My boyfriend has a weird fetish...

My boyfriend has a weird fetish. He essentially gets off to the idea of being transformed into a girl or switching bodies with a girl. I'm a very open person. The only part that has me thinking is that part of his fantasy is getting fucked by a guy? He says usually just the idea of being in a girls body is enough fine but sometimes he thinks about seducing men. But lesbian stuff is also occasionally part of it. Is this gay?? He's very very masculine. Physically and in how he behaves. He isn't interested in anal, giving or receiving, and he only wants to be dominate when we fuck. And he says he isn't attracted to men nor does he want to fuck one. Can some of y'all give your input? Especially people with transformation fetishes.

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Maybe he likes women so much that men turn him off so much that he gets turned off by himself so he has to look like a woman...

Cross dressing is a relatively popular kink and the majority of cross dressers are straight.
I used to trap whore myself on /b/ years ago and got off on the idea that I could get "straight" men to be aroused by my body.
I would never/have never wanted to have sex with a man, or even the thought of curiosity of it pop in my mind.

Its not even cross dressing tho. He gets off on the idea of being fucked by a penis in his new vagina... That seems big gay.

Yeah that's 100% part of it.

Pls bump

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It's a fantasy. Not something he wants to act out.
Women have rape fantasies but don't want to actually be raped

Look up autogynephilia.

Yeah that's totally fair. I don't think he'd actually want to be with a guy or anything. It's just hard for me to understand how a guy could be straight but like the idea of getting fucked by a guy. I want to understand but he's kinda ashamed of it so he doesn't talk about it.

It's probably not even the being a girl part that he likes, but just being found attractive by strangers, getting unwarranted attention and just being spoiled in general.
More of a narcissism cope than a fetish.

Straight girl here with loads of same-sex fantasies for whatever reason. Humans are complex. The important part is it doesn't mean he's not attracted to you.

Is sounds like a domination kink he has.
He probably wants to be a sub every once in a while.
Dressing up like a girl and being fucked by a dude ,to him, is probably the ultimate act of submission.

Definitely a little gay - with that being said is it really that big of a deal?

>It's just hard for me to understand how a guy could be straight but like the idea of getting fucked by a guy. I want to understand but he's kinda ashamed of it so he doesn't talk about it.
He's probably just bi-curious, but with how our society perceives men and gay sex even just being bi is generally a turn off for women.

I mean, 2 girls making out and girls having sex really is viewed as not really that big of a deal. 2 dudes? Or even a dude and a trap? Most women wouldn't date someone with that notch on their belt.

It's a double standard, which is probably why its shameful for him to admit.

Sexuality is complicated. Do you feel like he would be someone who would be ashamed of being gay? How does he feel about homosexuality or transgendered people in general? He COULD be hiding some bisexual tendencies, but maybe he really does just have a weird fetish that's not related to being gay or transgendered.

I'm similar and I'm straight as an iron bar bit.
Don't read too much into it. Just think of it as "he's so straight if he were born a girl he'd fuck dudes".

This is it. This is exactly what it is. His biggest turn on is just being and the act of transforming to a girl. But like magically. Not through hormones.

What source did you look it up from? Be warned that some people are extremely allergic to the idea that such a fetish even exists. There are always 8000 threads on /lgbt/ about it, that's an open-minded place to start.

It's not dressing up its literally being one. If it was about dressing up I'd know it was gay.

He was raised very conservative but now has gay and trans pals so he'd def be ashamed even tho i don't think he's homophobic.

Whats your kink?? I want to talk to more people like this.

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Also download and read "Men Trapped in Men's Bodies" by Anne Lawrence.

>Whats your kink?? I want to talk to more people like this.
I'm really into foot play (her sucking mine) and strap on torture.

He's probably just bisexual.

Are you OK with exploring his fetish/sexuality? Maybe a MFM bi threesome?

Stop fucking dating people like this. Don't reward this. There are plenty of single normal-ass people out there you could get with. But no, you gotta go with the fucking freak.

I'm Seriously, I'm a straight girl and I can relate to him. I have these, uh, fantastical fantasies (yes, in the sense of magical) that often involve other women. I can tell you it's not so much about the people they involve as it is about the act and the rush of emotion behind it. Imagining himself in another body probably just sort of focuses his attention on physical sensuality. The fact he doesn't want to take hormones shows he probably isn't transgender and it's probably not based in reality.

I would hate if someone questioned whether I really like men due to my fantasies. As other anons are saying, sexuality is complicated. We get turned on by strange things for strange reasons. Please don't add to his shame or worry that you'll leave him over this.

>I want to talk to more people like this.
If he's handsome and socially competent we might be a bit more dissimilar than I first assumed.
I've had a really rough time dating because I'm quiet, shy, submissive; which is to say I'm not the finest specimen of traditional masculinity, sufficiently so that I'm still a virgin at 27. The aforementioned traits are maligned in men, but considered desirable- or at least not abhorred in women. Imagining myself as a girl is an easy way to imagine a finer and much more socially successful version of myself.

>Imagining myself as a girl is an easy way to imagine a finer and much more socially successful version of myself.
Oh yeah
I know this affective state. Except being alone on Friday nights and having few friends is pure hell for the socially successful female image I've assembled in my mind.

There's also components of things like fashion:
Women get to put on makeup and try on different outfits, colors, and hairstyles; guys have to make do with boring suits and short haircuts to be considered attractive.
I'm also jealous of the supposedly better (and multiple) orgasms that women can have. Jerking off feels alright, but they're very homogenous, a one-off event, and not very intense at the best of times.

Point is, I have a personality and tastes that I would have been better off being born a women with. The actual idea of sex between a man and woman doesn't even come into my thought processes here.
Also it's be really nice to be pursued and feel desirable for once in my life.

I don't have a transformation fetish, but as a heterosexual male here are my ideas:

Maybe he wants to have control over the way a woman fucks him and he shows it by fantasizing about being the woman? I mean, how much more control over it could he have than that?

If he tends to be dominant it could be that he's curious about how the other person feels like (being submissive), and finds women naturally submissive, hence the fantasies.

As for the 'seducing men' part, maybe he likes women who are somewhat slutty/naughty? It drives him crazy when a women tease him like that?

I'd say the average male can't even think of making women go crazy about them, but the average female sure can make men go crazy about her, and that's the kind of control he wants to have, perhaps?