I want to propose to my girlfriend, but I want to spend as little money as possible and still impress her

I want to propose to my girlfriend, but I want to spend as little money as possible and still impress her.

Is $8k enough money to spend on an engagement ring?

Although I have heard the rule is 3 months' salary, $8k would be for me just under 2 months' worth of my salary, or just over 2 months' take home pay.

Aside from not making tons of money, I also have about $60k federal student loans I pay $800 / month on. I live a fairly modest lifestyle.

What do the virgins of Jow Forums think?

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make 2 rings by yourself first. Not as complicated and way more personal (and chepaer) than soending 8k

So we're talking about engagement rings here, not wedding rings. Do you want me to cut the diamond myself?

Well I didn't even know that theres a difference, just a /diy/ guy pssing by.

Tutorials for "making rings" are aviable tho

That's neat, but settings for the diamond (i.e. the "ring") are not that expensive. A cheap setting will run me a couple hundred bucks. I'm not worried bout that part. The diamond is an inescapable expense however.

>Although I have heard the rule is 3 months' salary,
I thought it was 1 month

I think it varies depending on who you talk to. 1 month is on the low end, and 3 months is probably on the high end.

That rule is absolute garbage, get something that is nice but not dollar store tier. If she truly loves you she won't give much of a shit if you bought a decent ring that doesn't bankrupt you. 8k is already a shit ton of money. My parents only spent at most 2k on their rings because to them it didn't matter how big the rock is or how much gold and platinum the band had

Buy stainless steel rings for 20$ and tell her she will get gold after 10 years and diamond after 20. Dont fell for diamond jews.

KILL THE DIAMOND INDUSTRY. Instead of shitty rock / piece of metal buy a family car or trip to egypt to see pyramids before kebabs destroy them.

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come on this is stupid bait

Ask your parents. There may be a family heirloom ring or diamond floating around.

Then you can give her something really meaningful without spending a fortune.

Listen I worked with jewelry and you should not spend 8k unless you have way too much money. 8k were talking like a 1.5 carat diamond right? Go for lab made Diamonds, and you can get that size for more than half the price. She doesn’t have to know the source of the diamond and it’s still a diamond anyways

Has she said that she wants a huge ring? If not then you don’t have to spend a ridiculous amount of money on one. Some people don’t even want Diamonds they want other gems

The diamond I'm looking at is 1 ct, but is color graded D, ideal cut, clarity VVS2, and generally just looks pretty. I'm going to get it for about 7.5k and I'll spend another 500 on the setting.

I could get a 1.5 ct but diamond quality is more important to me as a consumer than quantity.

Have you thought about getting her something other than diamond. Like her birthstone maybe?(unless her birthday is in april) I feel like that would be a lot more thoughtful than a regular old diamond

Dude trust me when I say that getting a VS or an SI quality is just as good. Nobody’s going to noticed the difference between that and a vvs unless it’s under a microscope. You could save a lot of money that way. People always want the VVS quality but it’s because diamond shops push that as being the best. If the seller people were honest with you and didn’t want to milk you for commission they would tell you to go for a lower quality to save money. You really start getting cloudy in the I range but other than that Si is seriously fine. Especially for a 1 ct it’s not that big so you won’t see inclusions

Lab made Diamonds are cheaper and better clarity than mined Diamonds so I would highly suggest going for a lab made diamond. You could get a 1ct VS2 for $2000. It’s silly to be so uptight about mines Diamonds when it’s all a big scam and they have a massive back stock of Diamonds, they just pretend they’re rare to drive up the price

I work at a giant department store. We constantly have sales of rings under $1000.

I don’t think you should shop based on price tags. Look for stuff that you know she will genuinely like. Don’t listen to old wives tales about 3 months salary or whatever.

Also make sure you go to a bunch of different shops and ALWAYS haggle. Always ask for a better price and they will most likely give you a discount. If you don’t ask they will charge you the highest price. They are not your friend thy just want that commission. Make sure the warranty is good. Some places have diamond replacements where if the diamond pops out they’ll put a whole new one in. Make sure the warranty is a one time payment and not a yearly payment

She was born on April 1, but besides that who the hell wants an engagement ring without a diamond? Have you ever actually talked to a girl in real life?

Not who you’re replying to but I’m the jewelry store user. Yes lots of girls don’t want Diamonds. Every girl is different, incredulously

I wasn't planning on buying from a brick and mortar. My understanding is whatever I'd pay on Blue Nile or somewhere like that I'd basically pay 25-50% more in a store.

Blue Nile is not a good quality, the cut is all wonky. I’ve seen them under microscopes. They also don’t have a warranty. It’s your money tho dude

Is there an online retailer you would suggest?

Honestly I would never buy that kind of thing online but if you have to just go with blue nile. I’d go to a physical store and ask to see the diamond up close. You’re spending way too much money for a blue nile 1.5 ct diamond imo but it’s your life yknow?

They have magnified 360 degree views of all the diamonds I'm looking at. I doubt I would make much more of an educated decision with some jewelry store goon such as yourself breathing down my neck.

So 2 months would seem just right then.

Nah I don’t work there anymore. You asked bro just buy your overly priced diamond and be done with it, I gave you pretty honest and experienced advice

You think they don’t edit those pictures

Well you talked me down to a VS1, so it wasn't all for nothing.

Jesus christ is this actually real? 3 month rule?

I could buy myself a nice new motorcycle or something for that instead of a fucking metal circle. Why do people spend stupid money on useless shit.

No, it's not real, it was a marketing point that de beers pushed a long time ago. Sadly it stuck.

It's symbolic.
I suppose getting a motorcycle instead could also be seen as symbolic in another way.

The only thing a diamond is a symbol of is one big sucker.

Dude, as a girl, if I found out that my boyfriend spent EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS on a RING for me I would make him go back and return it and buy like a 200 dollar one at most. That's the biggest waste of money, I don't care if it's an engagement ring, what if it got stolen? What if it got lost? That's 8 grand down the toilet then. There are far cheaper rings out there that probably look just as good.

And a motorcycle isn't?

even then, let's assume I earn the national average of my country, which is something like £1400 I think.

x3, that is £4200. That could go to treating your new wife to an amazing honey moon. Or put away for helping with starting a family.

Only cucks follow the 3 month rule.

A motorcycle has practical value (vehicle for going places) whereas a diamond is just an overpriced rock.

First, congratz in your engagement.
Second, most girls will probably not care about the specs of a ring, as much as the overall design. I suppose your girl will not pull a magnifying glass to analyze it, so you'd better invest your time in looking for a model that she'd enjoy wearing every day, based on her favoured material and style.

>falling for jewish tricks
$8k is way too much money. Keep it down to $1k max.

buy an antique ring or something. take her through a shopping district and say Hey I wanted to buy you something nice (budget like $200 for this) and have her pick out some small ring/necklace. while you are there point out some rings in the 1-2k range and saw "woah, that looks cool" "what do you think"

then just hang out there looking at rings and making comments on their shapes.

she'll get the hint at the least. once you know what style she likes. go online and find a dope antique in a similar style (youll get more for your money)
Also fuck diamonds, buy some other kind of stone, emerald or sapphire or something. itll probably be cheaper and be an interesting piece for an engagement ring.
Then when you get the antique, budget a couple hundred to go to a jeweler and have them polish it up or remove any engravings on the inside. there are also sets of engagement/wedding bands you can buy.

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The "rule" was set by jewelers, to sell expensive rings. It has no real basis.

Decide on your own price range. Go alone to a reputable jeweler and tell the salesman you're returning tomorrow with your gf. He'll prepare a selection of rings in the range you set, and show only them to her, with no prices on them. She picks the one she wants, and you and he step aside to talk money.

Just buy a basic gold ring. If she wants any more, then she's not worth marrying. Really think about what you're doing and why you're doing it user. A big purchase is not a display of love. If you believe otherwise, then I suggest you meditate on the question "What is love?".

>Just buy a basic gold ring. If she wants any more, then she's not worth marrying.
My parents have been happily married for over 35 years and they don't even have gold rings, but silver ones.
They're engraved and all that and they're really beautiful.
Fuck golddiggers.

Bruh, I'm a girl and I think that's way too excessive. If you insist on spending that much money, buy her a cheaper ring (like max 1k) and the rest take her on an amazing trip somewhere exotic. I sure as hell would prefer that to an overpriced ring.