Hey, Jow Forums. I'm gonna save y'all some time and just ask my question rather than give a green text

Hey, Jow Forums. I'm gonna save y'all some time and just ask my question rather than give a green text.

Girlfriend of about a year an a half (who I had been after for like 7 years prior) pretty much told me that she had slept with more guys than she previously said she had.

>But women always lie about that.

Well, yes. We both acknowledged this, so I asked her to be forthright. In our conversation where I asked her number, she said she had sex with 15 guys. Meanwhile I have only fucked 8 girls. That's fine. I really don't mind the discrepancy. I've been in two 4 year long back to back relationships, and she has a pussy, so it made sense that she had more.

Thing is my reaction was to totally cringe at the fact that her number suddenly elevated by 5.

Then she'd spout the typical slut apologist rhetoric:

>But I'm still the same person!
>Who cares! It's just a couple more!
>A number doesn't mean anything.

Seriously, it was totally trite.

I'm genuinely not bothered by the number, but by the lie. Should I just start doing things on the side and not hang out with her for a while to kinda send the message home that she fucked up?

Not dumping her, bitch has a $60k per year job, doesn't want to give me HPV like the one before her, use me for my apartment or for car rides, so I think she's a keeper.

But how do I keep this bitch in line without challenging her into a sex war none of us wants?

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>all women are whores
>break up with her
There, I just summed up what the rest of the thread will be like

maybe lead with the fact that its insulting she lied to you. if she genuinely doesnt care that she lied or is too full of slut pride koolaid you should consider dumping her just because those problems never manifest in isolation.

Yeah, I'm trying to circumvent the usual replies.

I'm not breaking up with her and she is totally kind of a slut. I just want a good way to keep a bitch in line without her considering pulling out the vaginal h bomb.

I did. She just got angry and made it about herself.

>That's why women lie. To avoid shit like this.

I managed to use the situation to my advantage and essentially confessed that I banged a couple of women two months into the relationship. It thankfully went through without causing any notable ripple.

I also tried explaining to her my rule about not dating any girl who's been fucked by more than 15 guys (because not only is fucking more than 15 a red flag, it's a red flag fucking DOMINO EFFECT).

I even have math to back up why 15 is the perfect number to have in our mid twenties.

I love how you call her a bitch like 7 times in only two posts and you think she's a keeper purely because if financial reasons so whatever loveless relationship happens between the two of you is exactly what you deserve.

>I banged a couple of women two months into the relationship
Oh whoops. Tell us more about how she's the slut bitch and you're the victim here

Hey user, so you should break up with her not because she’s bad for you but because you’re bad for her.

It’s very obvious that you’re the bad guy here. Maybe next time don’t admit it.

>mathematically derived standards for behavior
sorry OP you have more problems than a norwegian candlemaking forum can fix

t. Female

Also, not just financial reasons. As I've said, she doesn't want to ruin my life with every action breath she takes, which is a GODSEND if you've ever dated in your mid twenties.

Ehh. There's a grace period in relationships. You're a total cunt if you're still doing that after three months.

Well, I'm not fighting that I'm a bad guy, but I decided to not be that kind of bad to her.

How do I do this without resorting to my former shitlord ways and fucking her friends to submit her?

Again, not what I wanna do, but she is kind of a cunt, but she is a cunt I love. This is my dilemma.

>Assuming a sexual debut occuring at 17.
>Most people average at least two relationships by 25.
>These relationships average maybe a year and a half.
>That leaves about 5 years of being single.
>Most non-problematic people average at about 2.5 lovers per year. You decide whether the top or bottom half.
>Plus the 2-3 people you chose to be monogamous with.
>That equals to around 15.

It isn't rocket science.

Nah man you don't love her one bit you're a piece of shit. You bless yourself with a grace period but get upset that she was with some guys years ago. You need a brain doctor not a circlejerk on Jow Forums.

Quit being a bitch and don't give a fuck about it.

Please break up with her, because she deserves better than the pathetic trash that you are.

Well say you appreciate her telling the truth and that your vision of her didn't changed.

Exactly this. OP needs help with not being retarded

t. Vaginas

Not breaking up with her. What? So some other asshole gets with her? Pleassseeee.

Nah, man. I love her. Bitch destroyed me years back. Beta orbited her for years afterward. Cheated on my gf (who was a friend of hers) with her constantly. Suddenly she wanted to be with me after I got single. Told her to go fuck herself. Kept her advances at bay for a year and now I'm with her. Everything has been great, but I don't know what to do about this one instance of shitty behavior, 'cause I usually ignore it or imply her friends wanna fuck with me and that's that.

But lying is a biggie. I might be over-blowing this, but slippery slope and what have you.

I really don't, but isn't this the type of behavior you punish in some way? I threw the rule book out with her. If she were anyone else, I'd ignore her, fuck some other bitches and call it a day, but I don't really want to Mongolian Horde some dumb tourists and even if I did, I'd just start some sex war I'd probably lose due to a lack of vagina on my part.

Well, in reality it really didn't, I just feel like it should be punished in some way. Am I wrong in this assumption?

Wow, OP and his girl are a tailored fit. Two pieces of shit human beings, bravo.

Are you going to call me a roastie next? Anyone who doesn't stroke your ego or agree with you is a feminazi? What a fucking sad NPC you are.

The only punishment here is her being in a relationship with you. You two idiots are perfect for one another. You two breaking up would mean there would be two vapid retards running around ruining other people's lives.

You sound like this behavior is alien to you and I fear you've never been part of a large group of friends.

Even Friends (the sitcom) pokes fun at this VERY typical occurrence.

Oof. Feminazi? I haven't heard someone actually use that word un-ironically since 2015.

I'd never dream of using played out buzzwords to insult anyone, since I'm thankfully not in my thirties.

But, in all seriousness, your vagina is showing so much, I feel almost compelled to throw a razor at it.

>I'd never dream of using played out buzzwords to insult anyone, since I'm thankfully not in my thirties.
The entire thread has been you calling people females and roasties and vaginas because you don't agree with them.


Also, never once said roastie. Like not even once. Ctrl + F right now, you stupid fuck.

Why do women put words in your mouth all the fucking time? Always make it about themselves. Now, where is that razor?

Just because a behavior is familiar to many people doesn’t make it right or justifiable by that alone.

Your behavior is hedonistic which is very easy to execute and in today’s world and can be practiced without moral qualms from the surroundings. It builds a shitty character, and you are aware that you are somewhat tempted to be a “shitlord” as you claim to usually be.

Yeah, which is why I know it's love. Because, for once, my relationship with her has given me a reason not to be, but not being a shitlord makes her comfortable enough to nag like a cunt and keep shit like the amount of guys she's fucked a secret.

Therefore, I must find a balance between a shitlord that will ruin her and the strawberry fruit cake that she's turned me into, to keep the bitch in line.

But all I have are PsyOp shitlord tactics I believe are too drastic, so that's why I'm here.

Okay so to recap so far you've called a female and a woman and a vagina and now a stupid fuck because you can't handle opinions other than your own and insulted me like a crying child at every post but hey whoops checkmate and you win because you didn't say roastie? Yeah man. You're a real winner. Call me a female vagina again since that's all you're good for.

>keep the bitch in line.
>I know it's love

Real love is calling your girl a bitch slut at every post you make on Jow Forums and asking incels for advice on how to punish her because of how insecure you are with your sexuality. Some real Disney fairy tale romance you got going on there congrats.

All you've done is repeat yourself. Masterful trolling, there. Go to sleep.

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To me it sounds like the type you attract will need that discipline and babying as long as you are together, your 7+ year-long history shows that. She sounds like a basic woman wreck. As much as you are a shitlord, you are a man and therefore more likely to be the more stable and wise of the two. Then try to be firm without fucking her friends or random tourists?

>you are a man and therefore more likely to be the more stable and wise of the two.
Asking Jow Forums for relationship revenge advice is the most wise and stable thing there is.

Dude, you're arguing really minute details. However, if that's all you pay attention to. I'll try to jive with your ass as best as I can.

Bitches are bitches. My bitch is a bitch, regardless of whether she is my bitch or not. I'm not threatened by my bitch being a ho, because I already knew she was a ho, but I didn't think she'd be a lying ho. Can you dig it?

Therefore, how do I deter her bad behavior from turning her from a lying ho, to a power playing ho to a cheating ho?

On the other hand, Disney romances are gay as fuck, who the fuck wants to finger some comatose bitch, fuck a fish, hang out with a furry or be friends with manlets?

Are you having a fuckin stroke why are you talking like a 1970s blacksploitation character out of nowhere

The only one who did any cheating or talked about any further cheating was you.

Go live in a fantasy world some more. What advice do you think fits here?

>lol break up you dysfunctionals

They are both idiots with heaps of mistakes on their resume, and both of their behaviors point on a less than ideal relationship. She is a child in a woman’s body, she needs constant discipline, since it was not ingrained in her obviously in childhood. OP may be shitty, but he is aware of his behavior at least in the slightest.

Fuck you man

>she needs constant discipline, since it was not ingrained in her obviously in childhood.
The fuck are you talking about

>she said she had sex with 15 guys
>so I think she's a keeper


What the fuck else is there? All my friends are too busy in Med School.

>But you see, I'm all bark and no bite
>Yet women are creatures that run on nothing but emotion and spite
>They only understand that might makes right
>That's why I speak like I'm straight out of Black Dynamite

And I am willing to put aside said shittiness, but her lying is making me think I should take a page from ye ol' Fecal Monarch tactics.


GO FAAAHCK YO MATHA. jjajjaajjajajajajaja

No, actually... Hm. He's right. Her mother only controlled her via guilt, not actual discipline. This fucker's right.

A little bit of mileage hurts no one and, to be honest, 15 isn't that big of a deal at 25. Most girls have been with half the country by then.

30 years old and saying shit like this on Jow Forums. Congrats on your amazing life my man. Congrats to you and your slut bitch girlfriend that you're unable to trust or love.

This is a bot, clearly. Right?

It's not that I can't trust her, it's that I need to discipline her because she has a vagina, but everything I come up with it too drastic.

And you're 30? Holy fuck, dude. The "You are here forever" thing is really true, huh?

Didn't you say you were in your thirties? Mid 20s? We can't keep track of all your bullshit.
>that I need to discipline her because she has a vagina

You doing discipline that you've been talking about for 3 hours now isn't going to change your insecurity with your sexuality.

FFS dude.

Is lying not a big deal to you? This has nothing to do with my sexuality.

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You cheated on her with two girls right? You never told her about that until she brought up that it was 20 guys instead of 15. So whoops

And no it doesn't matter if it's lying about shit that happened before the relationship. It may as well not exist. You're obviously very upset by it since you're still posting about it now and it'll always be in the back of your mind no matter what you do to her.

Not upset, more that I feel like I'm letting her get away with shit I shouldn't be due to my feelings. Decided maybe to be a shitlord. Decided that would be drastic. Came here to get a second opinion.

Yeah, we got together in dire circumstances. Like, storm fucked us up where we live and we essentially lived in a totally wrecked shithole for three months plus. I'm talking no electricity, no water, no nothing.

I decided to let bygones be bygones and get my head out of my ass and help her out and be with her. Literally women offered sex in exchange for a night with air conditioning (I had a generator). One of the girls was a mistake for reasons (no penis in vagina, though) and the other was a goodbye fuck to a fuck buddy I had prior to the storm. She just showed up one day and wanted electricity. I was weak, but their attitude made me realize women in general are reptilian creatures willing to ruin your life for absolutely no reason. So, I decided to stick to the one that didn't particularly want to go out of her way to destroy me. Hence why I'm with my gf now.

You're insecure as hell, pretty sure you have a small dick. You're a shitty person but she likes you (for some reason), might be codependent. Your need to "control" her comes from the fear of someone being able to offer the same or more than what you provide right now. Since you're average at best and offer nothing worthy to her life, any guy could represent a threat. Your stupidness doesn't let you see the big picture and instead on improving yourself and your relationships, you blame something else and try to control something that's literally out of your hands.

Pray that she doesn't realize any of this shit soon, because once she finds you offer nothing besides some occasional sex, she'll leave you in a matter of days.

I'm pretty good on the dick front. It's more of a curse than anything. 7/10 looks wise.

I don't want to control her, just kick her ass emotionally so she doesn't think lying is okay, 'cause that is not cool.

And of course any guy can give her most of what I have. Atm I'm flat broke because I'm trying to set up a business. All I can give her are a fuckton of orgasms and cuddles. That's all I'm really good for.

Am I really wrong for thinking her rationalizing lying to me for such a dumb reason and in such a dumb way is okay?