Psychopathic cunt at work is harassing me

I'll do my best to explain.

Basically there is this girl at my job I've been working with since 6 months. Let's call her Anne. She started at the same time as me. In the beginning she was very friendly and pretty sure she wanted the D but I didn't escalate. She's kinda hot but in a try hard way. She's from eastern european and has a disgusting accent in English. This is in Germany.

Anyways a few months pass and a new guy joins the company, and he sits between me and the girl. Since the new guy, let's call him Tim is there Anne has been acting like a huge bitch towards both of us. The three of us sit next to each other on an open table so it's super annoying.

She basically does lots of small aggressive things. For example today me, Tim and a few colleagues were drinking tea, and we left the pack of tea on the kitchen counter. Anne comes up to us and taps us on the shoulder hard, and tells us to clean up our tea. Mind you her female friend and other colleagues also drank the tea. But she's singling us out.

Then I say: what's your problem? It's just a pack of tea.

Anne: how can I make my coffee if your tea is in the way(makes no sense), I can't! Clean it up now!

Then I just ignored her and continued working. But she does shit like this all day. She also asks everyone in the building except me and Tim if they want a coffee.

She makes aggressive comments if me or Tim have our earphones at a volume where she can slightly hear it. She constantly repeats her dumb opinions at me like how drinking a glass of juice is super unhealthy and that is the reason I got sick recently. She'll basically constantly say rude stuff that's completely unacceptable and tries to make us look bad in group chats in front of our colleagues.

When the executives are there she never does any of that stuff and she is super polite to them.

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She's also fucking retarded and basically only got hired because of her looks and does the work of a secretary even though she should have the same position as me. All the higher up people like her because she acts like a different person around her and she is good looking.

How should me and Tim behave? We thought about going to HR but it's pointless as the HR girl is a feminist. My plan was just to ignore her and never respond. What do you guys think?

you should kill her

It's kind of hard to explain without writing walls of text but she just constantly talks, acts and reacts in rude/aggressive ways that are completely unacceptable in a work environment and it's only towards me and my friend, for seemingly no reason.

sounds like she now really really wants the d. but now feels justified acting poorly cause u too too long

I don't think so, she looks at us with utter contempt/disgust. We aren't even ugly. I also invited her for food when I was on nofap a few months back but she subtly dodged it.

She's autistic you dumbass

I doubt it, as she does it to nobody else. Seems highly calculated.

Okay she wants you to bash her skull in and rape her

Can I get some serious advice? Just want somebody with more experience help me out with how I should handle this. So far the best thing I thought of is just ignore it and talk to her as little as possible

How about you act like a man and not a little baby eurangutang retard and
>1. Have sex with her
>2. Sit her down and discuss your adversarial relationship and how to overcome it in order to have a more positive work environment. Include a neutral third party and if necessary write down all of your thoughts on the subject because it's obviously a problem.
Need me to tie your fucking shoes too?

She just wants you and Tim to DP her

she is negging you

I don’t normally like to pull the personality disorder card, but it sounds like she has one..

If you fuck with her back in small and subtle ways she is likely to explode and make a fool of herself

>Then I say: what's your problem? It's just a pack of tea.
you will seem like the asshole for replying like this, always give a polite reply

She wants to suck your penor. Administer rape asap


She's probably a histrionic extrovert (constant need for validation or attention) and so is constantly making herself known to you, however silly it may be.

Women (and Beta males) are social chameleons - they adapt their personality to whatever the alpha wants them to do. They subliminally want the man to take control, she's determining how much shit you'll take. If you give in to her every request she'll think of you as weak and not deserving of being listened to. This is how women determine the strength of a particular social group.

If she is Eastern European - which is a lot more patriarchal than the West - then there is no surprise that she acts like this. She is craving the male Yang to her Yin.

Don't bother playing the game with her if you aren't interested in getting with her.

Women are like children, they need boundaries and a firm hand.

There is no such thing as equal relationships. There is one who is in control and one who is submissive - take your pick.

The easiest way to get through to a woman is eye contact. Women are pathetically sensitive to a concluded man. This "confidence" everyone speaks of is synonymous with authority. No one wants an authoritative woman.

OP, these kind of bitches need to be putted in place in front of everyone. all she does is behind your back. So she tryna make it lowkey.

She don't want to be caught.

So you can pretend and be like you're "out of control" and just explode in front of everyone and yelling ( not too much ) all the little things she does behind your back.

I've personnaly pushed the shit a lil more further when I did this and I invented some shit she didnt told about others ppl in the company. And they were mad at her too after that.

Or you can just call the superior in front of her , and you ask this superior if you can see him 5 minutes, and the instant you leave your chair you throw her your darkest stare ( but just a few second so that nobody notice) .

I promise she'll freak out .

Then you just expose the situation to your manage/Superior and you just tell em that you can't work in this kind on environment...

Before I can elaborate a good answer I need some specifics, from where in E.Europe is she originally from?

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Today she was fairly friendly.

I was reading articles online and she matches all the symptoms of a narcissist. So I tried to give her more attention so she leaves me alone and it seemed to work.

To avod work related problems make sure all her request are from the company e-mail service.
No Phone or text nor verbal request only mail.

Saving eurangatang for future use

All you need to do is act alpha.. meaning you have to be visibly getting along with other hot bitches (preferably ones you're fucking) getting along really well with other "high power" individuals, not getting upset when she tries to start shit with you and be generally "nice" to her, but in a way that you kind of don't acknowledge her existence in a way. Eastern European chicks are tapped in the head but their craziness can be kind of fun too

Holy shit man
She is flirting hard, she wants to be punished for her bad behaviour
Oh you are such a pathetic man, well just inexperienced, but still haha its just shes making it so obvious Im surprised no one mentioned it yet.
A chick is harassing you psychologically? Lol, its pathetic as fuck for a man to say that (even for me as a bisexual crossdresser)
You are dealing with the situation in a wrong way, I cannot blame you it is easier to act the way you do, but Id rather comfort her when she comes angry, then she will become soft too and you guys can have a great time just stop being a pussy

Also. If she thinks she can control you she'll just become an even more insufferable cunt, because that's what eastern European chicks do :)

gib ihr oder lass es einfach OP

>I tried to give her more attention so she leaves me alone and it seemed to work.
You're playing her game buddy, and when the ball's in her court it's a slippery slope. Consider ignoring her and letting her boil by herself, if she gets too riled up you're allowed to show her contempt, just a disliking of her, "ask" her (you're not really asking it's a demand put forward in a professional manner) not to address you anymore over non-work related issues. If she continues remind her one more time that you asked her, and if she disregards that second warning you go over to your supervisor/superior, also make sure Tom is there so that he's witness to you requesting that of her, and be professional with your attitude and choice of words while still being firm and serious no matter how lightly or jokingly she takes you, and be short, request and move on if you're being walked all over, don't argue with her or repeat yourself further. The one who wins in this situation is the person who managed to contain their feelings and remain professional no matter how absurd the situation or behaviors of the people are, it's kinda like you disembody yourself from your actual being because at that point you're no longer following normal social interaction patterns you're now channeling the "work environment and ethics" psuedo personality, and that is important so that when HR and corporate get involved you'll be the nigga on top. Good luck

t. Guy who worked in an office for a year and a half and had to put up with a bunch of poopsters

Oh silly me I forgot the most important part, you warn her the first time, and if she ignores that then a second time, past the second time you go to HR and tell them you've been clear with her. This is why it's important to not give her some sort of "private talk", you tell her off at the table you all work at in the middle of work when no customers are around, and try having Tom there, he'll be helpful later on when you go to HR, you're basically building yourself a case with a proper alibi in the work environment.

Narcissism sounds right. She's been punishing you for not putting her on enough of a piedestal.

Not sure how to solve it though.

Close enough to where I live, a lot of these females come from poor countries like the one you just said because they're tired of being put in place everywhere they go, in E.Europe especially no man will put up with her yelling and bickering, so she read somewhere that W. Europe is different in terms of behavior, so that's why she is testing the limits, put your foot down, embarrass her in front of some people and she will stop, most of these women come from milking the cows in the open with a hole in the ground for her to piss in and all of a sudden they act out when they leave their country.

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Don't know how to embarrass her. She always just repeats the same retarded point and pretends like she's right.

if you and time both go to HR then they have to take notice and it counts as harassment.

also you should be recording shit on your phone as well just to back you up.

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Quit asap. Narcs are your worst nightmare go check out one of the many subreddits about it on Reddit, I had some terrible experiences with one and it really fucked me up psychologically, Narcs are very good at turning people against you (usually by telling them really believable lies) if you're not good at confrontation then you are fucked