Why do girls and women like horses and ponies so much?

why do girls and women like horses and ponies so much?

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they learn us how to ride, if you know what I mean ;)

Because they have long hair and they don't care

and horse dicks are so big, human male penises are just meh in comparison... that's why we love horses

now that the secret has been out there, what are you going to do? was this information useful? is the girl you're interested in (or girls) into horses... be careful, she might think your dick is just way too small (even though it doesn't have to for girls who don't like horses)

>this thread
Is dating a horsegirl cuckoldry

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You’re insane if you date a horsegirl.
It’s really not worth it

horsegirls will cheat on you in front of you

You are dating the most dull demographic ever thus cucking yourself.

Holy shit though, do you know a single horse chick that ISN'T crazy.

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Can confirm from personal experience that every single horse girl is insane, and not in a good way.

Unironically some Freudian shit

There are girls who like horses, girls who own horses, and horsegirls.

>Girls who like horses
Most likely harmless and "normal", able to respect large animals, probably even cool

>Girls who own horses
Probably swimming in money, but approach with caution. May have weird aura of elitism

Stay away. Stay the fuck away.

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What the fuck is a 'horsegirl' if not a "girl who likes horses"?

What do you think, retard? Do you think the scale goes immediately from "thinks cars are alright" to "literally Ken Block"?

Casual vs European Extreme

A girl whose whole existence is based around horses

I've never met a horsegirl.

Riding is a fun pasttime. But from over a decade of being among horse people, I've got to agree with an old trainer of mine who said that unfortunately, next to genuine animal and outdoor lovers, horses also attract bullies. And these bullies don't stop at turning the barn atmosphere toxic, they bully their horses too under pretenses of training.

It helps that horses can endure a lot of pain and stupidity without ever fighting back, video related.


Imagine her trying that with a pitbull.

You're lucky. I'm in vet school and a considerable number of my classmates are horsegirls. They can get really obnoxious.

>They can get really obnoxious.
In what ways?

Why do you ask so many retarded questions
Same ways as any obsessive fuckwit

Imagine a dweeb passionately defending his favourite animes. Only that 'equestrian lore' is hotly debated, with new trainer gurus popping up with their quick-fix-classes every day.

Can confirm due to experiencing it personally in my past.

just did some reminiscing. At least 3 women who have been interested in me have been horsegirls/horseowners.
To top it off, I got along really well with two of them. Am i fucked Jow Forumsisors?

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because it gets them off, them riding a horse is just them having their clit rubbed for hours

This. I magically hooked up with a horse girl, and afterwards she laughed and said that she can't believe that we did that cause she only goes for black guys. She also calls her father "daddy"

So just a regular day on Jow Forums then.

>"Rich kid syndrome"

Basically they think they're better than anyone else and "forget" that not everyone is as loaded as they are. They also assume that everyone has the same basic knowledge of horses and (often out loud) question how other people don't know something they deem "common knowledge".

Like, fuck off Maria, you're not better than me if I can't name off the top of my head what exactly should I write in a horse's passport when identifying it. It's not like I'm aiming to become an equine vet anyway.

I don't know why they love what are essentially antiquated cars so much. I mean we might need them again if we nuke ourselves back to the stone ages I guess.

So If I like one horse girl from my school I'm fucked?

In my experience, every horse girl I’ve known is boring as shit.

I knew a horse girl who raped another girl (possibly another horse girl, not sure). I think she jammed her hands down her pants and tried kissing her, even after being told she wasn’t interested. Weird too cause the girl was smoking hot. Anyways, she got kicked out of school for it.

Dated a horse girl and she dumped me cause she 'just didn't feel it and lets just be friends'. That's after 4 months of dating. Crazy bitches.

The way a saddle grinds against a cunny makes riding a horse feel like a woman is jacking off in public

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Horses are powerful animals that can be tamed/dominated, and women love to be in charge, so thats it. Most powerful creature they can impose their will on without taking too many risks.

Horses are like $40-80k, horse girls come from rich families

>tfw this thread kind of aroused me.