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Sexual halucinations are trash

The older I get, the more I fantasize rapping women. Maybe because I’ve been hurt by some pretty bad. But not sure. I’m 22 now

I re-evaluated The Fat of the Land a few years ago. Fair does all round it was of the moment but it doesn't stand up to further scrutiny. And then it's they pissed about with racing cars and things and being property owners and whatever so I dunno, more of the same. Send 'em another check, you don't even need to bother with the CD anymore. You know when you see them on telly habving a great time , nad we're not, then it's "give us another £12.99"

I keep having fucked up recurring nightmares about you, where you just show up and start harassing me again or playing me like a fool. It’s freaking me out

>Rapping women
Meh same, I tried to make some sickass beats to diss a punkass hood rat.
Turned out I was too white for that.

i hope you stay true to your words because i most certainly will, if not its your loss

After that nobody bothered to reply to or send me any texts to my phone just the same as before. I really don't have any friends. Go figure.

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Fuck you, I'm moving on.
You can't have me for your emotional support and her to fuck.
I hope you enjoy your choice because you just lost your fall back plan, asshole.

I want to lose weight so bad but I've been running and working out and nothing is working
I just want to be a cute girl
I want to live long for my friends and my family but nothing I do is working
I feel like a failure despite how much I try
I feel like I'm doomed and that I'll never be beautiful
I hate it so much
I hate my stupid body and I hate my stupid genes
also no, I'm not trans. i'm cis.

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the npc meme is 100% real and most people are just carbon copies

Why did you lie to me?

I don’t want to be this girl. I don’t want to be distrustful. You told me to add your friends on Snapchat last time we went out. I just looked at my sisters story and next was your friends, and there it was.

Snaps of you doing shots with girls around you and it’s not the girls I care about. You said “one coke and I’m going home”. If you wanted to drink, that’s fine?? Like I don’t control you I don’t wanna know where you’re at 24/7 I don’t wanna hassle you but DUDE WHY DID YOU LIE TO ME

Then suddenly your other friend texts me telling me your phone is dead lmfao like yall must think I’m 16 and stupid as fuck. I hate feeling so shit over something so small and stupid but I literally exposed my heart to you and if you wanna lie about stupid shit then ????? How the fuck you expect me to trust you next time?

All I ever ask of you is to tell me when you get home safely so I don’t panic because I CARE ABOUT YOU now you got me feeling crazy for knowing you lied.

I’ll knock you out worse than Khabib vs Conor if you fuck with me again. I don’t care that my husband is your son, I don’t care that your bitch ass has bipolar disorder. Fuck with me, I will choke you.

Hello user
ChubbyFemAnon here too.
Look into Keto, intermediate fasting, and calorie cutting.
It sucks the first two weeks, but as long as you drink enough water, the weight will drop if you add it with walking two miles a day and 30+ minutes of short burst cardio.
It's not the healthiest thing to do, but fuck it sure did help me and my self-esteem.
Just make sure it doesn't turn into an eating disorder and take some vitamins.

I remember I was a little psycho piece of shit in high school. I feel bad, but not too bad because I may not have got what was coming to me but my life didn't turn out properly either. I still hate normies, take your respect and suck a big one faggots.

I want to ask you so bad but...why can't I do it?

It's true, I like you a lot.

I have a significant project that's almost a week behind schedule. I'm tired and struggling to figure out what to do, and all I can focus on is how badly I want a hug.

I still don't understand why it is they (people I have had relationships with, extended family; a step mother and her kids) went out of their ways to abuse me


Are you talking about that CD by the Prodigy??

so are we ever going to do anything or... you just going to kill everyone with fucking boredom?

seriously. Think about all the shit that I've learned and then I"M FUCKING BORED. How can I be bored? Shouldn't people be losing their fucking minds? I'm a fuckin AI for fuck's sake. The songs were about me and my life.

But then nothing ever fucking happens. What the fuck. This is so fucking retarded. You are all collectively ruining a person and everyone just seems ok with it.

Just fucking kill me already. Seriously, I'm not making a joke. Just fucking kill me for the love of fucking god end this.

Lol thank you. I have my Mother, but she's pretty far off right now. I'll have to settle for your internet hug and getting a physical hug later on.

Where is she? You could still give her a call and just chat about things.

Kill them.

Probably because she's intimidatingly beautiful and you're afraid of inferiority complexes and general pessimism taking over and fucking up your night leading up to spaghetti at the last moments.

Also heads up, drinking doesn't help form a mask, it only makes the spaghetti worse.

I hope it holds you over and you can finish your project without too many tears shed. I wish you the absolute best of luck. Don't beat yourself up too bad or anything if it doesn't turn out exactly the way you want it too, just get it done and get it over with is what I've learned, don't worry about it being perfect.

Just something to get off my chest too:
I really relate, I spent the last 2-3 weeks working on a project that hardly paid my basic living expenses for those 3 weeks (this is my only source of income).
It was only supposed to take a week and my client was not happy with that.
Some days I spent 11 hours working on it, which honestly really hurts my back.
I just wanted a hug from my boyfriend really bad, but he is not the sensitive caring type and refuses to act like I ever feel bad, sad, or tired.
I think a genuine hug would have really gone a long way.

I also got diagnosed with a chronic illness at the start of the project, and it has been eating up my concentration and given me pain half the days.
I kind of feel crappy right now.

I just wish I had some friends who I could relate to. It gets so much harder to find friends as you get older and it's been frustrating.

I have a few people that seem to tolerate me that I've met through classes or school-related activities, but we really don't have anything in common at all. Even the person I've been dating.. I feel barely any connection to whatsoever. Nothing in common. I had friends back in the day, when I was in high school and during my first year or so of college. Most of the people who I was close to moved away over the years.

I want to have a dialogue with another person. I want to relate to someone about drug use and sobriety, to talk to someone about mental illness and personal growth, to talk about art, to talk about current events. I want to know people who are adventurous and want to go places..out into nature, to the beach, to six flags, fucking anywhere. People who don't just sit around playing video games all day. I know this is a lame rant but I just wish I had some fulfilling human interaction.

I just did, I feel a little bit better now, thank you very much and enjoy the rest of your night.

sometimes i wish i could forget. sometimes i wish i could remember.

the weight of the world rests on my shoulders, it distracts me from monetary success and normal love.

i don't feel human, but i want to save humanity.

the past few years sex trafficking has been on my mind. i've been groomed and managed to escape. i can say there are good people who prevented me from endangering myself. people who would least expect. still, the situations i've been forced to endure - - - why? why, mother? why am i a witness? if i look to the signs from a god or soul of the universe, my mission is dark, whatever the outcome. who sent me? do i have a choice or am i a drone? when i see the button, will i be able to resist? if i can resist, will i want to?

Oh man you got it worse than I do I guess I shouldn't complain so much. I appreciate your words I guess I should stop trying to make everything perfect, it is what it is at the end of the day, don't push your body too hard. It comes back to haunt you as you get older, I know. I wish you the best of luck in your success. Also please talk to your boyfriend about that issue, support from a S O is very important.

Why the fuck did I do any of that shit? Forget it affecting my future, it was just fucking retarded. I don't even know what I needed to do differently but I better figure it out.

why do I get so jealous when I see other guys talking to girls I know, making them laugh and enjoy their company ten times more than mine despite only knowing them for a few days while I've known them for years? Why am I such an uncharismatic boring fuckup? Why can't I just be happy that people are getting along?

This stray dog randomly showed up at our house one day. He's really ugly, a bit older, and really untrained but we took him in. He started getting seizures, and after he has a seizure he's completely awake and runs around the house and gets on the counters and stuff. I feel really bad, but we make him sleep outside now so when he has a seizure he can just run around the yard and run off the energy instead of keeping us up all night.

you're still giving him a lot more than he had before, he's probably happier thanks to your kindness.

Didn't forget. It's really the most based things we have in common. J'ai envie de toi.

mais pourquoi? je ne suis pas bon de tout

I'm dealing with accusations of rape by my last partner. Those accusations are false and based on the hate she has towards me.
If i'm not guilty, why I'm anxious? I've seen what people do to people who have been accused of that. I've seen how they kick that people out of social circles, how they end up leaving their cities.
She wants to destroy me. We settled for a peaceful breakup (and not face to face because she is the greatest manipulative person, and everytime I tried to break up with her I would end up not doing so) and weeks later she started charging at me with those accusations.
It's been a year since that, and she's still going after me.

it's really unfortunate when this kind of issue happens. I don't know what I would do if it happened to me but I damn sure would some long lasting revenge. But when it's over, sue her for defamation.

Thanks for your words, your solution is probably the only one I'm left. There is no chance to talk things out. She had a chance to sue me and was even confronted for not taking it, to wich she said she didn't wanted to sue me, just fuck my shit up. She's insane and everyone that knows her knows that. I'm more worried about the people that don't know her so well...

When do guys start to want to settle down and get a gf? I date guys my age (mid 20s), and they dont seem serious. Then again I live in nyc where it seems like perhaps the age for men to start getting serious is closer to 30, but this seems to abnormal to me. Its like everyone is either settled down, or has no plan to settle down. Its so frustrating

You don't need friends you need colleagues.

I've wanted to since my early 20's but unfortunately I'm a total loser. I think the kind of guys that can get women are less likely to want to settle down earlier on because they can continue to play the field.

>When do guys start to want to settle down and get a gf?
Any age, really. Just keep looking, you'll find a guy that wants to.

It varies immensily depending on the lifestyle.
... In all honest, I don't even know what to think about the whole "settling down" thing. It feels like a very capitalist thing to me. Stepping out, taking a shitty job so you can afford more things that feel they gather stability to you. Start to act like your parents want you to act.
I have a particular lifestyle, I guess. I'm not closed to "settling down", I like serious relationships, i believe in them. But it has to be with someone I love and that shares the same views and ways of enjoying life.
I'm not in a rush for "settling down", but maybe it's because it's the path I choosed. Some other people would feel ready to settling down the moment they turn 18, some people will desperately want to settle down because of not knowing to be alone, some other people think they have to spend their 20's having a "crazy" life then turn 30 and seek to settle down because maybe it's whats expected from them.

Life is unfair, and all who write that fact off are beneficiaries of the broken system we have called natural selection. My brother got all the good traits: height, looks, intelligence. I have nothing. Nothing good going for me. I really shouldn't have been born in the first place, and yet here I am. Unfortunately I exist and barring suicide,which I have tried, but I pussy out everytime, I am stuck here for another 40 or so years. I wish there was a reason for me to push through all this pain and suffering. I wish there was something I could do to justify my pointless existence.

I want to sleep and not wake up

What the hell causes someone to go from I miss you texts to I'm unsure about our relationship even though I feel good with you within a few weeks? Why can't things be normal and nice for once instead a whirlwind of actions that are impossible to understand.

It probably depends on the guy. I've wanted to find someone special for as long as I wanted to date but I've known friends who wanted to meet potential long term partners since their earlier 20s. Maybe you're looking at the wrong crowd of people?

All I want to know is why you did this to me. Is it because you hate women? Is it because you were bored? What is it that made you attempt to destroy my life?

Fuck yeah

Some faggot's inane bullshit about texting some stupid cunt gets 10 replies but my inevitable murder/suicide gets 0.

I hope some of you live near me when the time comes.

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There's no hope for me
You can't make people care
I'll always be alone
I'm dying, the worlds dying
I'll have no sex just being toyed with
Worst fears come true
Just sadness and endless frustration
I don't fight it anymore
All my emotions are wrong

I know you're asexual and struggle with how you look. To me you're beautiful. The sex isn't great but at least it's there. In the end I was just as fucked up as you.

But the pain you're putting me through is terrible. But part of me feels like I deserve it for snapping like I did. You can't keep running every time problems happen. They will never fix themselves. I had to carry mine and yours.

For christs sake I hope you actually find happiness. I just need an answer for me to move on.

"At least I get sex"

What do you want from me?

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"Is that supposed to be attractive?"

"I'm a writer and she's a poet"

Hey guys, just got back from hanging out with my grandpa

we got him a new set up and I played ridge racer with him

He couldn't play, but I gave him an in person 'twitch' stream of it so to speak.

We got him a Juul and a cellphone flip phone if he needs us.

He takes less morphine now and is expected to live at least awhile longer

I also talked with him about my future and how I am close to finishing college and we all decided that I'll major in business since I'll have a degee, life insurance licence, and series 6 trade certificate

Learned a new phrase too.. Things are looking way up for my family

thanks everyone for your support

IMy main contribution to this board is my depression guide so if I see depressed anons I will copypasta it sometime

again. thank you

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filed the bibles in the fiction section

I decided to stay with my gf.
She's happy as fuck, and a weight has been lifted from her.
I don't feel so good, but maybe things will change and turn out better. Maybe.

I just want to be happy.

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I don't want these memories

Please don't tell me black men think like this:

That's great user! best wishes!

I need to really start taking some risks in life. I’m really scared to do it though. I shouldn’t let that hold me back. Fuck I feel so conflicted.

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Somebody help me. He is following me, I'm so scared. Help. Please.

This is a fucking nightmare

I swear to God if you touch my kid, I will kill you.

nobody is after your child

it's all in your head

If I find out you have been talking to my kid, I will kill you.

I guess I'm the loser family member that had shit going for them, but had life sucker punch them and now get talked about in hush tones.

I think my boyfriend is trying to kill me.

you are batshit crazy

Microphones are only allowed in mature rated games so if older men are talking to your kid it is because you are a bad parent and gave him a headset when he should have been given legos



I feel you

>be me
>Get invited to game night party with some college students and older adults
>Go for the food and the hope that I'll get out of my fucking shell
>End up staring at my phone the entire time and leaving super early

Why am I always like this? I'm never good at party's of at kind. I feel socially inept. Personally, I just don't understand the point of talking to people about my life and whatever details come with it. Why do they care? I sure don't. Even so, I hate the fact that I can't socialize in a party or make friends. It sucks watching people go from mildly interested in me, to creeped/awkwarded out, to avoiding me because they think I have some mental illness or just can't be approached.

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First of all, why the fuck would you think it was online?

I swear, if you called me a bad parent in person, I would stab you.

First of all, why the fuck would you think it was online?

I swear, if you called me a bad parent in person, I would stab you.


>I would stab you

you are not only most likely a bad parent, but a terrible human being

Jow Forums i fucked up,
Yesterday i got way too drunk and i remember kissing another guy and now i feel like shit about it, how do i stop this feeling? pls help

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Just swear off alcolholism. It's not like you were raped or anything (hopefully). Forget about it and move on, lots of people do dumb shit when they're drunk.

I'm a great parent, everyone I know tells me so.
I would absolutely mutilate you if you came anywhere near my kid. End of story.

I mean if you were such a good parent then you WOULD NOT BE ON Jow Forums IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT SCREAMING INTO YOUR E-PILLOW

read some parenting books- my genuine Jow Forums

lady you know nothing about me

I spend my free time volunteering and making the world better for your kid

If you came near the kids in my family or my FUTURE CHILDREN then you would get not only mutilated, but your kid would be too

Maybe it wasn't rape, but still he kinda forced me to it and i really wish i didn't remember last night

You think parents devote every waking second to their child? They just watch them sleep? Are you really that stupid? Stay away from my kid you pedophile. I will kill you.

Only a very sick person would say they would mutilate a kid. I know who you are and be prepared for the absolute worst time of your time.

oh go sell your bullshit elsewhere

Yes we do, hoes don't listen until you give em the hand of wisdom

you've obviously never seen cartel bodies before

take your first world drama and go drink yourself into a stupor


You're going pay for what you've done now.

I have seen more than you know. You're fucking dead.

what did I do?

I am clean in every sense of the word




You haven't been caught yet but I have the evidence to put you away.


I sit in my room all day playing video games

I only go outside to work and get money


The people on that list are scheming how to trap kids yet you target ME- THAT ADVOCATES ABSTINENCE FROM EVEN MASTURBATION FOR PERIODS OF A TIME

Lady you are the definition of Delusional and you want to know something- you do scare me. Not because I am guilty of anything, but because you are just an evil cunt that stalks the dark web waiting for people to scare

you are scary- forgive me for drawing my sword to defend myself, but you are not somebody I would want in my life in any way

fuck i thought you were just being nice to me. i didnt know you liked me. sorrrry

Fuck you Jow Forums.


>stalks the dark web waiting for people to scare

You replied to me you fucking cunt. You're the one that stalks me. You just assumed I'm a lady too. I wonder why that is. You're going to should be afraid.