How do I get a girlfriend?

How do I get a girlfriend?

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By catching a woman's interest, building a rapport through intimate meetings, then finally asking her out

How do I do any of that

Show her your dick and guess by her reaction if she likes you

I don't know, I've never had a girlfriend

Talk to a lot of women.

But women scare me

it's easy
just be tall good looking charismatic with good social skills and a lot of interesting hobbies and an appealing personality

What will the women offer me in the exchange? True love?

Getting a girlfriend is easy. Even I manage to get a gf now and then.

Keeping the girlfriend is the true challenge which I always fail at.

Be more of a dick than you’re used to, makes you more interesting to them. Fake your confidence until you believe it and wait for her to tell you that she loves you before you say it to her.

First thing? Leave this place forever


case closed

God no.
But if you make your entire life about it, you might get a person who wants to be on your team.

>God no
Uhm, why is true love a bad thing?

It isn't a bad thing, you just can't get it from women.

Is easy, be good at something, i am for example good in math, girls like someone who has potential to become something big. Also have a good personality, some girl like criminals but most don't, for example if you are cop or firefighter you will get gf easy. In the end every girl is different, just be yourself ( best version of yourself, do what you are good at).

Also dont listen to retards here Jow Forums users like misguide people because they think is funny.

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Is that true?

Right, you've never misguided people on the pretense of humour, not even once.

No user, he is a incel that probably never had gf, and is spreading bullshit

How about you help user and stop arguing for no reason on internet Hector
Sorry for grammar mistakes i am on the phone

Yes, you've never argued on the internet just to get your rocks off...

Looks Hector, i am trying to help this nice lad, please don't derail this thread, thanks. If you are so eager to argue with me you can do so in off topic thread.

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be yourself

Right, you've never derailed a thread just to make yourself look better...

lyin' ted

How do I get womens interest in a positive way? Whenever I try talking she puts out body language like she isn't interested and gives short as possible responses.

read this

Be attractive