've got to DESTROY HER user... SEXUALLY! Oh my goddddddddd stick it in there and UNF UNF UNF DE LA UNF UNF DE LA UNF UNF DE LA UNF! I'm high as FUCK right now holy shit tutti fruition I'm in a fucking high ass condition! Man you gotta get high and jack off thinking about her Opie! Yes Indeedle-dee-deed smoke that weedle-dee-deed every God damn diddly day you ninny muggins! I'm high as FUCK!

How is high school?

Last time I went there to pick up your sister they changed the parking xD

Is it weird to text a hooker on whatsapp?
I am too beta to call lol

Sooo, small update.
I think I just got left on read by a prostitute, so I think I will just kill myself now lmao

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I think I am having a mental breakdown here guys lol

So not only am I a fucked up beta, I am literally too beta to pay for sex.
Do I now have to run after a literal prostitute and beg for her to not ignore me?
I am seriously killing myself tonight.
Not even joking.

Sleeping with hookers, assuming it would be found out or revealed by someone, would ruin your chances with any girl ever again.

Chances are she's either got a different client for tonight or your hesitation made you seem like you wouldn't go through with it anyway/faked interest.

dude i can almost guarantee that youre not gonna wanna do it if you jerk off right now

No shit sherlock. If you were a whore with options, why would you pick the one that sounds like a sociopath?

Literally just politely asked for prices.


>I want a living fuckpuppet to pump my frustration into.
I don't think you get that you aren't paying for them to let them do whatever you like to them (providing they aren't meth whores), even whores can pick and choose who/what they do, you can't instantly jump into what you want.

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Just shut the fuck up.

Found your problem. You made her feel like a whore. Bad move. You gotta sweet talk them a little first, she's a lady bro. Should have texted her something about how beautiful she was and how you would really enjoy her company, etc

You have got to be fucking shitting me.
She is literally a WHORE listed on a website.
I am not sweet talking a whore.
I am paying her to avoid that shit.

Actually, you're not paying her for anything right now. She hasn't responded remember? The way that you talk about women is kinda scary. You act like they're objects you can stick your dick whenever you want. It doesn't work like that.

You do understand what a prostitute is, right?