How do you get a girlfriend when you're the living embodiment of everything girls don't like?

How do you get a girlfriend when you're the living embodiment of everything girls don't like?

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By changing yourself into someone valuable, dipshit

What if I don't have the drive or motivation to improve myself but still want a girlfriend?

What the hell does that even mean? Try explaining your quirks and personality instead of this vague statement

>"Fix an entire aspect of my life working with a single sentence!"

The answer is that you don't want it enough. Get out there, stop jerking off ten times a day, maybe develop a crush. You'll be motivated to stop being a gross piece of jet trash and make yourself into someone she could like.

If your "drive and motivation" amount to asking for a magic fix on Jow Forums, you're fucked. You clearly think horribly of yourself, so start with that. No woman wants to be with a guy who thinks himself a piece of shit because then you're offering her a piece of shit.

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Then you're simply not going to get a girlfriend unless you have lots of money to your name.

My personality is video games.

Then nothing. You don't get anything except maybe self-pity and misery.

Why was I born like this?

You do know there are many women that play video games, right? I mean yeah,most of them are mobile trash like candy crush or clash of clans and whatever, and also normie tier console/computers games like League of Legends and Final Fantasy. There are even some that play your Titty Ninja games. Video games aren't a taboo hobby to have anymore.

Do you do anything else besides play games? Like watch movies or something? Try expanding your hobbies.

You don't. What a stupid question. What made you imagine the answer could possibly be anthing but that?

You weren't, you were conditioned this way through your upbringing. Stop trying to do the whole "woe is me" bullshit. The only thing stopping you right now is you. Yes it won't be easy, but nothing is gonna get better until you decide to try and change shit.


There's a lid for every pot, OP. You just gotta find your lid.

>"I want something without putting in the work to earn it!"

You deserve nothing

It's such a shame that there are dozens of things that any average looking girl could do to instantly make men interested, even some little fact they say about themselves in a single sentence. There is no equivalent for men, they actually have to do something.

Why are women allowed to not put any work on anything?

you don't

Beggers can't be choosers
If you're too lazy to improve yourself, then you don't deserve shit.

Who you are is unlovable. Change yourself. Be someone else. You know the problem is you, you know the solution already. Stop wasting our time.

You better yourself

You'd be surpised how much work some women need to do in order to have perceived value. The ones that don't have to work are naturally lucky or gifted. The same holds true for men. Some just have enough perceived value by default in order to get by. But this only lasts for a few years once beauty begins to fade. Men usually compensate with success and wealth or other things. Why wait? Get on it now

Plenty of average (or less) women bitch and complain that they can't find a good man. Sound familiar?

Says more about men than women, desu

Men's standards are way too low, which is why so many women get away with low effort

I really don't complain about men really liking small things, though I do agree that men are way to accepting of outrageous negatives. Mostly I just wish there was something men could say (>inb4 i'm rich) that would instantly make certain women interested.

It's not even about accepting too many outrageous negatives. It's about not accepting enough positives. For many men, a wet hole is all they need. Women know this. You don't see women settling ONLY for a hard dick. If you did, would you want that kind of woman?

See prostitutes

But why does he have to change himself. Be yourself OP. Let it shine, girls love your confidence if you have it in yourself.

>girls only like "valuable" people

That's rude, all people are valuable.

yes desu

Think about the kind of woman who want only dick and nothing else

Is that the kind of woman you want your dick in or around? Really?

Depends on the type of value

Then you wont get a girlfreind fuckwit
its not hard
>man + value = girlfreind
>man + worthlessness = girlfreind

Sometimes it's better to be alone.

Only God knows what's out there for guys like us.

Guess it's correct, you need to add something which is totally normal and not seeing it as normal is weird but it prove that love can force you to behave hoping for the best.

If it wasn't for cotton eye Joe I would be married a long time ago.