I can’t find the get it off your chest thread and I need to post something!! What do I do??

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Make a new ones

Okay fine I’ll just do it here. I hate making new threads. It’s annoying for other people.

You guys can reply to this if you want IDGAF

You are evil. You are toxic. I need to stay away from you. You are so depressed that just by sitting next to you and talking, I feel depressed too. I am so sorry for having an attraction to you. I understand now that I must maintain my distance, and I will because you’re a pathetic loser. I finally understand. You may be cute but you’re bad news.

Get out of your head and stop overthinking. It’s a turn off. You’ll never get a girl unless you make some serious changes. Stop fucking smoking so much weed, you’re so pathetic.

I know you’re in troubled times and I want to help, but I feel like any advice I give won’t really help. I’m not sure how to word it past “just do it”. Just be the change you want to be.

Things will stay the same, or even get worse, unless something different happens... unless there is a change.

But I am so sorry for harboring an attraction to you. It’s wrong. You’re a mutual friend, awkward as hell, literally autistic. But I understand to keep my distance. And now I will.



I hope you get shot on duty and bleed to death, by yourself, cold and alone.
Like you fucking deserve.


I like a girl a lot, and she's the sweetest human I've met to date. She's almost obnoxiously squeaky clean, but it's charming. The problem is deep down inside I know she's likely just be being nice to me. She does everything that hints to her interest, but you know how that goes.

Her niceness makes me want to be a nicer person myself, but I ultimately feel empty despite my efforts. I know there will always be more, and one is bound to like me, hell it may even be this one, but they don't come around often, so this one is special for now.

I read all the venting posts, if any of you take solace in that.

>The problem is deep down inside
you know you're a tripfag.
>empty despite my efforts
eggs in one basket

Yeah, I know, I'm a bad boy, sorry about that, I'll take it off for these kinds of threads.

The efforts are with regards to my self-actualization, not the girl. I've been trying to self improve for a long time, but kindness was something I'd never had an example for irl. In the long (and short) run, I'll feel no animosity toward her, it's just me venting.

That's why I said eggs in one basket, tripfag
You need to understand that improvement will never, ever happen over the short-term and that there's never to be a destination. The point of improvement is to engage it as opposed to-- for instance-- a habit that constantly drags you down or causes addiction. Or a person who hurts you or drags you down that you can't keep away from.
The point is that you should constantly be seeking new improvements and you should never be banking on them to attain a particular result.

You guys keep going on these quests of self-improvement but only to get girls. It's amusing that roasties and thots aren't allowed to be this sex-centric, but when you guys do it it's suddenly admissible.

Never, ever depend on another person to vindicate or validate your efforts. You'll already be under a customer or manager's thumb in your line of work, don't put your life under some bird's thumb.

Well of course not. I've been doing the self-improvement thing for a couple of years. I'm decently young. I'm a much better person than I was. We all have ends to our means, that's how we work. There isn't a single completely altruistic human. However, in this case it isn't the girl that sparked it. It's like working out for health, but still wanting to look good naked. There's nothing wrong with that.

I'm not even sexually attracted to this girl, I rarely am until I build some kind of emotional bond. I was going to make a post about it, about why I didn't feel sexually attracted. She's very pretty, she's very sweet, and she's very clever, in that order. She's by no means perfect but none of us are. I think sex is a really unsatisfying end, I guess that's pretty white-knight-y though.

I know, I've done just that before. It wasn't a good experience, but I still actively improve after that first time it happened. I learned to care about myself first. Thank you for your candor.

I'm shit at attracting women. Figuring things out for myself isn't really working out, but listening to/reading the thoughts of others on this is so much worse. There's too much conflicting information on what is acceptable, desirable, or wise to do on the subject and a lot of it seems to only exist to serve one kind or another of agenda or motive; usually of whoever is saying it.
Trying gets me nowhere and I end up feeling worthless enough that I want to just die and be done with it all. On the other hand, the information from others makes the whole ordeal confusing and complicated enough that it also makes it seem like either some, or even most of them are largely wrong or confused, themselves. Which makes me want to give up trying altogether as well, at which point I'm back to feeling lonely, worthless and suicidal again.
TL;DR: Trying to figure out women and relationships makes me wish I was dead, absorbing and applying the often bad advice of others makes me want to kill myself just as much; if not even more so.

Tell us about all your experiences, like give details about what methods you were given and how it turned out. Conflicting information can sometimes be totally valid because people are just different. There aren't any formulae that can tell us how to 100% seduce the other gender. It's a delicate case by case process, which is tough enough for "normies", which is why social ineptness is the biggest problem on this board.

I've gotten bad and good advice, and often I go with my gut after hearing everyone's reasoning, and so far it's taken me farther than I could've on my own. Use adv as a supplement, not as the bulk of your meals, yknow?

I didn't come here to figure anything out any further, and I certainly didn't come to this thread for advice (most advice from other people is awful). I just came here to use this thread to vent like OP and the others. I've resigned myself to this life and now I'm just waiting for the depression to build to a point where I do indeed kill myself. I've got a lot of rope in my shed and there's a lot of very strong trees not far from where I live; that's my goal now. I am done with it all.

Fair enough. If it's truly your intention, no sequence of words will stop you from doing it.

There's hope for everyone, user.

>There's hope for everyone, user.
Honestly I feel really gullible for letting people convince me of this at one point. Maybe there is hope for many people, but for some of us we just have to accept that nothing works and things will never get better.

Yeah? Something will work, it doesn't have to be conventional success. For most people relationships are that, is all.

You don't need women to be happy, you don't need anything but yourself. You can ALWAYS be the best version of yourself, even if it isn't that great in your opinion.

To my mind, the fact that they don't want to know me is proof enough that the best version of myself is nothing but a worthless pile of shit.

How do you know? I was unapproachable a couple of years ago, and now I'm friends with lots. I'm sure you've heard the whole "lift, hobbies, blah" routine that is always offered, but it really works to find what direction you want to go in.

What have you done for yourself lately?

I know because of the results I've had. If it wasn't the case then I don't think we'd even be having this conversation right now.
I'm not unapproachable at all, I'm usually friendly to everyone I meet; apparently I'm just completely shit with the rest of it.
Not sure I get what you mean by what I've done for myself. As in work out or some shit like that?

Yeah, it doesn't have to be working out, but that's a common one. What have you done for yourself?

I recently started on a path at university that's steering me towards a STEM degree, but that's about it. I don't know if I'm even smart enough to see that through to the end. Really though I don't see myself as having the value to be worth doing anything for at this point.

Fuck it, I'm asking her out.

Keep at that degree man, you owe it to yourself. Literally anything, you owe it to yourself.

That's my nigga right there!

mentiras mentiras mentiras

J, I love you to bits and your an amazing person but Jesus fucking Christ stop being such a misery guts all the time, your bringing down my happy buzz and it makes me not want to around you.


That sounds like a really corny thing to say.

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