Sup Jow Forums, I have a somewhat weird question. How much should you indulge in your partner's fetishes...

Sup Jow Forums, I have a somewhat weird question. How much should you indulge in your partner's fetishes? My wife is into some weird shit and it's escalating with every year, to the point that it reflects on my attitude towards her. Frankly, she frightens me after some things we did in bed.
So what should I do and how do I set up boundaries?

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Easy. Just go back in time and tell yourself that you should have set boundaries before talking fetishes because now it's too late.

Anything useful? Fucking smartass.

Hard to think anything other than straight up communication will resolve this. Anything else will result in bottled up feelings / resentment / anger / etc...

Tell her that you just can't force yourself into some of the creepier shit she's getting into. I mean, you aren't, right? You gotta talk to her about it.
Maybe try to get her out of those fetishes? I have no idea if that'll be an option though. Once you get into a fetish, you never go back. You might forget, but it will remain in the back of your mind.

... I'm curious though. What's she into to make you frightened? Gotta be some hardcore S&M bondage shit.

Well, I tried talking with her about it, but whenever we start with something vanilla like rape fantasy, she always skews it to the hard core shit, little by little. It's hard to say no, when half blood flow has been diverged from my brain.

>What's she into to make you frightened? Gotta be some hardcore S&M bondage shit.
Well, there's a lot. She loves hardcore physical abuse. Not some slapping shit, but something that leaves bruises and busted lips. Although after her mom called cops on me, after he saw her lips busted, we agreed to stay away from the face. Still, she loves when I beat her with my fists, use pins on her nipples or use a lighter on her breasts. On top of that we are heavy into role-playing, which started as simple shit, but evolved into Daddy/daughter, than Daddy/daughter rape, then into.rape and abuse of an underaged girl (which is she, obviously) and now she's fantasizing about a threesome with a 13 yo girl/boy.
I know it sounds like.LARP, but I swear it's true

Woah. And I thought shit like that only happened in my doujins. I get it now, especially the threesome part.

Have you tried talking to her when you're not in the heat though? It's hard to revert back from a fetish, but maybe you could stop her from getting in deeper.

No offense but it sounds like you should talk to her. She may be trying to repress some sexual trauma as is often the case with extreme kinks.

Well, we talked about her history, she says that there wasn't anything abusive in her childhood and her sex life before me was pretty normal, aside from all her fetishes. She did say that her first fap was to Marquis de Sade book, when she was 11. She's also really balanced and normal outside of the sack
Yeah, we talked about it outside of the bed multiple times and agreed to rain our degeneracy in, but whenever she begs me to hit her harder or begs me to punch her, I do it. That's the main problem, that in heat o can't say no and after I blow my load, I feel horrible

I used to be into plenty of weird fetishes when I met my boyfriend. He’s a really straight and gentle dude so he wasn’t into it at all. It’s been a year now and I think the sex is great and I don’t think about the fetishes

So how did you get over your perversions?

I won't lie OP, this sounds as a LARP, still, if not, I suggest that you drop her. She is clearly severely damaged and I'd be worried for my safety, or about having children with her. Since she sounds like a sadistic pedo, no offence

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Holy shit, this is actually fucking hot. I don’t know what are you complaining about, you struck a sexual gold mind. I wish my gf was as freaky

It took a while, at first I was really upset that my boyfriend wasn’t into it because I really love him and I thought I loved that kind of sex too. But after a few months I realised it wasn’t worth it if it meant I was going to be incompatable with my partner. So I started just focusing on the sex we have and now I enjoy it more than anything. He’s really sensitive and likes really light touches so I’ve gotten really into that.

Well, we tried that, but since I already indulged her many times, it's hard not to do it again. Besides, the escalation is sneaky, we may start with some vanilla role-playing and slowly but surely end up somewhere bad again. I wish that I had enough spine to say stop at daddy/daughter rape role-playing

Get as far from her as fast as you can. She is nuttier than squirrel shit.

Well, we are already married and have two kids. So it's too late for that

Yes my boyfriend has been very stern from the start about what he isn’t into. He has developed some new kinks since being with me but they’re all very light, like light spanking, and a little bit of role play where we both pretend to be teenage virgins lol. But honestly what stops me from pushing the limit is respect for him. You need to be brave and lay out exactly what you aren’t comfortable with it, and if she respects you, she should remember. It might take a couple of reminders but it should stick IF she respects you. If she doesn’t, you should find a new partner who respects your boundaries.

Just read the married and 2 kids part after I responded. That’s a hard situation. Maybe some couples therapy ?

You could appoint yourself Master, if she’s already into that shit you can take control. Set boundaries that way.
Some women get freaky over the years.

I tried that shit, but during sex, whenever she begs me to do something, I just don't have the willpower to say no.
Counseling sounds nice, but I doubt that she'll agree. She comes from a traditional family, that looks down upon psychological help. Fucking Russians, man