What height is too short for a woman? What height difference between a guy and a girl starts to become too much?

What height is too short for a woman? What height difference between a guy and a girl starts to become too much?

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As a male, 5'6" is the cut-off point for me, because i'm tall.

Literal midget. Actual dwarfism.
Otherwise it doesn't matter. Nobody gives a fuck.

This, i am 5'8 and i like short girls, i find them cute

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men dont give a fuck. I'm 6'3.5 and find a large height gap attractive. however because you girls vehemently detest manlets so much I have no choice but to avoid short women if I want to procreate. no way will I squander my tall genes and give birth to a short son who will be despised by women his entire life

I hope you die

My girlfriend is 5’4” (I’m 5’11”)and she’s fucking cute. Age difference is a bigger issue for us.

But all those short men look better than you and get pussy while you are ugly and a kissless virgin?

I'm 5'3" but the men in my family tend to be 5'9" - 5'10". Would you take that as a height challenged family and pass?

Barely, you better be hot as fuck

Are you one of the Wee folk? My mom was...all the short people who self -identified as Satyrs (exactly like in Ancient Greek Mythology) knew her...Cool being a Satyr....I like Satyr women...don't worry about it and remember we Satyrs have a "special relationship " with our Grandfather ...the Great God Pan!...Blessed be!

What the fuck's your problem
What's with your assumptions?

>5'6 if you are super hot and she's under 5'6
>5'9 for 90% of girls, but she will acknowledge she wishes you were taller
>6'0 is where she will describe you as tall to people.

schizo poster is back

I'm 6'2'' male. I'd say 5'5'' is about as short as i'd go in a woman. Mostly for practical reasons.

5'5'' girl is the shortest i can go while still being able to kiss her / hug her while standing straight. Anything shorter and it starts to become awkward because i'd literally have to bow down my entire body to give her a hug or a kiss.

My mom is elf-kin. Very small woman who lives in a tree making cookies.

As long as you look "good" together, you're fine.

I'm 185 and strongly prefer girls 175.

You know when I met the Satyrs and realized all that stuff in ancient Greek literature was true my jaw literally dropped open. Not schizophrenic. Worked at a mental institution. You have no idea what the illness really is...

You can't be too short. You can only be too fat or unattractive in some other way. If someone said you're too short when rejecting you, he probably didn't want to say the real reason.

Lol...I have actually met elf-kin...I bet you would shit your pants



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Under 160 cm is too short for avg guy. But shorter guys will date anyone above midget level.

You know my Mom's kin are literally the wee folk of Ireland. The young women told me that they didn't like it when big guys tried to just shove their big dick into them and then complain about a tight pussy. Big men are ok, dont worry about height but just avoid the big guy who is a "shover". What you need in a guy is understanding about the size difference. Tell him that you could feel uncomfortable if he doesn't go slow. Also use plenty of lubricant...

What...the...fuck are you talking lol?

Anything, as long as your personality is good. I'm 195 and my gf is 160 ish and not much to complain about. Just find a guy that doesn't mind height differences

Ideally 5 inch difference is best. But idk im 6'1" and my gf is 5'4". Shes pretty insecure about it though she refuses to be with me in public without heels on. Id say as long as you dont look like a child like below 5foot your'e probably good but dont expect to get a tall guy. I wont lie dating someone 9inches shorter is really annoying only good part is how easy she is to pick up.

This is very correct. Think about that before you enter the bedroom with a guy and it's too late, OP

Eh genetics are a crapshoot anyway dude my mom is 5'4" dad is 5'5" and im 6'1". And yes we did a paternity test when I was like 15 because my dad was like how the fuck. Weird shit happens my dude you could find some 5'8" godess and still get a manlet child.

Seething manlets or raging womemes?

Maybe your mom or your dad had a fucked up diet when growing up? Maybe malnourished or a diet that lacked some key nutrients during puberty. If that's not the case then you're definitely an exception. If both mom and dad are short then there is like a 95% chance their children will also be short.

5 feet is probably the cut off.

Short stakes are way better than normal girls.

If you are short please get big tits and move to

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you tell me

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okay but he is midget chad

I'm 4'10 and a femanon. Being short is annoying because everyone bullies you about it, but I'm in a good relationship with my boyfriend and he doesn't care about my height really.

how tall is your bf?

He's around 5'6.

No cut off point of your job is heroic like military or something similar.

You thought you had a chance didn't you, lol? Girls like tall guys, sorry bro.

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I'm 5 ft 10 and I find 5 ft tall girls really cute

Size difference really comes out when having coitus with wee women if a big guy involved...

Thank you...my female cousin told me this...unlike most Irish the Wee Folk, of whom you probably are one, are very open about matters of Sexuality. I am a male ....

I did not want a chance. I'm the OP and wanted to see if they have as big of a difference as there is between me and the guy I'm interested in.

Are you a leprechaun?

Dumb piece of shit. I can see why you dont have a cute short gf.

My mom is one of the wee folk. I am 5'11". The Irish who still know about these things say "he has the Fairy blood". I guess you could say my Mom's people are the Leprechaun . I really do have some magic power, I can see the future, see things far away, use mental telepathy.... The hospice nurses who looked after Mom asked me what happened to her bedsores after they completely disappeared over 48 hours and I answered "I witched them away". They looked at where the sores were, at me, then each other and never brought up the subject again. I can also send a "sending" like Luke Skywalker in The Last of the Jedi although it is a bit more "ghostly" than that...

Again following what my wee cousin said the only real practical difference is size when you two decide it is time to be intimate. If he is really a good guy then he will be careful if you ask him too.....If he's a jerk and is not...throw him away...

Imo there isnt any

I'm 6'1, my gf of 3yrs is 5'0.

I love her but do not like that our kids will probably be manlets. However my mum is 5'4 and my dad is 5'9. And also shes brown

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Whats your problem?

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I am 180 and for me it´s 165. Not to small, but if she wanna kiss me she still needs to be on her toes. That shit is cute as fuck.

Same, 163-165 is perfect height for gf. My ex was 170 and it was getting a bit too tall for me. I briefly dated a girl who was 158 and I think I generally wouldn't want to go lower than that but it's not a deal breaker I guess.

had a 155 once. But I wasn´t 180 then. Damn she felt short. 170 is okish, but if she wears heels she is taller than you. That´s why 165. Not to small not to tall, but really this shit isn´t really that important.