Have any of you ever found your purpose in this world? or it is a myth?

Have any of you ever found your purpose in this world? or it is a myth?

How can I find a purpose of keep waking up in the morning?

I have a job, the best gf but I feel like shit all the time. I can't find any sense of keep doing this shit. Redpill me pls

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If you don't find a purpose you'll still wake up in the morning so just relax and hang in there. Maybe dump the gf she sounds annoying.
To answer your question though yeah I found a purpose.

the pursuit of power, knowledge and freedom sustains me

>Good job, gf, still no purpose
Is there really no hope for the /purposeless/ ??
I hoped this girl would give me one. Laybe it s for the best I didnt get her

I think the great thing about life is that it has no purpose. Life is what you make of it.

Also, who dat?

animals have no purpose, they just search for food, fuck and rest
be like animals

My wife has cerebral palsy and she gives my life meaning. She can do most things by herself but it's the little things that I help her do to make it a bit easier for her that make life worth living.

I found my purpose when I was 25. When I found it, I realized I was following it my whole life and didn't realize it. To discover it you just need to think really hard. I spend 3 months alone in Ukraine with nothing but my thoughts.

Mine was the opposite I realized my purpose without looking for it.

Animals have no brain lik e we do. To be like them youd need to have a lobotomy

These are the words of a man who hasn't found his purpose

His purpose was to become a tripfag alright jag-off

Is she good in bed?

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that's just your preconceived view of the world as a thinking human. lots of monks practice it and they're about the happiest/calmest people

She's pretty good. She doesn't do handjobs or anal and is generally vanilla but we have great chemistry in bed.

Monks meditate about 6 hours a day

yes and?
look i'm just saying you shouldn't think too much about this purpose shit, just live life how you see it

Top kek

Of course animals have brains like we do. Sometimes they even get depressed and kill themselves too.

>Have any of you ever found your purpose in this world? or it is a myth?
It's not quite a myth. A lot of people find something they can dedicate themselves to and extract existential satisfaction from.
But I'm pretty sure they all have some measure of doubt and insecurity, and that it inevitably feels somewhat artificial if they look deep into it.

That being said it's still the best thing you can have. So go ahead and look for it. This quest itself will validate your life.

It seems that the domestic life in this modern society is not doing it for you. Don't feel bad about this ! it's normal. We were not designed to live like this.
Just give it up and look somewhere else.

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You can feel the pain of the world user,you can feel that you are rotating in loop into nothingness,break the cycle create something or do something creative

>The pros
I'm actively working towards becoming a fire fighter

In a year I'll have my A.S. in fire technology (only doing school half time) and will be done with EMT and the 6 month fire academy a year after my A.S.

Extremely athletic, don't drink, very very healthy.

I look the best I have ever looked and get smiles from a lot of women

>The cons
I'm 36 - a lot of my friends hate their jobs but they have houses or families (though, I guess I have freedom)

Studied computer science for about 2.5 years before switching to fire tech - did construction for about 10 years so I am restarting my career and slowly but surely losing a lot of the skills I had.

Constantly broke since becoming a full time student - don't feel I am in any place financially to have a relationship

Since I don't drink and I don't have a lot of money I spend my time mostly trying to focus on myself and don't date or go out with old friends anymore

For me, the purpose in life is to be happy, you only get to live once and life is short so you have to enjoy it doing the things you want

>Have any of you ever found your purpose in this world?
Every time I turn on the engines of a Cessna 172

My purpose is to solve problems for people, so I became a lawyer and work as a public servant at court. I love my job because it's the best way I can think of taking my purpose to practice.
Maybe you have a good job but it isn't making you happy because you find no meaning in it.
First you need to silence your mind and understand who you are. Then, given your essence - who you are -, you can know your nature - how your essence act -.
Then, you will find purpose and be happy with yourself.
Remember that mature and happy man work humbly for a good cause that doesn't feed his ego as a main goal. Having money, material beings and a shiny suit won't make you happy.

>My purpose is to solve problems for people, so I became a lawyer
You're going to create more problems cunt. The fucking sharks wont eat you out of professional courtesy

It’s not usually a purpose like eat more green beans than any other human. It’s usually not a purpose like be at the corner of 4th and Main at 3:53pm on August 12, 2023 so a bird can shit on your head instead of the future Governor of Ohio. But there is purpose in being each day who you truly are. Figure out which kid you were in 5th grade and that’s a fair start. I was the kid who all the other kids came to for help because they didn’t understand and were too shy to ask the teacher. I would always help them. Now I’m a lawyer for people who can’t figure out the system and I help them. It’s seriously just like who I was in 5th grade. Take a look at yourself and your life in those terms and it might help.

I have the capacity to put down the sharks (i.e. Banks) and they have to respect our verdicts. And even when they have offered to unite their shoal for more money, is really satisfactory to let them down and be one with a higher purpose. I don't see how is that creating more problems.

You sound obsessed with 5th grade pussy

You're having an existential crisis.
There's books you can read about it.

Read this book

and remember that you don't expect nothing from life, but just do what life expects you to do (ie be open minded and meaning will find you)

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Purpose is a myth, but there's nothing inherently wrong with indulging in mythology. Find the myth that works best for you, and don't be afraid to find a new one when you need to.

There is no purpose in life. It’s like that Metallica song, To Live Is To Die…