Jow Forums where do you find older women irl to fuck/date?

Jow Forums where do you find older women irl to fuck/date?

21 year old male and recently found out that olderwomen find me really attractive despite girls my age not giving me the time of day.

I already have mommy gf and femdom fantasies so this works. Pls help.

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Honestly I don't know. One of my friends gets hit on older women alot at his former and current job, which was fast-food and now an amazon warehouse. Other than that try dating apps and maybe bars.

I wanna nut on those

Never been to a bar really before (I mean never to drink, obviously gone to bars to eat with family countless times). Could you explain how that works?

And by how it works I mean the social environment and how you get laid in it, not how to transactionally acquire alcohol.

There are specific bars that older women hang out at you have to find out which ones in your town.

I haven't really done that but sit down and flirt with a girl by herself or have a wingman to occupy her friends

Where do you find out that stuff?

Start with bars that were new and trendy when the women you're looking for were young. They'll still be there, because old habits die hard. Second option is to try more expensive and fancier bars, because they'll be too expensive for younger women and the clientele will be older. Just made this shit up, so take it with a grain of salt.

Fucking weeb bois and their mommy issues. Just increase the age slider on your preferred dating app.

Gonna be so happy when this feminine beta boy trend shit disappear.

I was lucky enough to have an older wiser guru in town tell me which bars

I wouldn't agree with expensive fancy bar advice. Not that they might not be there but they probably aren't looking for op's type

Depends really on whether OP is toyboy material or not.

I'm picturing Scott Wolf from party of 5 ever see that show?

I think we all know that he is not.

It's not a trend and it's only going to get more prominent. Also, weebs are kiddy diddlers if anything.

It’s a niche that became a trend. I know it’s here to stay, but fuck I’m gonna be so happy when this weeb neet self-esteem beta shit tone down. Luckily this is still mostly prominent in the US, gods that country suck ass.

When did I say I was a weeb, and how am I beta?

I guess you could consider me lucky, I’m a 20yo guy dating a 22 yo nympho who looks pretty mommy to me

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Good fucking christ what is wrong with zoomers these days
Mommy aesthetics are a big chest with a sweater and a thick single braid
That is a perpetually single SJW that works at a tattoo parlor

Good fucking christ what is wrong with incels these days

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Yeah. The bane of my dating scene. Yuck. Fucking neet beta cuck weeb bois.

how is it a trend? and how is it here to stay. I don't think any young or older guy would prefer sleeping with older women than 18-24 year olds.

I don't understand the appeal. is it mommy issues?

how is not beta to want to sleep with older women instead of young women? and to even prefer it. you even said women your age don't give you the time of day. if you weren't beta they would

RIP greatest slav tits

>Jow Forums where do you find older women irl to fuck/date?
get on any of the dating apps, set your age slider to older than you.
pro tip, be hot. do that, lead these bitches on and lie to them do whatever you need to do to get that dick wet and you should have a steady stream of pic related

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Not even disagreeing with you, but you should cool it with the buzzword salad over there.

Just escaping the immaturity and bullshit that recent college grad people come with.

Suger mommas were sweet they paid for expensive meals

disturbing phenomenon