Girls here reading this

Girls here reading this

What fashion trends do you hate guys wearing?

What are some fashion you'd love to see more of on guys?

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bamp for curiosity

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Bro if a girl tried to dress a dude you'd end up looking like a fucking nigger

Who fucking cares. If he looks like a faggot, I’ll say he looks like a faggot.

cargo shorts
baggy hoodies
socks with sandals
short hair
small feet

but small feet aren't a trend guys can wear

Just be /fa/.

>short hair
Does this include the gay ass fade things that look like rooster's head?
I hate those


I love anime and gamer t-shirts

I've heard many women claim they love to see a man in a suit. Which sucks because I hate suits and think they're terribly ugly.

>small feet
I know where this is going. Lol thats a myth, princess.

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This is nice, but you just have to wear clothes that fit, aren't dirty or worn out, and nothing tacky.

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I don't have very strong opinions on men's fashion. Just wear stuff that fits (no jeans that flop around your legs or shirts you could smuggle kilos of drugs in, and for the love of god no button downs that are so tight around the stomach that you can see the undershirt/skin between the buttons), is clean, and preferably has a color that flatters you. A lot of men dress in gray colors - navy, black, grey, white, maybe wine red if they're feeling fancy - so a man wearing something bright is always remarkable.

In terms of style, I can definitely appreciate a man who dresses well and has a personal aesthetic because it is quite rare. But I've known and been fond of so many guys who can't dress themselves nicely to save their life that I honestly find that look also kind of endearing and masculine. Unless a guy wears a fedora or sports a fancy cane or something I can't really imagine their fashion being a dealbreaker.

Also I've been waiting for YEARS for (modest, well-kept) sideburns to get back in hipster style. Kind of salty that of all things quirky mustaches are around but nope, no sideburns. But to be fair it's so rare that if I were a guy I don't think I'd go there either, before you know it you're sideburn guy to everyone and their sister.

How bout this?

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Hmm not a huge fan, I think the purple would match up better with (dark) grey. This combination reminds me too much of a lingerie set. In general I think suits of all things are such classic articles of clothing that going for midnight blue or something is fine. Was more talking about casual wear where most men overwhelmingly opt for safe colors, too. I realize I even forgot about the obligatory army/olive green and beige.

I can understand feeling hesitant to wear purple or pink outside as a man but what's wrong with a nice cornflower blue or light green? Or a mellow orange, like tangerines?

I for real hate polo's: honestly most guys look GREAT in button up shirts, especially with the sleeves rolled up halfway. You can either wear it by it'self or unbuttoned and over a t-shirt: still looks good!

I just like purple.

s o c i e t y

Nothing wrong with purple itself, I just find the combination with black a little harsh/tacky. And many people are afraid of looking like an eggplant. But it can look great, I'm especially fond of Cadbury purple.

I know its tacky, was just wondering about the purple. I also think im going to get some red, orange and yellow button ups. I dont wear suits. I only wear boots, button ups, t's, and jeans.

The shade of purple is fine, classic.

My closets gunna look like a gay flag. :)

Haha nice, enjoy. Take your time trying different things on and see what flatters your complexion and eyes/hair, notably if you do better with cool shades or warm shades.

If you don't know the difference this isn't easy to explain but basically think of gold and silver. They have a different appeal and people who look royal and festive in gold tend to look washed out in silver, whereas people who look frosty cool in silver tend to look washed out in gold. The same applies to any shade, for example looking at red there's warm shades like the orange-y red of poppies, and cool shades like the more bluish red of cherries. Either cool or warm shades will make you look better - more rested, more vibrant - and it's definitely worth checking out what does it for you. If you really really can't tell ask a sales person or bring someone who knows about clothes. It's also going to spare you a lot of hassle, it's really practical knowing beforehand which shades are simply not for you.

Both work for me. Have a navy button white plad stripes and a red button up that are my signature shirts. Going to get a professional to measure me than get all tailor made clothes. I of course have an assortment of boots for every occasion as well as a pair of converses that i wear when just wearing a t.

I wear all black with no signs and I don't get laid. Fuck my 5'2 height.

I hate when guys wear
>sandals + socks + basketball shorts combo
>Dress shoes during not fancy time
>short hair
>unexfoliated, unnurtured skin
I love when guys wear
>tank tops
>bottoms that show off they booty
>solid colored sneakers
>patterned windbreakers or bomber jackets
those were just some specific things

>What fashion trends do you hate guys wearing?
shorts and sandals

>What are some fashion you'd love to see more of on guys?
hipster but not over the top

Lavender the colour of luxury

I love guys in suits, but can't for the life of me appreciate those vests. I have no idea why, they just seem to turn an appealing outfit into someone that looks boring and uninspiring, which makes no sense. Probably reminds me too much of my granddad.

Other than that, I just like neat fitting clothes in general, preferably plain. Those thin blouses on top of a shirt also looks good, but generally just motif free, and tight fitting looks great.

For the love of all that is holy, stop wearing "torn" clothes, or let your pants drop down to reveal your underwear. I know some faggy guys think it looks cool, but that is the definition of cringe. I don't care if the clothing is purposely torn and poorly fitted, it looks like shit either way.

Hate everything weeb look on a guy. It’s synonym with childish, neet, beta, cuck and other negative traits.
Rugged look with fashionable simple traditional clothing is the man I like. It signifies stability, respected, alpha, kind and down to earth.

I hate when guys wear their pants under their ass. Like what is the point? It makes you look like your legs are tiny and does nothing for your ass. I like it when guys wear more fitted clothing that isn't so baggy so you can see their ass better ;)

Tacky af and fits like garbage. Where the fuck would you even wear a purple suit apart from gay pride parades?

How does having the male equivalent of a purse make a man less attractive? Lol

>male equivalent of a purse
That would be a shoulder bag, fashionlet.

I find it such a turn off when people wear bright colours. Something feels childish about it.

visible underwear sticking out of trousers

sweatshirts with the sleeves cut off

I really like those alt guys
You know those that gets small horns imbedded under the skin in their forehead i wish more guys would do this its just so hot to have your own sexy badboy devil ;)

I find that like a warning label lol

Things i hate
>reddit tier graphic shirts
>baggy, ill-fitted jeans
>new balance shoes
>any shitty tennis shoe your mom got you from walmart
>hypebeast bullshit
>cliche designer logos and patterns
>sagging jeans

Oh, and facial piercings (only one i like is the septum) , facial tattoos, and gym shorts

Lol learn to read more. I was concerned with the color alone, not the suit.

Skinny jeans on men who are chubby, fat, muscular, have a butt

Seeing 3/4ths of a man's underwear out his pants.

Huge arsed beards that have been immaculately trimmed. Manscaping.

Faux-rugged pretty boys with tats and piercings.

I find skinny jeans awful, in my eyes they look kinda gay.
Worse is skinny jeans that don't cover the ankle plus no socks plus shaved legs.
I like baggy or cargo pants (but please no camo, that doesn't suit many people).

In general I dont like a style that looks affected.

I also like the way sideburns look. If I could grow them, I'd have something like this. But I can't grow sideburns, so I just have a normal buzzcut.

sucks being low test.

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I have a mullet, trucker hat, Ian-length full squared goatee and sideburns to my jawline. I either wear doomercore or a dark polo with a bomber jacket. 27, 6'1", 210lbs.

Haha sounds fucking ugly my man

Are feet shoes?

I don’t require any much of a work. You guys just need to be in shape. Even with t shirt and jeans on you still look good.

What do women tend to think of
>Floral print button down,black,tucked
>black trousers
>black shoes?
Still gonna wear it either way