I have a girl friend how likes cosplay

I have a girl friend how likes cosplay.
Lately she been into Fallout stuff and made a cosplay of it for a Con.
But she fucking looks like Vault meat [spoiler]from Shadman[/spoiler]

Should i tell her? It's possible anyone thinks she's a pervert in the Con?

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>how likes cosplay.

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A lot of people dress permiscuously at cons and leave without harm. I wouldn't even recognize this character, but I hate shadman so I wouldn't know. If you're worried go with her.

Noticed how less and less people respond to you? Making fun of you isn't even interesting anymore.

Kek, i got you banned like 10 times today hahaha, if i was you i would go offline irl

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Not everyone that hates a literal degenerate such as yourself is the same guy.
Truth is half of the board doesn't like you, not just one guy, sorry.

Please cry more, this is music to my ears

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God, you again? Why don’t you get a life weeaboo haven’t yo noticed no one here likes you? It’s not funny anymore it’s actually kinda sad

I really hope that you realize how dumb you were in a few years.
No one's crying, no one's getting mad, we just don't want to let an idiot like you rampage around the board.

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Sasuke here again? Nigga no one likes you. Not in real life, not in Jow Forums how sad must that be?
What do you expect from a dude who crashes every thread and thinking anyone cares for what he has to say

I'd tell her just for the laughs, unless you two aren't that open about porn stuff.

Don’t forget his shitty taste in music

The thing is I think he's genuinely autistic, and not in a "haha funny Jow Forums" way, like he's actually retarded.
He's living in his own little bubble.

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How did I post 2 replies under a minute when I'm the same person?

No wonder why he prefers to think himself as a Death Note character, now I understand the saltiness

Literally laughing, and that dude thinks he’s better than us?

One of his first threads with pic related a few months back was him asking how to get L's hairstyle.

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Noticed how he suddenly appears have vanished?
This isn’t a phase moooom, this is who I really am!!! Get out of my room gosh

My favorite episodes of him is when he goes to threads and larps as a scene emo girl.

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Careful he might actually think he’s him and write user 1 and user 2 and user 3 in his diary

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Who are you talking about dude? You keep thinking only one person dislikes you...?

>Thats a lie, proof or fuck off
OK, here

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>like i said my iq is 159
And still he spends his time on Adv/ it must be interesting be a faggot like you

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Ted Cruz absolutely BTFO

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But now thanks to you, we actually have photos to use and shhh this commie faggot

Communism is actually way better than todays system, but ok...


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That photo isn't even made by me.
Ted Cruz went through a phase where he posted his face a lot for some reason.
Funny how that's the only post you respond to even when you asked for proof and provided, just makes you look even more pathetic.

Commie, faggot, weeaboo, pretentious, wow that’s an awful combination

>Ted Cruz went through a phase where he posted his face a lot for some reason.
Lol agin lie
You made that, not me, you keep on larping with my face

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Bro, stop this, he will still convince himself everyone is fond of him, and even with proof of how dense he is, he will deny it

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See you in another post then, Ted

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This is not a phase mom!!! This is my real self!!! Gosh!!!

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Lol is so sad that you don't realize how stupid you are, you got outsmarted is over m8, you see this thread was dead until you dint shoe up and then somehow so many "users" responded, like for real you got two digit iq hahahah, yikes.


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You forgot the nightcore emo song

I don't know if this is parody or the real thing.

Think what you want m8, you’re the one who’s “tired” of being made fun of for your fixation for l lawliet

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If L was real he'd be the first one to make fun of this faggot. He'd be shitposting here ITT right now.

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Fraction of a second apart? And this dumbass thinks we’re the same...

>correction 138+ million

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It's a VPN

Lol yeah, I keep forgetting


>you got outsmarted is over m8
>dint shoe up

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i dont think its a good idea to tell her. That would be weird


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tfw no shadbase inspired gf

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Tell her, but do it in a casual joking way

Does she have a dog? That's important

Dont tell her. If she has a basic bob cut, its just cuz its common. If she tries to put eyeliner on, discourage her and say they didnt have it in Fallout or something