Mfw my mom found some lingerie in my car after finding a buttplug in my room and I guess finally had the courage to ask...

>mfw my mom found some lingerie in my car after finding a buttplug in my room and I guess finally had the courage to ask if I was crossdressing
>lie my ass off about a freaky girl I’m seeing that’s into weird fetishes, going off a preestablished lie I made back when she found the buttplug, deftly change subject into how the vast majority of girls these days are degenerate sluts, give her stats on how many girls watch porn now etc
>she says she believes me firmly a number of times, she isn’t the type to lie especially about something of this nature, I think if she really didn’t believe me she’d really press me much harder and further about it, but I also think it’s partially because she’s in denial/doesn’t want to believe it at all, given that my brother thought he was gay a few years ago
>she’s pretty “based and redpilled” because of my older brother who probably uses 8ch and is an avid peddler of Jow Forums memes he thinks no one else gets but him, on top of the fact she grew up pretty conservative and is pretty disgusted by transpeople especially transwomen
Anyone else know this feel or one similar to it? I’m in a situation where coming out in any way would do no one any good, only harm, not even me. I’m not even sure I’m actually bisexual or anything like that, I’m probably just addicted to porn. But now I’ll always have this anxiety that my mother suspects i’m a fucking crossdresser, she’ll probably resolve that I’m telling the truth in her mind within a few days and never think about it again unless, god forbid, she finds something else, which will never ever happen as long as I live. Sorry for the blog post but I’m pretty shook. I desperately need to kick this porn addiction.

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Boring bait

This is scary. Do you attribute your fetish to some sort of rebellious behavior against your mother’s conservative views?

Omg you did a thing I need to control you or you are banished from society.

If I got to do that to everyone I hated Hitler would look like a kid who fired a slingshot at the teachers once.

it’s not bait at all this just happened to me. sorry real life is so boring for you
no not at all I share a lot of her views in some things, I literally unironically attribute it to a debilitating chronic poem addiction I’ve had since I was 11 years old or younger for a lot of reasons. other smaller reasons too but this is probably the biggest reason
unironically what did you mean by this post. i didn’t understand a word of it

Omg I ate pizza and chicken wings. You are only supposed to eat pizza. Only girls can eat chicken wings. Does I am die?

I think men are disgusting and I have worn a thong and fucked a dildo while jerking off. You literally hack the universe and get all the pleasure you'd get from getting hpv from some gross cunt in the privacy of your own room. Id usually have some hot bitch masturbating on chaturbate in the background for added effect.

If its that big of a deal stop masturbating. If you can't control it you might become an actual loser fag. Otherwise just enjoy all the pleasure in the world without having to kiss any obnoxious whores ass. Freedom rules! Hail Satan! Got a little horny reliving this. I'm done masturbating though I'm evolving. I'm creating something better than sex that has nothing to do with Bill O Reilly , Chingy, or Annoying Bitch.

porn not poem. wish I was addicted to poetry

Man, you have to cut porn out. It is harmful and you just have to cut it at once to recover, really nothing else to it. Maybe you can find some support group.

are you fucking schizophrenic or schizotypal personality or what

Authoritarianism: wow. You are listening to metal music in your room. You are having fun without my permission. Metal music is banned.

Authoritarianism: Wow you did a sex with somebody and harmed nobody, so I get to control you.

Are you that dense? I'm saying anybody who shames somebody for some irrelevant shit is a fucking psychopath, and that if you can cause people to be arrested or killed or banished from a family because they stuck an object up their ass, I can kill you because manbuns are retarded. Maybe you didnt get the analogy because you are a dumb fuck American who doesn't realize there was a world before Obama, and people still get killed for being gay in some places.

Hey look I can play that game too.

Are you an annoying faggot who seeks ego boosts on Chan's ? Do you have low self esteem? Does using a buzzword in place of an argument help you forget the fact that you can't form an actual counter argument? Does the fact that I can see through your "subtle" attempt to social engineer me out of doing whatever I want with my life because you are jealous and don't have control of me? This is where you say "lol I literally don't care", yeah, that's why you posted. You don't care , and that's why you made a care post. You are fucking retarded.

Maybe it’s a language thing, but you sound just crazy. And don’t try the American argument with me, I never set foot on America.

Psst.. Obama isn’t president for quite a while now.

i did call anonymous support groups and they directed me to a sex addicts anonymous near me at a church ironically but I’ve been too lazy and truthfully too cowardly to just go. i’m probably gonna be the only one there with a situation like mine and I feel shameful enough talking to a therapist about it. it wasn’t as bad when I was just addicted to watching videos of women having sex... jesus christ and that wasn’t even that long ago (I’m 20 now, the autogynephilia if that’s what it really is began last year sometime or slightly earlier) but talking about this? how in the fuck. most people won’t even understand how detrimental and destructive porn is and they’ll just think i’m a closeted faggot. maybe I am but I’ve never done anything even remotely gay until very recently when my porn addiction got severely worse after my second to last breakup with this girl. fuck I’m lost

Does the fact that I can see through your shit make you burn inside? You can say five words and I know every single thing about you. This is because I rule the entire universe and you are a pile of shit.

What a weak trolling attempt I just knocked you the fuck out with my words and you spent your entire being , literally formed entire societies just to stop me and failed. Kill yourself

im not retarded at all actually, but it’s very likely you have brain damage or are projecting your own low functioning autism on me. i would form a “counter argument” if I could even parse what you were saying or understood the point you’re trying to make besides the fact that you feel threatened by my rejection of my porn induced autogynephilia, probably because you’re at a much more advanced stage of it than I am and are likely an unironic tranny. anyway please stop shitting this thread with your schizoid posts, I won’t be replying to you again

Schizotypal personalities and schizophrenia are not buzzwords/phrases you brainlet degenerate tranny. You type like a nutcase and you should seek help

Calling somebody crazy implies that you are not content with what they are doing but have no explanation for why. This is because what they are doing has no legitimate effect on anyones but their own life. When you see a new game , new art, a new hairstyle, you throw a tantrum. Other people are free and enjoy their life and you sit in your chair attempting to use the force or something to make everyone do your bidding. Yet im the delusional one. You throw tantrums over me experiencing freedom, yet I need therapy. Kill yourself.

You will never be a woman and you will die alone and forgotten. OP will save himself from the future you have chosen. Kek

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lol well aren’t you a passionate one, taking things to heart on the internet.

Inb4 another crazy rant using poorly constructed sentences

"Everyone who doesn't do what I tel them to do is brain damaged."

Again , it will never work and I'll fuckint bitch slap you some more. You literally suggested that because I live my life the way I want to, not the way you want , I am brain damaged.

If you don't come here and clean my room you are dumb!

You have a serious personality disorder where you could be the biggest dick on Earth, everyone avoids you, then when you are crying in your room you are like wqqaaah they are evil! No, you have a criminal brain and this can not be disrupted. Anyone attempting in any way to manipulate somebody into going against their own will and instead submitting their will to them is a fucking psychopath. They are also pathetic for relying on others rather than doing things on their own. You need control of me that bad to be content despite me never interfering with your life?

You brushing this off as "weird" or mentally ill is a defense mechanism because you haven't encountered a superior being like me before. You are used to retards who say dude bro lit af. Faggot fucks who follow the script for everything. I broke the script. Im free as fuck and you are a jealous bitch hahahahqhahahahqhqhq

Try again. You will never win. I do what I want . Aw does that burn?

A term made up by a pharmaceutical company to simplify a complex issue means nothing. Insulting terms like those are created by control freaks to label people they cant control "a threat to society". I am a threat to society. I hate your society and prefer mine. In my society, people like you are referred to as douchebag faggots. Do you know what that means? It's an official term. From the official association of real things.

A man's wife dies. he is sad. A retarded faggot calls him depressed. Like there is aids in his brain. No, the reaction to losing something is sadness. A lazy fuck jew doctor trying to sell pills will label a person having a normal reaction to the circumstances as mentally diseased because he wants money and he has no true underatanding of human psychology to realize that gasp, people become sad when they lose things.

Never forget the fact that nobody fucking cares that they aren't accepted in your slave world. You can invent a trillion words for why I am wrong for not letting you control my life. It will never change the fact that you don't control me.

"I have no argument, so im gonna use a defense mechanism and announce that I don't need to have an argument"

You dont control me and never will and jt makes you burn hqhahahahahahahqga

Why would I need permission from somebody who can't create their own reality to be content with my life? It will never work in any circumstance. Your world is shit and I transcended it, I'm just getting rid of you now. There is nothint you can do about it. You are literally a robot and have five possible responses to everything you encounter. Meanwhile I create my reality at will. I wouldn't expect anything else from a socially retarded autist who clients onto other people's jokes to feel "part of something"

You will commit suicide and nobody will care because you are completely reliant on others validation to survive. Pathetic.

Based paranoids schizophrenic tranny with unwarranted self importance and delusions of grandeur

It's hard to tell who everyone is in this thread. Who keeps rambling is that op or the other guy?

no im OP. Other guy is unironically schizo

Bump for more schizo and tranny fighting