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>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practicing and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Someone has made it super clear they're no longer interested in me. Do I still have a chance?

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off

>[insert humble (or otherwise) brag]
Fuck off.

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What's a good place to meet girls in college if I really hate parties?

>through friends (of friends), brothers/sisters
>cooking courses, dance lessons, reading circles etc
>online dating
>volunteering, community-oriented activities

Class, clubs, campus social events, student centers/dining halls, etc. "In public," essentially. Also your neighbors if you live in student housing or off-campus around other students.

How do i get a gf? I like trains choo choo

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There's like 4, maybe more, girls interested in me. The fuck am I supposed to do? I've never been past the first date.

Focus not on who's into you and only on your own judgment. Don't fall for the temptation of trying to keep up with all of them, you'll look shady and fickle. Pick one or at most two to actually go on dates with. Also enjoy it.

Girls are like Pokemon
>You're always looking for a better one to trade out for
>You can never have more than six
>Sometimes you have to make them fight

Aren't you the one "girl" who tried to get a bf ?

Guys, is he only hitting me up for some weird kind of validation? I dont understand, Pic related. Everytime i tried to set up a hangout, he would be excited. I’d go out of my way because he was in another city.
Then i’d check in with him the day of. he’d only respond the NEXT day saying sorry he was busy. And then months later sends me emojis. He did this 3 times in a row. I used to respond, but i just got done with it.

We used to be good friends. i had a crush on him, but he didnt feel the same. So we stopped being friends because i needed space.
Then i hit him up later saying i was over it, which was true. he said he wanted to be friends again too.
Now i’m just fucking confused. Is he stupid or like autistic?

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I'm a male who has been having serious eye contact with a girl at work. She has even pursued lines of conversation that are about me, and are often of some depth. She has gone out of her way to do so, it feels like, because she has even done so in moments of stress at work, when there has been a small time gap for it.

I was sure there was something between us, but today I found out she has a boyfriend. How can I truly tell if a girl is interested in me? Due to bad confidence in the past, and social anxiety, it seems I've been rendered completely useless when it comes to interpreting "signals".

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Couldn't tell you exactly why he does it, because I've never done that to girls. However, in my opinion, and with an ounce of prejudice, it seems he may just be having you on the hook because he likes the feeling of having many girls giving him attention, whether it leads somewhere or not.

Best not to hang around, and do what you did. No reason to waste any more time there.

So a girl randomly approached me a few days ago and introduced herself.
Yet every time I see run into her she refuses to say hi to me? I don't understand. I see her and smile but she rigidly looks away, pretending not to notice me.

I don't know why she would introduce herself and now do this. Anyone have any idea?

Seems more like a mentality that girls have.

So ive been texting this girl for a long time now (shes in another country for the time being) and ive kinda run out of things to talk about, sometimes she will look at my message and not respond, because... well honestly its boring convo, then i figure out something new and fun to talk about and we will sit and text back and forth for quite some time and have quite fun, but eventually the convo runs dry and i have to sit and think out something new to talk about

So basically im just asking for some fun convo starters, hit me with your best stuff, everything welcomed, we both have quite a dark and sens of humour

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Would you date a guy with a 6 year dating gap (18-24)?
Would I have to not mention it for as long as possible or have a good explanation? I don’t want to be dishonest, but I think they might get the idea that there must be something wrong with me or use it to try to emotionally abuse me.

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As a guy who has gone longer than that without any sexual encounters, and I'd still be open about it, I'd say: don't worry.

Don't worry, because if she's really into you, and would love you for whoever you are, she'll give it the chance to see who you really are, find more about you and be open-minded. If you don't want an open-minded girl, then maybe your luck will be more shit. And maybe you deserve it in that case.

Ladies, does the number of sex partners your guy has had matter to you?

I just started dating this guy, but I'm really inexperienced. I'm 28 and I've only been with 2 guys in my life, both of which were long term relationships. My guy, on the other hand, revealed that he's been with over 40 women. Yes, I know guys tend to round up, but I think it's legitimate given how outgoing and social he is. After he told me this, I started to feel insecure, like I'm just another number to him.

Am I justified in thinking this or am I worrying over nothing?

Why would a girl start answering more with "Okie Doke" than "Yea" or something similarly normal?

The guy I'm casually seeing turned me down for sex the other day cause he said he pulled a muscle. It's been like 2 days and I want to meet up this weekend, but I don't want to be rejected again. Should I just wait for him to reach out? Will asking again so soon come off as thirsty?

How could I try to move on this girl I'm organizing stuff with? Were the two central organizers here, and I don't want to jepordize our project if it goes poorly...

You should ask him how he's feeling. That's a low key way to see if you've got a raincheck or it was a way for him to bow out.

What shoes to wear in a club? Ive got jeans and some shirts but Im terrible with shoes.

would be nice if they would be comfortable for dancing as well

I had 2 friends, 1 boy and 1 girl. We've known eachother for some time. Late last year they started being more than friends. I hardly ever see them anymore and whenever I do they are always together, no one on one time, and I always feel basically in the way of them as they do their cutesy couple shit.

I don't really have a question I'm just venting.

We don't really text each other casually though so I think it would seem weird. Pretty much only text to make plans.

Might as well...I'm trying to get in contact with this chick, a friend of a friend who went out with us about a month ago, but I have this crippling anxiety every time I speak with women, it's fucking ridiculous. Like, it would genuinely be easier for me to fight someone right now than to send a simple text to her. So I've added her on FB and I've been overthinking this for the past 5 days and I'm getting close to just not even bothering. I think it would be fine if I just knew how to start so I wonder is it okay to just send like a ''Hello'' or ''How you doin'?'' or some shit like that or do I really need to get super creative and quirky?

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There's something very wrong if you can't text a guy you're looking to date about his recovery from an injury.

Anyone? Should I just assume she's shy and verbally call out to her or should I just assume she doesn't want anything to do with me?

Well starting with a hey, how you doing is okey, but be ready to quickly following up with something good, prefferably a question about her or something you know she likes, asking for her opinion or her help with something is also very good

What’s the nicest and least asshole-ish way to break up with a guy? He’s a great person but The romance just isn’t there. I’m afraid he’s gonna get really upset and say hurtful things to me. What do I do if he gets emotional or angry, or starts insulting me?



Guys who have bought premium snapchats would a ethot message you directly to ask if you want to renue your membership? It doesn't make much sense to me that they would be in control of that please prove me wrong

"I'm not feeling our relationship anymore. You're a great person. I made the decision based on my feelings." If he asks what those feelings are, don't elaborate or mention the romance. Listing reasons during a breakup always invites an argument about those reasons. Instead, keep it short and then leave.

If he gets upset, ignore. Don't engage or refute, much less respond in kind.

Why the fuck you paying ethots for shit you can literally google in seconds

Dont be stupid

Be honest and just say you're not feeling it. Be straightforward or else he may start to wonder.
If you're worried about him blowing up on you, do it in public or over text (and block him if he blows up)

I'm not my boyfriend is :'^)

Raises further questions

I think it happened while I was away at summer camp for 2 weeks, I had noticed his second snapchat app, he said he accidentally downloaded it twice and then I noticed a notification under his normal snap notification that said "content hidden" and I brought it up a day or two later at a bad time and he admitted to buying a premium snap "for awhile" that he said he bought 4 or 5 months ago which would be when I was away and that the notification was because she "asks if you want to renue your subscription" but then I looked it up and for the specific girl it's a one time fee I brought it up to him he said it was probably another girl, and that he could find out which one if I wanting to "continue my interrogation" after that I started to feel like complete shit and didn't want to fight anymore but it still hurts and I can't just keep bottling it up

Holy shit I sometimes forget how nice it is to be a guy.
Just did this same thing (politely) and had zero fear of actual physical reprocussion

Yea, thanks, sounds simple enough, I'll try that. I wish I could understand why this is so fucking hard for me. I'm not even a horrible mess, I have a decent job, I'm in shape, I know how to make people laugh, I just don't fucking get it. I work a very demanding job with some messed up individuals and no problem there, but talking to women....god forbid, impossible.

Ex gave a lot of conflicting messages during breakup. Said she felt great around me but felt weird about relationship when we weren't together. Made out with me during the break up too. Was she just being nice or should I try to contact her when she has a clear mind? Or am I missing something else?

How do I sex? help
I just went from watching little girls cartoons to dating in less than a week and Im getting pretty sure things are getting very close towards sex but I know fuck all about anything outside of kaiju and mahou shoujo.

How can I tell if this guy just wants to hook up, or if we're fwb? We don't text/talk much between meeting up, but when we're together we cuddle a lot and talk a lot. We always stay up so late cause we talk so much, and also because we have sex like 3-4 times in the night.

The thing is he's an admittedly bad texter who doesn't text people much, even his closest friends. He says I'm one of the people he talks to the most and we talk veryyyy infrequently. However, the fact that it mostly has been me just coming over his place after work makes me think it may be more casual, even though when we're together it is intimate.

Thats me on pic

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You pretty much nailed it in the last sentence. Start making plans to do stuff outside the home. If you can enjoy his company with all clothing still on your bodies, you have your answer.

Abandon ship.

Even if he marries you, he'll have hit 100 by the time he retires. He is not going to stop just because of you. Guys like this never truly settle, and will always jump on any opportunity to hit a new girl.


Ladies, would you be willing to grow out your body hair if your partner wanted you to? Not just bush but everywhere else too.

Any vegans here? Would you date someone who isn't a vegan? Do you think two people can get a good relationship going if one is a vegan and the other isn't?
I met a nice girl at work and I'm thinking of asking her out, thing is she's vegan and I can't help but wonder if it can work without me giving up meat at some point in the future.

Pic related, it's a vegetable.

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>Guys, is he only hitting me up for some weird kind of validation? I dont understand, Pic related.

You're kinda on the back-burner for him.

I'm not saying he's keeping you up as backup or anything, what I more mean is just that, even if he really *does* find you very interesting, as a person you're a lower priority type relation for him, someone who is not really there at the forefront of his awareness and who demands his immediate attention.

I'm not necessarily meaning that in a negative way, but more in the way that... let's say I have someone right in front of me in person, I have another person trying to call me on the phone, and I have a third person shooting me an IM all at once. I cannot physically split myself in to 3 people, and so what's going to happen is I'm going to prioritize the things in the manner I see fit.

Everything being equal, social etiquette dictates that I'll probably deal with the in real life person first, then the phone call, and last the IM, but if I know that call is an important one or relating to a loved one, maybe I'll prioritize that, or if the person in front of me is someone I'm super casual with, maybe I'll respond to that IM if it's someone important. It all depends.

Right now, you're that IM, and furthermore, you're an estranged friend who at one point asked him for more space, which left you in a kinda awkward place. So yeah, you're pretty low on the priority list.

There's also the element that sometimes people fall in to habits of play-acting excitement of quasi-polite: "We should meet up!"'s and "For sure!"'s that never go anywhere. It's a thing in our society, maybe he thinks you're there too.

>The guy I'm casually seeing turned me down for sex the other day cause he said he pulled a muscle.

You're overthinking it. He's either down or he's not. If he's not than you asking a couple days sooner isn't going to change anything one way or the other.

>What’s the nicest and least asshole-ish way to break up with a guy?

There is no real "nice" way to get broken up with, there are only less asshole-ish ones. All you can do really is be honest (not brutally so) and politely comforting about it.

>What do I do if he gets emotional or angry, or starts insulting me?
If you fear for your safety, there's a reason why breaking up in semi-public environments is a thing. Coffee shops, busy parks during the day, public squares, etc are all places that can provide you enough privacy for your conversation, but also put you afford you easy and quick access to some assistance of shit suddenly goes south.

>How can I tell if this guy just wants to hook up, or if we're fwb?

At the end of the day, the only real way concrete way is to have "the talk" and ask him. Getting him to do stuff *outside* of the bedroom is also something you should probably be doing and if it's something he's not willing to do, is indicative of what he sees this as. Conversely, even if he is wiling though, it doesn't necessarily mean he likes you for anymore more, could just be he's bored or something, that's why it comes back to you having to eventually talk.

>Any vegans here? Would you date someone who isn't a vegan?

Not a vegan, but I know plenty.
It entirely depends on their personal beliefs and how they express them.

There are a number of vegans that are vegan for their own reasons and, while they'll try to mention how fucked up the meat industry is and how it's healthier to abstain from it, they won't go insanely if you eat a burger around them.

Then there's the ones that get on a high-horse and flip a bitch if you try to drink some milk around them. Unfortunately, these kind of moral high-ground vegans are also found in decent amounts.

If it's the former, some are willing to compromise, as long as you are too (which inevitably happens in most long term relationships)

I know of a few who are like that.

If your gf/wife had a rape/blackmail fetish, (as in "raping"/blackmailing you) how would you react? Would you play it out with her even if you aren't particularly submissive?

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Sounds hot, go for it user, you might like it more than you realize

Yes, and I prefer being particularly dominant.

>If it's the former, some are willing to compromise, as long as you are too (which inevitably happens in most long term relationships)
She's definitely the former, only reason I know is because colleagues made jokes about it (from my experience the are two types of vegans, those who won't shut up about it and those that never mention it and still everyone acts like they won't shut up about it).
What kind of compromises would those be?
Aside from the obvious 'if you take them out for dinner it has to be vegan'.

I am not sure how closely related it is, but I have a gluten allergy (straight up, I get severe stomach cramps for roughly 2-3 days if I eat it), and personally, I would never let it affect someone I am dating. My only issue is making the other person *not* feel awful about certain decisions, because generally speaking, eating out is... difficult. And sometimes I really do pass entirely on food, or eat some small side dish, in case there really is nothing on the menu I can eat. That's my problem, but it unfortunately seems to make most people distressed and extremely apologetic.

But I would never impose it on them. I might pick gluten free dinners, but they tend to have pretty neat and exotic alternatives that most at least don't mind trying, but otherwise I encourage them to not jump on the gluten free train. Aside from our sweets and cakes, those food habits suck, and are ridiculously expensive for the most part.

I'd imagine it might be somewhat how a non-crazy vegan would think, but I could be wrong.

Not that user but I'd be more distressed/apologetic/motivated to jump on the wagon dating someone with a gluten allergy than dating someone vegan. The latter is just a question of where their values are aligned. The former is a question of whether they're going to contaminate your meal with gluten from mine and get you sick. You might not impose it but I think someone with common sense should impose it on themselves, at least in cases where they're not in control of the food prep.

>at least in cases where they're not in control of the food prep.
Eh, it hasn't been a problem on restaurants, and I cook myself.

I get the worry, but I'd actually hate to impose it like that, even if I only do it by proxy. The bread and pasta sucks, and avoiding it severely limits the options you have. And it's not like I get sick from cooking pasta for someone else.'s honestly a bit depressing to hear. I get making compromises, but this is just a straight downgrade with no benefits.

>The bread and pasta sucks
Not the ones I get. I was actually speaking from experience in my post. My supermarket sells both. I've gotten them when people with gluten sensitivity have been over and it was fine.

I think you might worry about the imposition on others a bit more than you should be.

>Not the ones I get. I was actually speaking from experience in my post
W.. which ones are those? All the brands my supermarkets stock are awful. Schar, Semper and some local brands that all taste like crap, and has an awful consistency.

>I think you might worry about the imposition on others a bit more than you should be
I'm on Jow Forums. I don't exactly have good qualities as it is, so more negatives are really not great for my dating life.

You know you can make your own pasta with gluten free flour, right?
It's like 1 egg and 100 grams of flour to make two serves. All you need is to buy the pasta roller/cutter machine. And baking your own bread isn't much harder.

I think my boss might be flirting with me. I was working late this evening and it was just me and her alone in the office. I was talking with her in her office just about how she finds her work and if shes stressed and whatnot and she took her hair out of a ponytail and let it go loose and she opened the top few buttons of her shirt. I thought it was kinda weird so I just ignored it and pretended like she didnt do it. Was she flirting?

She could be flirting because of the shirt thing, but it's the kind of amused flirting a person in a position of power could do, and not to be taken seriously. like:

>hehe i'm bored and i feel sexy right now/young intern getting flustered is funny

If she keeps doing it then maybe it's something, but if you feel weird then just ignore it. and don't start texting her outside of work, or preferably at all.

Not necessarily. I always do that after a long day in the office, whether people are around or not. It's a way to loosen up and relax a bit.

I actually didn't think anyone considered it flirting, to be completely honest.

Fair enough. I just thought it was a bit weird that she did it while I was sitting right in front of her talking to her.

I mean.. i don't think a guy is flirting when he takes off/unbottons his suit jacket, and slips open a few buttons at the top. It might intrigue me, and make my thoughts drift a bit, but I don't assume he is doing it to get my attention.

If you manage to succeed on this, please share here how you did it.

I'm still recovering from breaking up with my first boyfriend of 3 months, which happened about 2 years ago. He did not take the break up well. I am afraid of even trying, in case I have to go through something similar again.

I'm so fucking fucked

This girl and I have become friends. We both like each other a lot and there is mutual attraction. We do things like a couple. We have had sex. We hang out a lot. She's my only friend, and I'm one of her only friends.

The problem is, she's fucking engaged. She's getting married in a few months and will be leaving. We've caught feelings. I know the best thing to do is cut ties, but we will see each other 3-4 times a week until she's gone, it's unavoidable.

We've talked. The first time, we agreed to stop. But we didn't. We eventually had sex. She keeps telling me I'm going to get hurt, and I know she's right. I already am I suppose. But it's like I just don't want to stop. She told me she would understand if I decided to cut contact, but I didn't.

What the fuck do I do?

I know for me there is no way. When my gf broke up with me I said very mean things to her and made her cry. Didn't physically hurt her though so nothing illegal. Just hurt her emotionally. Its extremely annoying to get broken up with for me. Its like investing money into a deal and then losing it all. Makes me furious that I wasted my time and money. She was dead to me when she broke it off so I felt nothing. I was very nice to her before she broke up with me so she was shocked to see the other side of me. I felt no obligation to be nice to her anymore when she ended the relationship.


I usually find tangible reasons. Like, the last 3 breakups, 2 were mutual, one was from my end, and basically went
>he wanted to travel the world, i did not. Neither of us saw a reason to tie us to each other, when we clearly wanted different things in life
>I wanted kids, he did not. No point for either of us to change our minds, only to regret it later.
>he wanted to work 80 hours a week and make me a housewife, I didn't want someone who was never home, and made me stay at home all the time
Tangible and easy to understand reasons. Of course, there were more to it, like romance having died out and not feeling it, as we just weren't really compatible at the end of the day, but those tangible reasons are a lot easier to deal with than "I'm not feeling it". Dont let him argue the points, keep it calm, and do it in public.

I dont think you should realistically be afraid of physical harm. I certainly wasn't in any of the 3 cases, even the last one where he really had a hard time accepting it.

See above for some ideas. Out of curiosity, what did you try? I am not quite sure what you are trying to say in the second half of your post.

Girls. If a guy acquaintance of yours who you were friendly with but didn't know super well, suddenly messaged you on facebook for a chat, would you be weirded out? If he then asked you on a date a little while after that would you find it creepy?

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I'm the user you responded to.
It's a little different because it's a question of values, if I were to date you you'd understand if I ate bread and would be fine with it as long as I didn't literally shove it down your throat.
With vegans there's morality, would they look at me and think 'murderer'? Would they only get with me if they think they can 'convert' me for lack of a better word?

You sound like kind of a sociopath

I would be weirded out if you tried to chat without immediately getting to the point, because i don't even chat with my friends on facebook.
. Nowadays it's more like sliding into insta dms

Just say hello and ask if i want to do something you think i'd be interested in. how well do you know her?

Is there any way to alleviate that feeling somehow? Like, could she realistically have made you less angry and cold?

I know it sucks, and will always hurt, just looking for ways to not mess up a possible future break up again.

>Out of curiosity, what did you try? I am not quite sure what you are trying to say in the second half of your post.
I kinda realized he had lied about pretty much everything, and wasn't at all the type of person I thought he was, and he had broken my trust extremely early on (relationship lasted 3 months starting from the first date, and I found out he had slept with someone else about a month into it.), so I told him
>I can't do this. I am not even sure I know who you are at this point, and I can't trust you when you cheat on me before we have even been together once. Sorry, but this wont work.

He stabbed in left arm with a fork, broke my right arm and leg, and 2 of my ribs, and raped me for good measure. He seemed like a normal guy, with a pretty low key stock manager job (basically "move around boxes of goods and keep track of them"), so I thought he was far more calm and down to earth than that.

Not inherently creepy at all, need more context. We already know that you're possibly or probably interested the moment you chat us up out of the blue, and will be expecting getting asked out at some point (or occasionally happily surprised if a guy legitimately just wants to be friends.)

If you're worried that you're hurting your chances by asking this hypothetical girl out in such a manner, I assure you you probably are golden. If she turns you down it's more she personally isn't looking for a relationship right now or is already with/interested in someone else.

>He stabbed in left arm with a fork, broke my right arm and leg, and 2 of my ribs, and raped me for good measure.
Yeah... sorry, but no advice will fix the reaction that a psychopath will have. That sounds more like immensely bad luck and pood decision in guys on your part (though psychopaths tend to blend in really well, so I dont really fault you for that).

Just make sure you always do this sort of stuff publically from now on.

Nigger what the fuck.
Is that guy at least behind bars now?
Either way, he's a sociopath, and that's not a response normal people have.

I don't know her super well. But I know her well enough that if we saw each other in public we'd stop for 5 minutes for a chat, crack jokes together, whatever else.

Well I don't wanna do it this way if it's gonna seem like a weirdo or pussy move. But it's difficult, cause I really don't know when I'm gonna see this girl even though we go to the same college, and so its hard to ask her out in person.

Oh, you're definitely friends (not good friends, but friends) if you stop and crack jokes and stuff. Don't worry, it's not gonna be weird at all to ask her to hang out over facebook or whatever.

i can't get my boyfriend to kiss me. we've been dating for a year but he is just too damn timid to make a move. we're 20. i've literally told him that he can manhandle me but he just gets flustered. what do (and no i can't break up with him, he's great in every other way)

You want to kiss, so kiss him. What's the problem?

Tell him what you need him to do, ask him what's getting in the way of him doing that, and then work together to remove that obstacle.

Agreed. At the point I'm willing to stop and make small talk in the street, I wouldn't mind a random chat on Facebook. And if that guy was cute and I was open to a relationship I probably wouldn't mind a first date either.

Girl, I'd honestly check to see if he's gay at this point.

A whole fucking year?

Ladies is there a way to ask a female friend if she wants to have casual sex without it being super awkward? If I just ask I feel like it will come off as weird.

has she made any indications she's into you at all?

She gave me her number but we've only ever talked in class. I don't think she dislikes me but no I'm not getting a real strong "fuck me" vibe from here

She is not into you but that's the idea to make you renue and you're falling for it

Its just like that

Snapchat has no sophisticated membership/subscription functions, which means that ethots have to manually manage the people they have following them. I've never bought a ethot subscription but from what I understand it's basically like you pay them money with a comment saying your snap handle so they can add you. After that it has to be managed the hard way because, as I said, there are no subscription functions on snap accounts.

My ex, my best friend of 10 years, who I left because his recent drugs & alcohol addictions were starting to be a danger to me, just threatened me with small claims court over the few things that I took with me when I left, all of which were gifts from either my birthday or Christmas. It's been well over a month since I left but he said he's going to claim the cell phone he bought me 2 years ago as stolen, all because I said I don't want to be friends with him when he asked. I shouldn't have even answered his text in the first place. And he only texted me today of all days because rent was due, and I know he's pissed he has to foot the bill. Which is another crazy thing because for months he's been asking me to buy a one-way ticket leave and that moving in together in the first place was a mistake. The mistake was me desperately trying to hold the relationship together...

It just hurts so fucking much because this wasn't the person I became friends with and started dating. He really was the sweetest guy with good intentions and in the last year his whole persona took a nosedive into whatever this is now. I just feel like absolute shit.

Do you have any proof that the gifts were gifts? Photos of you opening them as presents? Text messages talking about them as gifts?

I'm sure I can find texts I have almost 2 years of messages on my phone.

I assure you I was extremely nice to her when we dated and she even repeatedly told me that. I always bought he gifts and whatnot. But she held no value for me when she dumped me so I no longer felt the need to be nice. I'm always extremely nice to everyone as long as they are useful. I don't think that makes me a sociopath.

>Is there any way to alleviate that feeling somehow?
For me personally? No. But I'd never use physical violence like that crazy guy did to you. I just do emotional or psychological stuff.

Its doubtful a case like that would go anywhere, its petty and would probably be overruled. Plus if he's a druggie now he probably wont make good on the threat. I'm sorry he turned into a POS user

I hope you're right I just want to be done with this nightmare. He said he was going to report the phone stolen tonight, so I guess it's matter of time before I find out. I just wish I knew what started the 180. I was blind sighted by it and everything I did to help after didn't work at all.