Advice for turning things around with a girl

Ok, there's this girl at work I really want to start dating. To preface this: We have a very conflict addled relationship.

Her and I have been working together for a year. We honestly have said less than 500 words to each other and 90% of them have been work related. We've shown 0 interest in one another and I haven't wanted to touch her with a 20 ft pole because of the following:
>Both of us work at neighborhood grocery store
>owners son is her childhood friend
>very "touchy" with her
>so much so that I, who until recently have barely had a reason to care, noticed there was a "thing" between them almost as soon as I started working there
>He's probably not interested in her honestly but just likes to play the field
>he's a good looking rich Chad after all, has plenty of girls to choose from and she is neither smart nor particularly pretty
>I would still however have to compete with this
>She also has a baby
>baby-daddy is outta the picture
>and she's only 18
>If we hooked up I would have to immediately be a father and quasi-husband
>if we break up she automatically takes the baby too

For all of the above I have stayed well clear of her for the longest time. But recently we have been bumping heads because she has gradually been sucking more and more at her job to the point that I've had to talk to her multiple times when it began negatively effecting my own performance. She finally began completely ignoring me and forced me into having to talk to the manager, who predictably chastised her, gave her less hours, completely banned phones for the employees and locked down the wifi.

So now she's all pissed at me and moody and for some god damned reason I've found myself infatuated with her. I want to plant the seed of attraction in her head but I don't know how to flip this around. What should I do? I don't want to start dating immediately, just sort of see where it goes.

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honestly user, just stay away from a girl with a baby. Enjoy your time now and don't put up with it.

I know, I fucking know. But I just want to see where this goes.

Let me rephrase this:
Idgaf what you think about teen moms. Answer the question.


OP is asking about a conflict addled relationship and they've almost not spoken at all. He sees to genuinely not like her and yet is asking for advice. Neither party seems interested in the other, yet he wants to see where it goes? He's wasting his time. It's just stupid in the first place. The only place it's going is nowhere.

If you don't know how to flip shit on girls that are pissed at you, you can just say so user.

I'm married, I'm more than capable. I wouldn't however waste my time with the girl from the OP.

Im not asking you to. Im doing it. Now how do?

>my ego is hurt that even a low-tier chick has zero interest in me

kek. well there's nothing you can do, you eradicated whatever shreds of a chance you had when you went to the manager and made the workplace a little harder for her.

This isn't ego based. I don't know what this is but it definitely is not some ego boosting maneuver.

yep, bottom of the cunt chain and she still doesn't want him so he goes and gets her in trouble with the owner. Fucking little butthurt boys are bitches really.

There used to be a time where Jow Forums was actually helpful and tried to give advice instead of troll the OP and ignore requests they didn't agree with.

Wait a week or so until she has chilled out. Never apologize for talking to the manager, that was the right move. Just try and spark a conversation with her or if possible a group she's in and never mention that shit again unless specifically asked. If you ever get to talking with her, friend-zone her ass, hard. Say something like, "wow you're pretty cool, we should be friends" or some variation of it. Then proceed to emotionally check out and pursue other women. Keep her and/or her circle updated and within a few weeks to a few months she'll be begging for you.

Nigga you fucking what?

I want to fuck a babbymomma and see where tgat relationship goes.


>But I just want to see where this goes
It's gonna go in the trash user. Please don't waste your time.

Im not going to exclusively pursue this. So just tell me how do please.

There's nothing wrong with teen moms anons. They make great wives if you spend some time cleaning them up.

> there's this girl at work
No. There are no girls at work. They are coworkers. Do not go near them unless it's a throwaway job.

Even then, do not go near them. Just don't. Do. Not. No.

Honestly the best point made so far.

>Even then, do not go near them.

Dont shit where you eat. It causes drama in the workplace and fucks with your livelihood.

If it's a throwaway job it can still get you a reputation you didn't need and inadvertently burn bridges you need for business networking and employment.

>it can still get you a reputation
This. Even if you're great at your job a single sexual harassment accusation can turn you into "that pervy creep" no one wants to work with.