How come autistic girls can find a partner so easily while autistic men cant?

How come autistic girls can find a partner so easily while autistic men cant?

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Because autistic women are (physically) desirable in a way autistic men aren't

Power dynamics. Replace autistic with ugly, and it's the same thing.

There's a chart floating around that might just be a meme, but basically shows that women find men less attractive on average than men find women (the bell curve is shifted for men's attractiveness to women).

Just study people, learn how to act less autistic, if it doesn't come naturally. Relax yourself, make lighthearted, "safe" remarks, and you're halfway there.

Because women have vaginas

because autistic men are more prone to violence while females arent.

Why are you lying?

Plenty of autistic women post on here about not being able to get guys to look their way, or about never being able to find a guy who isn't just trying to do a pump and dump.

People just tell them to not get fat, to not be such sluts, or that they're not real.

where do I find women like that? I am really looking to commit

It's not that autistic women have it easier although they very well might because the initial courtship process still lies in the hands of men. But like most relationships and dating, they're inherently shallow and based largely on looks. A good looking autistic person, man or woman, will get more interest than their less attractive peers initially, possibly even more so than "normies".

Also forgot to add: most people wanna date good looking people, despite how they themselves look.

>Their fertility and willingness to sacrifice is inversely proportional to the usefulness of the men they end up with. Men who are otherwise stagnant and dumb learn how to press the right buttons, and having those buttons pushed is both sufficient and necessary for women.
They care about how they feel, and how attractive the guy is. That's fine, it makes sense, but they don't look for the nuances in things like "this guy reminds me of all the assholes I've been with or felt attraction for, maybe I should stay away" or "I could grow to feel strongly about someone who actually wants to be with me in a meaningful way if I took the time to appreciate his good qualities". But people in general don't like hearing this, to them it's like saying "lower your standards". Countries in the East look down on the West and it's obsession with the idea of "romance" because they think it's insane to put such strong stock in feelings of attraction. They kind of have a point, when you think about it.

>where do I find women like that? I am really looking to commit

For one, my girlfriend's mom's house. She's probably playing PS4 or some shit right now.

Sweet girl. You'll never meet her because she think she'll never find anyone and has given up and figured she'll just become a cat lady.

Another I know of is living with her family taking care of them.

Another I know of is basically broken because the one time she finally opened up to someone, she was too scared to do anything about it, and he eventually committed suicide, and she's the one that found him, and now she's basically broken and trying to put together the pieces again.

Anyway, look man, it takes more than just a warm body and a pulse to make a relationship work. Work on your own shit before you go looking to stirring up others, because there's only so much baggage a person can deal with at a time.

Because the average woman has a much higher SMV than the average man does.
8-10/10 males will often happily fuck women 2-4 points lower than they are, but it doesn't work like that for 8-10/10 females. They only fuck up or across.

Autistic women are annoying

My life is sorted other than my need for love, if I had that my life would be great.

I understand why you feel like this, because I've been in the same boat for a while. I think maybe we should stop thinking we "need" this one thing to make us happy. I realize being single sucks dude, I really do, because I've been on the other side and felt like I was better off just having someone. But you can get at least part of that fulfilled by having close friends or family.

How many times does it need to be said before Jow Forums accepts it?

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Stop samefagging your dumb, pathetic post.

If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.

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It's easier for women to get away with social retardation.

Not all girls, I remember that there was an autistic girl at my school and she looked like a fucking goblin, some guys pitted her but not enough to tap that monster

I guess its a pity factor? Its easier to feel pity towards a girl

You are pathetic and wrong. You see ugly guys with hot girls all the time. The reverse is much more rare. Only a basement-dwelling incel who puts pussy on a pedestal thinks that women have a higher smv.

Autism tends to manifest differently in women. In that respect they're at an advantage.

On a side note, the same applies to BPD but vice versa. Men with BPD are fucking monsters and I say that as a guy.

>Its easier to feel pity towards a girl
Shiat this. I'm not the most handsome man around and some cunts have acted like I was attacking or insulting them when I hit on them.

Women and men have different struggles, which are very hard for each to understand due to the extreme differences.

I have been with a lot of women, some very attractive, some not, and I've learned a lot about their struggles.

In general, when a woman becomes attached to me, it's been like a parasite -- the most attractive women are often the most insecure. They are constantly propositioned by men, and they have long ago learned most men are pussy-obsessed. They do not know what's real; who wants them or who wants just their body.

Imagine that. They live in an ocean of illusions, never knowing who's real, who wants them for them. Eventually, they assume everyone just wants their body, that no good is in the world...they become lost in emptiness, loneliness, they become used to sex to the extent that they are immune to the pleasure of it, even so that they take no pleasure in it; no even worse, when they stop, they become wracked with desperation and void because they are addicted to dopamine.

They become sex crazed and desiring only the most empty of encounters; and, one of those encounters is the true love they hoped for all their life; but they are blind to it now, having been through so many, having lost their humanity to a sea of ravenous sex crazed creatures, of which they are now.

Their fate may seem desirable. But, I promise you -- sex with multiple people gets old FAST. And it is very, very empty, so empty that I nearly offed myself in the midst of it.

Everyone has their demons. Only a fool would compare such different struggles with envy. There are few hurts greater than the emptiness of being in the company of someone only using you for your body, blind to the depths of a soul.

Autistic women are a lot better at compensating for/masking the symptoms of their autism. This is because girls growing up demand more emotional skills of their friends. It is easier to get away with saying blunt things as a little boy, as a little girl that gets you ostracized which is a huge motivation to try harder.

Read up on missed autism/undiagnosed autism in women for more info. There's more reasons of course, the dating game at a young age is generally skewed towards women, but autistic women also just do better when it comes to adjusting to social expectations.

Not him, but friends and family won't hug you when you get home from work or help you create and raise children.

Now tell me how I get into your girlfriend's mom house so I can meet a cute girl.

>There are few hurts greater than the emptiness of being in the company of someone only using you for your body, blind to the depths of a soul.

The emptiness of never having loved and get loved back ?
crushed me

Then become as dust, and love every shattered piece of yourself.

Let wind take you, and love the wind, even if it moves your pieces without mind.

Emptiness is an illusion of your mind. Love is in you, not a gift to be received. Seek only to give love; love is not something to be desired, only freely given, without expectations of reciprocation. Do that, and you'll have your dreams -- and those dreams will fill you, in a way your idea of "loved back" can't currently imagine.

How can I do that ?