I've been catfishing someone for the past year or so. Catfishing isn't the term I would personally use to describe my actions, but I guess it would probably be the most accurate regardless.
A bit of backstory: knew the person I'm currently catfishing three years ago, got very attached to them, but we eventually started growing kind of distant and some various issues arose and we stopped talking after a year or so. Was devastated to have lost them, and with another persona I introduced myself to them and got to know them last year, leading up to present day. We've talked pretty much every day since I introduced myself and we have gotten very close. Although it could be considered another persona, it's really not much different from how I am or how I was around them before, just obviously cutting out the facts that link the persona and who they knew me as before.
Just to clear up some questions I except to get:
Why are you catfishing? - As I said before, I grew very attached to them and couldn't really handle them being gone. I tend to get extremely dependent on others, such as needing them to assist and guide me throughout my daily life, emotional support, etc., and could never really get over them leaving. Would rather not go too in-depth on this dependency on others though.
Is the relationship romantic? - No. While we have both considered taking things a step further and becoming romantic, it's never been a romantic relationship. We are very close friends though. I am unsure as to whether or not I would like it to become a romantic relationship, as I'm very confused on romantic relationships and my feelings in general.
Are you catfishing with intentions of meeting them in real life? - No.
In no way are my intentions malicious, I just want to be close with them.
So yea, I've just been wondering if I should tell them who I am. That's the main thing I've been thinking about, and it's been weighing on my mind since day one. And just some general advice would be nice

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that's fucked up. They must have told you to not talk to them ever again if you had to reintroduce yourself as a new person. You should realize how much better they are than you if you are in this sort of position.

We just slowly grew apart, there was nothing like that. I became too anxious to talk to them again as that old person, so it just seemed easier to be a new person.

If you catfish, your intentions are never actually real, they're just pathetic because you are ugly.

I have no intentions of a romantic relationship really, so I don't see how my looks can really apply to this. And it's online too, we have never seen each other at all.

I never said it was your looks.
Thanks for confirming your insecurities though.

Well, you did call me ugly, not sure what else I'm supposed to say.

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Yes, I am kind of autistic. May I ask what the point was though? The insecurity thing?

You are ugly on the inside for catfishing and enabling a fake persona that you can live through. These people don't actually like you at all.

Ah, that's what I thought. I wouldn't consider it a fake persona really, it's definitely me, just has a different name attached to it. And I would say they like me considering how close we are and how often we talk. Could I get some advice now?


You've got to come fucking clean immediately.

Any reason why? I'm not saying that's a bad idea, just want to know why you think I should do so immediately.

This thread was here yesterday

Because you're a naughty girl!

It was, then it died because I went to sleep. It wasn't getting many replies anyways.

Unfortunately today's version is no better, it's actually worse.

I need both of your sexes and some other specific things, did your friend know you'd be catfishing this person?

What you quoted was not me (OP). I don't see how our sexes factor into this really, care to explain? Also, really don't know what you're saying with "did your friend know you'd be catfishing this person?" I'm the only person that knows of this catfishing.

Yeah I misunderstood the part where you said YOU introduced yourself again and assumed it was a mutual friend, sorry. About sexes and such well it's a really important part of a relationship even if you see it as non romantic, besides, at least I won't judge your character based on whatever you say just like how I didn't judge you as a bad person like those other people further up the thread. I just wanna help

Oh, alright that clears things up. We are both male. It's not a typical male friendship though where you never talk about your feelings and never open up and stuff like that. We're very open with each other, talk about our emotions, talk about sensitive stuff, etc. Like I've said before, we're very close.

Are u catfishing by pretending to be a female?

I am not.

Catfishing is like lying and lying is first step towards hell.

Well it's a really bizarre situation but consider the following: odds are you can't keep this up forever, either because you'll slip up somehow or will just be guilty about lying perhaps if he asks you to hang out and you have to lie. Either way it's best for you to tell the truth, everything you stated here, and to accept whatever reaction he has. For one, he has every right to be annoyed or confused and since it IS your fault that you are in that situation you should take it and not expect it to be an "oh so oopsie but by the way I'm actually that other person who from your point of view hasn't talked to you in years" and then it's all fine and dandy, because that's more than likely not how it will go down. Regardless, I wish you godspeed

Alright. Yea, I wasn't expecting it to go perfectly fine or anything. Thank you for this.

Heads up kid! It sucks if it goes bad but you know that kinda stuff can happen, in any case, remember your morals and know you did the right thing. Sometimes doing what's right will take a toll on us but it's best for everyone, that's what makes it the right thing.