So someone I know got arrested for some heinous shit but hasn’t a trial yet...

So someone I know got arrested for some heinous shit but hasn’t a trial yet. His wife told me he’s planning on dippin the country as soon as his bond is paid and he’s released. How should I notify the police that he’s planning this? I’ve never been involved with police or anything before, and the wife hasn’t told anyone else but me.

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Dont be a rat and just generally bad person
Show some empathy

I’m gonna be a rat. This dude fucked his daughter. He deserves it.

Did you get a text? Did you get an e-mail? Literally anything should be incentive enough especially in a case like this.

You can also claim to be a friend and if you can substantiate that claim viably, you could also probably get things moving.

That word does not mean what you think it means

t. OP’s friend

Then why is his wife defending him? Women have no tolerance for such things.

No she told me in person. I just wouldn’t know who to contact? Police? FBI? Tip Line? Idk where to even go.

I’m actually coworkers with the wife so saying I’m a “friend” wouldn’t even really be a stretch.

>My husband would never do that!
Because she's naive and ignorant

You can just go to the police department and go on record that the dudes wife told you he plans on jumping bail and they'll tell the judge and he/she will take it from there.

I’m like 99% sure the wife is involved too (which is also why I want to tip the police). She shown no empathy at all to her daughter and is claiming she’s lying. She’s even scared the daughter so much the daughter won’t testify in court.

Thanks I’ll probably end up doing this. This whole thing is just intimidating as fuck, but I guess if I don’t who knows what’ll happen.

If you're not comfortable with the wife knowing you're the snitch tell the cops that and see what they say.

Eh I’m not really that uncomfortable with it. The wife is dumber than a box of rocks, and I’m pretty sure she forgot she even told me. But just in case I definitely will mention this to the police.

They'll probably end up asking the wife if and why she said he's planning on fleeing to determine how serious they should take it.
Whats the guys bond do u know? Or the charges?

are they Hispanic?

The bond is fuckin $800,000. The thing is he can pay it. I’ve been following the case pretty closely, the state I live in posts all the charges and court documents online. He was charged with: (this is direct copy paste from the court documents): FORCIBLE ORAL SODOMY, SEXUAL ABUSE OF A CHILD, ASSAULT WITH INTENT TO COMMIT A FELONY, TELE, USING ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT IN A CLANDESTINE MANNER, CRIME OF MANUFACTURING CHILD PORNOGRAPHY, POSSESSION OF OBSCENE MATERIAL INVOLVING THE PARTICIPATION OF A MINOR UNDER THE AGE OF EIGHTEEN.

Nah. White guy, asian wife.

Jesus christ you should tell the cops everything the wife blabs about regarding this case

Start with tip line and go upward, talk to cops.
I don't think they can exactly come and burn your house down for a mistaken call to law enforcement

I plan on it. I’m currently writing everything down that the wife has told me so I don’t miss anything when I go to speak to the police.

Should I still talk to a tip line after I speak to the police? Or before? Or does that even matter?

Dont even bother with the tip line if you dont mind talking to cops directly.

Wife probably in denial, knew the hubby was fucking their daughter and can't even face reality about it. That shit is all too real.

20 year veteran criminal defense lawyer here. It is possible to flee. Nearly all who skip bond lack the resolve to stay free. It’s just too mentally hard to avoid friends, family, accounts, habits, computers, biometrics, employment qualifications... Your pervert friend will almost certainly be captured and, having skipped bond once, will likely not be free for many years.

Wait I’m confused. Are you saying I shouldn’t say anything and let things ride out?

You likely have no knowledge of future events, despite what you may have heard. You potentially place yourself in danger by inserting yourself into this situation. Probably prudent to mind your own business.

Because she’s obviously in denial. It happens all the time, women let their husbands rape their kids because it’s so crazy to them that they can’t believe it, so they will flat out deny any evidence even if it’s right in their face.