New name

Hi everyone

I need a new name to use on Jow Forums, any suggestion's? I kinda got tired of the old one.
Thanks for all the help in advance anons.

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Are you really going to feel comfortable using a name someone else came up for you?


Yeah is fine, i am out of ideas anyway.

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Try using the name Anonymous

Nah, sounds gay

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Tiananmen Square

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I dont get it.

What’s wrong with that name? Or why don’t you just use user?

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Last bump

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J Jawjiet

What about, Nate River?

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What about Homer Jay Simpson

I want cool pen name

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Does it need to be anime related?
What about Hōtarō Oreki


It suites you :3

Nah i leave that for you xD

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we are user, only names can bring faggotry to this degree. another suggestion might be "go outside" or "wash your greasy hair" or even "I am actually not important to anyone"

No, that sounds stupid it would probably fit you more

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ted cruz

You should use Ted Cruz, that does suit you

No, i am not a mutt

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You’re right, calling you Ted Cruz is unfair for that guy.

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Ok reported .

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Do it, I already have screenshots of you pretending to be someone else, name calling other people, mocking he board, and literally being a lil bitch when the one being pushed is you, If i end up being banned guess what, others will continue calling you names because no matter what, it’s your attitude the worst of your persona.
Anyways I’m going for an actual date. Keep being a little bitch to others. I’ll make sure to take a pint in your name

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You already fuckt up with first message, for mexican your english is not bad, but you need more training

In 3rd message you almost freaked out lol, is a miracle that she didnt ghost you

But why do you have to show this to me, i am 21 and i do this all the time, you are absolutely cringe. Try not selling her to cartel amigo ni**er. Now jump on a donky and gtfo.

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I know i am going with Hector

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