It's been months since my GF of 4 years dumped me for a guy she had been talking to behind my back for a long time...

It's been months since my GF of 4 years dumped me for a guy she had been talking to behind my back for a long time. Still can't stop thinking about it constantly. How do you get over shit like this?

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It has absolutely nothing to do with you.

You ever make an impulsive, financially reckless purchase at a store for a product that you technically already had? Maybe a new video gaming system when the one at home still works?

From a scale of 0 to 10, tell me exactly how many seconds you even spent thinking about the old system.

Zero. The answer is zero. 100% of your concentration was focused on the qualities of the new shiny. If I had asked you in that moment what brand your old system even was, you probably would have answer "Uhhh, it's uhh...wait what was the question?" Because that's how people are with impulse and poor decision making.

Then after fucking up you just commit to your mistake because it's too late to turn back. Again, it has nothing to do with what you already have.

Get over it by getting a grip on what "it" was. It was her being retarded and him HAPPENING to be there. Now go out there and be awesome for your own sake.

Kill them it's her fault

Is she worth paying any mind to if she did this to you?

It's normie advice, but pic related

Don't lower your standards. Have you tried seeing other people?

You didn't do anything wrong but be yourself. You were just less compatible on her end, and there are likely girls you could do the same to. Find someone more wholesome to spend your life with, it helps to hammer out old nails with new ones sometimes.

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Nah I've just been working lately. I did volunteer at the local national Forest Park for sunday's as something to do on my off day.

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It was messy, she told me I really made her unhappy and angry all the time, but you're right, I gotta move the fuck on.

All the time? You mean all the four years? First off you must be an amazing person to make someone feel the exact same feeling for literally 1,461 days. And the patience on her to put up with it for that long! Wow!

>Then after fucking up you just commit to your mistake because it's too late to turn back.

She said whatever she needed to in order to justify her shitty choices. You made her happy. She made herself single.

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She's not single. She told me her and her new man love each other and that they're happy just to make me feel awful. Good for them.

You should kill them

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Same thing here, but the breakup was 3 years ago. I knew they were talking non stop and got upset, she called me controlling and jealous that I didn't want her to hang out with that cool guy who she knew wanted to get with her. I was still in love with her. She eventually cheated. It gave me serious trouble with my libido and self confidence and it was honestly the most painful experience in my life. Still see them walking around together sometimes.
You know all the things you have to do right now, I don't need to tell you that stuff. What I want to say is that the only thing that can heal that wound is time. After 1 year and two or three months I saw light again and felt kinda normal again most of the time with episodes of sadnes sprinkled in. After two years and a little moths after it happened I felt like I was truely myself again.
Just do what you have to. Keep your relationships intact, look after your body, don't neglect work or uni and things will naturally get well again. At the point where I'm at everything that happened just seemes like a blur

I suppose each man gets what he deserves. I think working hard on bettering myself and not making the same mistakes she told me about will help me have a good relationship in the future. I'm glad she's happy with her new guy because I still love her, but at the same time I'm incredibly hurt and deeply unhappy.

That's wholesome. Keep being wholesome, OP.
This is terrible, someone in a new relationship shouldn't be so petty towards an ex in this way, it means what you think still matters, just act like it doesn't affect you, eventually it won't.

This user has reason. Everyone on adv knows what to do, we just need affirmation, and you have it OP.

I tried to be nice to her the other day by saying good luck to y'all etc because I don't like holding grudges or having bad blood between me and people I care about but she just shut me down and told me to fuck off. Oh well, guess I'll just look for a new GF and go hiking.

I might take that course of action myself, sounds liberating.

time will heal everything my friend just give it time in that time try to love someone who always been there for you which is you focus on yourself you know gym work study friends eat better stop bad habits

Start a crusade
Deus vult boitch

Try to used that energy to improve yourself this is the time you can make the most changes on your life. Go to the gym, improve yourself etc etc. It's hard but see it as a gift to change things, nothing last forever you learned that

I will user. I'm gonna get back into drawing. I was always good at it but never pursued it.