Guy grabbed wife's ass

So i was at a lounge/bar type thing with my wife in Las Vegas, and a pretty tall, ripped guy grabbed my wife's ass. She got super pissed told the guy to fuck off looked at me and said "do something".
The guy laughingly said he was sorry he didn't know she was with someone and walked away, but i just kinda froze.
My wife got super pissed at me, and it's been weeks and we haven't gotten past it. I feel like i lost a lot of respect. What was i supposed to do, guy was a douche at a club, wtf is there to do, he apologized.
We talked extensively about it and she felt vulnerable that i'm supposed to be her protector. I feel super shitty. She keeps bringing it up on random shit like i need to work out.
It hurts me to feel like our relationship was fragile enough that this dumb shit is making it be so stressed.
Idk if this is paranoia but she is even changing things about herself, she got fake nails and very long hair extensions and i feel like that's somehow connected, idk how?
We've talked ALOT about this and i feel like nothing comes out of it. How do i regain respect and assertiveness in this relationship?

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>I feel like I lost respect
You did, though. You went straight dairy alternative nibba, she literally asked your ass to do anything and you took her job, you stared at Chad while she threw a fight.

I don't know what to tell you. You lost your chance. This is life, not a video game; you can't just savescum or edit a .ini somewhere, you legitimately fucked straight up.

I'd deadass ask her if you guys have a future together or if this has driven a wedge between you two. Maybe this is where you learn to box. Whatever you do you need a little more confidence so that if you do stay with your wife, the next guy who grabs her ass gets sent to a fucking doctor.
And don't worry, it's America, she cries rape/sexual harassment and you'll get a fucking medal of honour for standing up for hers.

But yeah you fucked up bad.

You didnt have to go overly aggro at the guy but yeah man you should've said something. Even like a "shes taken" or "watch it dude" would've been better than deer in the headlights. Because now your wife thinks youre a cuck who's ok with anyone having their way with her. She doesnt feel desired or protected

Tell her to stop enforcing gender roles

You should have grabbed HIS ass

>You didnt have to go overly aggro
No. He should have committed assault. That's his wife.

Not necessarily, you dunno how hard the guy can lawyer up
But 'literally nothing' was the one thing he SHOULDN'T have done

Christ I'm 5'10" and 13X lbs, and I manage to stand up for my girlfriend against guys taller and bigger than me
All you gotta show is that getting bloodied for your bird is on the table. Even that's enough.

>risking legal trouble when you could shut the guy down verbally instead

You fucked up pretty badly, not sure if there's a way out.
>she got fake nails and very long hair extensions
Behave like a cuck, get cucked. She is devaluing you as a sex partner and is putting herself on the market.
Have a serious conversation about where this can go from here. I'm not sure anywhere good.

Post a picture of your body. I'm willing to bet you haven't worked out a day in your life.

I'd actually do this. It'd be a proper Homer Simpson moment.

Then dude woulda fucked both him and his wife.

>this is somehow relevant

I really *love* the guys who work out in the gym exclusively and then come to me looking to start shit.
Fun fact: gym muscles count for shit in a fight. These are for looks, not for use.

Post a picture of HER. How was she dressed? This sounds like you were already a beta cuck and got confirmed and outted in a pretty bad way. She probably was already dressing like a thot the club guy knew you wouldnt do shit.
Nothing you can do now. Divorce or accept the beta cuck life.
Relevant question: who pays the bills? Does she work? How much you make?

Violence brings out an array in every individual. It's best not to rely on it because you don't know what kind of emotional response you're bringing out. Some people 'go violent' very different from others, and 'a fight' can mean very different things.

But that only works when women and trannies say it.

She probably won't respect you for just reasoning with the guy... not that he even did that.

>reasoning with the guy
No one’s expecting OP to lecture the guy about morality, but he could’ve at least told him to fuck off and insulted him

This is what happens when a beta pussy marries a thot out of his league. I don't give a shit how big the guy was, you should have at least said "get the fuck outta my face, fag".

Okay yeah that would be better.

>she got fake nails and long hair extensions

Lol op she is going to leave you. Not today, not tomorrow, but she will and you wont ever understand why , because you’re too busy being a total milk boi. I hope she finds a real man. She even gave you a chance by telling you to work out and regain her respect, but you didnt take it.

Dr. Jamcock Iniormum, PhD in Human Female behavior here.
Listen faggot, females accept monogamous relationships for comfort, stability and protection. Her instincts still needs the strongest semen to fertilize her. Guess what? She just confirmed that's not you.
The fact that you showed yourself to be a beta wimp stuttering loser showed her she doesn't need to give up stability and security to fill herself with the most potent alpha seeds.
Welcome to cuckville, she's exaggerating her female features (longer nails, longer hair, will probably want breast implants), because you're paying for all of it while she will offer herself to the alpha men to take her.
Either get off this relationship and date an appropriately beta uggo of your level (if that level even exists), or accept your cuck life of working overtime to pay for her wants and needs.

What’s wrong with you people? He WILL lose, so what’s the point? It means you’re that kind of guy that acts blindly without thinking rationally. If you can fight a guy like that without considering how you can win, you will also someday hurt your gf.

I’d be like “uh. It’s that time again where I’m losing a fight and end up in hospital, since my wife prefers having me also dead, than getting over a touch on the butt”. This is why I’m not emotionally available for relationships. Women can’t keep up with my rationality and they romanticize “ideal” relationship too much.

>still making cuckoldry threads on Jow Forums

Why do you think the woman is right? You fear losing women’s respect more than being right?

THis is why I will be alone forever. I refuse to submit to all this shit. I can work my ass off going to therapy and be alpha, but what’s in it for me? Just a woman who will leave me anyway for something trivial? They’re not worth it, they’re not worth changing myself.

You've ended up in one of those critical points in life where your instincts were being tested.

I have a feeling this is bait because the hair extension stuff etc seems too troll to be true, but I'll bite.
I was in a similar situation with me ex

>Ex and I touch down in Hong Kong, go to a dessert bar after dropping stuff off at hostel
>Sat together at bar
>Some random drunk Russian guy sits next to us
>He tries to initiate conversation, leans to touch ex
>I immediately look him in the eye and repeatedly tell him to go away
>Look at waitress, make it clear he isnt wanted
>He's a built tall guy so isn't easy to escort out
>Eventually he leaves, stand my ground
>See him arrested later in the night

I'm not surprised she's angry at you. But I think her constantly bringing it up is wrong. If you care for her, you need to start building your confidence (not her affection) back up. Get physically fit, do well at work, show initiative.
IF you are starting to hold a grudge against her and are less attracted to her, maybe you should leave her and find someone new. That's a tough road though and itll hurt for a while.

Should I like working out? Or should I work out out of hunger for women’s validation?

How do you know that you will win? If you lose, would she still respect you? I know for a fact that girls will be sexually attracted to guys who beat the shit out of their own bf.

Fuck women. What’s great about them? The sex? Attention?

Not him but what would women think of me if it turned into a fight and I lost pretty bad? Would they feel bad? Would they respect me? Or would they fuck the guy who beat the shit out of me?

I feel like man-woman relationship is very shallow. Something this trivial can make them lose respect in us.

Woman here. I would hope it didnt turn into a physical fight. But if it did, and you weren’t being dumb about it like egging the other person on, i would gain respect for you. And probably try to jump on the other guy if he was beating you up badly.
I would feel bad if you lost, but i would feel badly upset for you and want to take care of you. The point isn’t being strongest macho man and winning. It’s showing that you are willing to try to protect me from grabby men.

The lady gets it

How would you feel if I do it out of fear of losing your validation? Like, I didn’t actually feel angry or some shit, let’s say I was scared that you lose respect in me.

Even if you did it out of fear of losing my respect for you, that still means that you would protect me. It’s still much better than not doing or saying anything.
You not feeling angry that another man grabbed me inappropriately and made me feel uncomfortable, is a little weird and is a separate problem. i’d want to know why you aren’t bothered if such a thing happened. Is it because you dont care about me, or something else?

>And probably try to jump on the other guy's cock if he was beating you up badly.

Gym muscles count as muscles. I get your sentiment but a guy who knows nothing about fighting and can only bench 100 pounds is less of a threat than the same guy who can bench 300 pounds.

This, so much.

I don't think you guys understand how physical violence is experienced by parties involved. Do you think the whole world runs on who has the biggest club? Fucking retards, we are a social species. How the fuck dyou think we developed speech, writing, the internet, just about everything?

I knew a real story here that a girl fucked the guy who beat the shit out of her bf. That’s women for you.

Sure, if i werent a normal lady who cares about my boyfriend. I’ve defended past guys i’ve been with, from other douchebags who started shit. I would start screaming at the attacker if anyone was beating on my guy.. This was back in college so everyone was drunk and immature, but still

Don’t tell that to me, tell that to women.

Yeah but girls will always fuck the stronger guy who wins the fight.

Don't think it surprises anyone.
I honestly believe that women are still stuck in the stone age mentality due to the fact that they are still controlled by their emotions and just go along with whatever "feels" right.

story time man, feed my insecurities

Not sure about the detail but her bf got hospitalised, and then the guy who beat him apologised to her, and then the girl fucked him.

fuck what happened with her bf after he found out?

In a street fight you aren't evenly matched, there are no rules and no weight classes

A 6'4 muscular gym-goer in the 1000 pound club will absolutely dominate anyone of lesser height, weight, reach and power, I don't care how well they can fucking judo chop or whatever

And if you mean to talk about manual labour, you're just utterly full of shit. That shreds your body up and gets you a beer gut and only white collar romanticists think otherwise

Your little fantasy that guys who work out are just vain sissies is pure cope

People always talk like this and have never been intro trouble. If you hit hard enough you'll make monthly payments to the guy for the next years.

>Or would they fuck the guy who beat the shit out of me?
Some stranger walking up to your gf out of the blue and slapping her arse or doing whatever doesn't mean she'll immediately respond positively to it. However she may feel about her bf's reaction, or lack thereof, it doesn't mean she's going to be okay with what the stranger did.

LMAO right I'm sure your woman would have stepped in if things got physical between you and the guy. But then again that's not her job, right?

Fucking women, I swear.
honestly OP, if I'm feeling the music and "my girl" (FUCK NO GF HURTS) gets her ass grabbed, I'd go "HEY FUCK OFF" at the same time she'd say fuck off or a bit before. If he actually fucking laughed and said sorry I'd probably say something like "The fuck you say!?" 'cause that attitude is shitty and I need to correct it. If he walks away instead of showing me he's a changed man I'm gonna follow him unless wifey/gf holds me back

I would feel like you didn't care at all... like, someone basically assaulted her, and you just watched and said nothing? What would happen if someone outright attacked her when you were out?

I don't know, it's hard to explain, having never been in her place, but this sort of thing just feels like a huge betrayal of trust. You are supposed to have each others backs, and you just watched her fend for herself, without helping at all. I'd feel terrible knowing I meant that little to someone.

I'd be very sad it turned into a fight, and I would join in, just to help ensure it ended in our favour.

>I feel like man-woman relationship is very shallow.
This isn't exclusively man-women relationships... I dont know how you guys are when a friend of yours get assaulted, but me and my girl friends do whatever we can to help each other in these situations. If someone starts assaulting or violating one of us, the others will step in to do everything in their power to help. That's what you do for people you care about.

The guy fucking apologized and stopped. OP's wife beat him to the punch, what the fuck more does she want? If he had kept harassing her and not stopped, OP should have stepped in, but it was all done and the guy respected the fact that she was married.

I think Op's wife is just a thot who got shaken up when a Chad (something she's always wanted) grabbed her ass. She got mad that she was teased by the stronger man she couldn't have because of her marriage and then took it out on her husband.

Shes thinking of chad now

probably out drinking looking for a new man

wtf do you mean you froze? you smash a fucking bottle into his face. its a no brainer. god damn.

You fucked up OP, but it's not the end of the world. The girl lost respect for you in a serious way and I don't know if it can be fixed. As soon as the guy said "do something", you should have probably started punching him. If he would have beat your ass, you could blame it all on him and sue him or something, because he did provoke the whole insident. Don't feel bad though, I don't think anyone is really prepared to have such disrespect done to him and his gf, and have the state of mind to react accordingly, so it's understandable you froze. Just try to be more alert in general when you are with girls because some guys might try to mog you and if you let them it's over.

The correct response is probably something like "watch it!" or the "oi!" while physically placing yourself in between your wife and the offender.

You don't need to punch someone. Just by making yourself a barrier, you are forcing the move on him without escalating the situation. If he does escalate though (because he's drunk and/or crazy), well shit you might get punched I guess? That's the price of not being a pussy.

To judge this fairly we need to see a picture of your wife’s ass...

I agree with the first part, but manual labor can lead to muscle mass as well as going to the gym. And it certainly doesn't give you a beer gut. Carpenters for example have a lot of functional strength and the ones with beer guts get that from generally being older, eating like shit, and drinking beer.
But yeah, the user you were responding to most likely is in that class of "my technical fighting skills overcome any size advantage my opponent has."

Obviously in real life there are a lot of factors that go into a street fight. Size and skill being the most apparent. But surprise is also an ingrediant, hard to accout for a pool cue to the back of your head.

Wife is sexist. Just because Her husbands a man doesn’t mean the man has to protect her. Where the fuck is feminism when it’s about a woman standing up for herself.

If this isn't fake, then LMAO

Not to pile on OP but you would have been ok with a "watch it fucker' its the freezing that did it but the question you need to ask yourself is; How would she have reacted to this if you hadn't been around. The guy assumed she wasn't with anyone because she was acting like she was there alone, even with you there.

I actually have a hard time imagining how to handle this situation.

Let's, for a second, assume that you are a man. Let's say you knock this guy out and break his jaw, knocking out 3 teeth in the process. (A very real scenario).

A guy I know did this to someone. He paid $40,000 to settle out of court.

I am not sure what the legal situation is in this case.

Don't get me wrong, if you are under 18, go ahead and knock the guy out. But that doesn't apply to OP.