Im going insane

spoke to my ex today who claimed I spent our entire 2 year relationship emotionally abusing him, he's now blocked me on absolutely everything and won't talk to me at all. Claimed I made fake tinder accounts to catfish him too. I didn't do either and i don't know how to live with myself. I really don't think I abused him and im going crazy at the idea I did, I spent the last two years really helping him and making sure he's okay and he's just thrown it back in my face. I really thought he was my soulmate.

How do I stop crying? How do I stop hating myself? How do I stop feeling this world is worthless and im an awful being who doesn't deserve to be in it?

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The fact that you're this concerned about this most likely means that you didnt emotionally abuse him and he's just being a faggot

Sucks but you know you didn't do those things. Not sure why you care about this obviously crazy guy.

Why was he on Tinder??

>How do I stop crying? How do I stop hating myself? How do I stop feeling this world is worthless and im an awful being who doesn't deserve to be in it?

Well, if you remember that you didn't abuse him then try to relax.

Maybe he went crazy (schizophrenic?).
Maybe somebody told him bad things about your relationship.
Maybe his strange opinion is the only way to get over the breakup.
Maybe - at some points - he actually felt emotionally abused.

Can you talk to him and ask him?
If not, try to make a cut here.

If what you're telling us is true, it sounds like he's got some mental problems. Especially the part about accusing you of making fake tinder accounts. Sounds like paranoid personality disorder or maybe even full blown schizophrenia

>How do I stop crying? How do I stop hating myself? How do I stop feeling this world is worthless and im an awful being who doesn't deserve to be in it?
By finding another man who will actually love you.

Don't do this. Ever. Those are the wrong reasons to look for a relationship.

My recommendation is to just write a letter apologyzing for anything he fealt you've done to him and tell him all you wish to tell him. Send it somewhere you know he'll see it.

You'll feel relieved to have spoken your mind about the situation, make sure you don't skip anything you'll regret not saying

After that just try to wish him the best and respect his desition as stupid as it may be
If you feel like you've done nothing wrong to him, at the very least you were not trying, everyone makes mistakes, sometimes the mistakes can even be small things that an overthinking person may take in the wrong way, it's not your fault

Be sure to not stop doing anything you were doing, push yourself to keep doing your own stuff as if your life depended on it (well, it kinda does though)
If you didn't have much going on, try to get to know yourself again, get some hobbies, keep your mind busy on positive stuff.

It's ok to cry, maybe for hours on the first days but don't let the sadness consume your life, you're a caring human being, take care of yourself

I'm op thanks all I appreciate it. He's now making fake facebook accounts to put himself in a relationship with. Probably just to hurt me

Such an immature guy. You really don't deserve him at all!

>I didn't do either
Sure thing. I'll take your word over the guy who's been a victim. Makes sense.

I don't have any tinder accounts and i said to my ex I'd prove it but he didn't listen to me. I really don't think I abused him either. Maybe I'm wrong though and he does feel that way

You couldn't prove you didn't because you actually did. All you did was probably deleted the app and showed him you didn't have it. Profiles stick with the phone number even if you delete the app.

He claimed the account had to be paid because we live 500 miles apart. Then he can check all my bank statements. If he felt like I was harassing him over Tinder then he can go to the police and get them to IP track it all. I did NOT DO IT. I swear on my fucking life I did not do it and honestly I'm terrified that someone is impersonating me on tinder and i wonder if I should go to the police for defamation

He needs space. He doesn't sound like he's thinking clearly. It's possible (likely) that your energy right now is something that makes him so uncomfortable that he is unable to function normally. Give him space, and time. The time-out may prove to be equally beneficial to you both.

Imagine going to these lengths trying to shift the blame. You have serious mental issues

I have serious mental issues for saying I didn't do things that i didn't? Admittedly I can't say anything about the emotional abuse but i really truly believe I was the best person I could be. And yeah tinder definitely wasn't me so

To all the guys who are instantaneous to dismiss the (voiceless) guy... Really? I mean, look at the way this chick is laying the situation out... Red flag, red flag, red flag, etc ...
This is at best a biased one sided account or it (more likely) is a case of cooky bitch getting the slip and throwing a fit.

Not only for saying you didn't, but then saying you're going to go to the police and file a defamation case against some imaginary tinder account that is supposedly impersonating you. Just own up. For your own sake. No one on this website will be surprised if you had the Tinder account. Come clean to us, and you'll be able to take a mental breather

I didn't make a tinder and i know i didn't. I don't want anyone to dismiss my ex either, id rather people be critical, I want to be the best person I can be

why do people indirectly respond to people in their own threads? like I'm not waiting in this thread with bated breath hoping for a response, directly reply to people you fucks

You're too entrenched in your own lies and alternate reality for anyone on this website to help. You truly need to go to a psychologist or something. This isn't healthy, and I feel bad that your boyfriend is/was subjected to this

Get real, psycho

at least she's not as pathetic as any of the white knights (whom were so quick to denounce their masculinity in order to curry favor with anything that has a pussy)

Is this the new thing? To not respond to direct posts?

I've been there. He's not worth your time and energy. Besides, what the fuck was he doing in Tinder during your relationship anyway? That alone is a huge red flag.

That guy is a cunt. But life goes on, you'll heal, and you'll find someone who's good for you.

Wow, is he 14?

Im on mobile and idk how to respond directly to people lmao sorry. I appreciate kind words said here. I don't ever wanna be a bad person and i will take the time to heal and hopefully get better.

You need to see a therapist and start working on your deep-seated issues made apparent by this incident

Yeah, I'm definitely going to see a therapist thank you

Good for you. I'm glad you're at least willing to do that. Please be honest with them