What do i do if i cant stop being depressed because I’m not a rapper

What do i do if i cant stop being depressed because I’m not a rapper

Even if i wasnt making a millions I’d still be depressed because I’m not what i want to be. I’m trapped in the middle of nowhere with the saddest life ever. I even see rappers i look up to before the fame and they were just hanging out in some bad ass ghetto wearing designer shit with like 30 people smoking blunts and popping e pills with lean while i just sit out in the middle of nowhere alone livin a demeaning life

I keep finding everything in my life demeaning because I’m obsessed with rappers so much . I used watch one rapper on Snapchat and all he was doing was touring the country getting rich as fuck smoking blunts the size of my arm every day and i just get richer and more successful by the day while i just sat in my small town depressed as fuck with no life. I’m depressed and feel like everything is demeaning.They all got famous at like 19 and have their entire awesome lives all over social media for people to see having awesome perfect lives never really had to work a shittty job. I live with my parents and have the most embarrassing shit life ever and i just compare myself to rappers all day and i get so sad.

i just think oh they dont have to do this shit they just get paid millions to do cool shit all day and if you look on the internet they just have pictures of them with drugs hot girls doing concerts stacks of cash everywhere tons of nice designer clothes pictures of them being awesome are literally in existence forever

I’m in the country living with my parents literally less than a nobody. I’m a nobody in a god damn small town. Like being a failure plus in the country is he biggest fucking soul crushing depressing shit in the entire world. And everyone i talk to on the internet has a better life. Living in a normal area going to clubs having friends parents didnt trap them out in the country never going on vacation

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You are disgusting and sound like the nigger my mother fucked and left her with two half black kids.

Well guess what nigger, ive had a demeaning life becuase i was seen as a dumbass cuz of my autism, well i passed highschool at 25, have a spouse and am gonna be a programmer while u are just gonna be a dumb coon virgin with no life living with his parents.

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Don't you realize that lifestyle is just an overindulgent and excessive meme? You can still smoke blunts and wear your favorite clothes as a regular person g

You were born in the suburbs probably not poor as fuck and get a comfy life working a good paying job in a cubicle

How the FUCK is your life even bad

I was not born in the suburbs, my white niggerfucking whore hippy mother chose to larp as a nigger in poor neibourhoods around junkies and pedos all my life untill we got to move to a cool place in the suburbs when i was a teenager becuase she had to hide from my drugdealing/drugtaking crazy larping coon nazi-dad.

I failed highschool becuase i was so fucked in the head becuase of how i was treated and i did not believe in myself, but im actually smart and passed highschool and will work to learn loads of skills to make myself employable, While you, hommie, will die a coon without skills.

My life is great but it sucked and i thought it would be bad forever, until i grew up and did something instead of idolising criminals, dumb nig.

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Oh so you lived in a city and the suburbs? Go fuck yourself retard get the fuck out of my thread now NOW

No, not the city.

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You weren’t trapped out in the middle of nowhere for fucking eternity and suffered like me you dont even know suffering

How have you suffered nog?

Tell us.

I also didn't drive drunk several times.

>live in the middle of nowhere
>7 hours away from the closest source of shit
>nothing but other small towns near me even those are 20 miles away
>keep losing my license basically for driving black and being racially profiled
>freezing cold winters literally 0-20 degrees every day and with wind its literally game over
>snow literally up to my head down the sidewalk
>freezing cold 24/7 literally nothing but pure ice snowbanks everywhere that are thick as dog shit and everything is literally just ice hanging off ice on top of more ice and snow
>nothing but Burger King and shit pizza places in the other shit towns that are 20 miles away
>my town is literally 2 dead roads with no people on them
>every time i find a way out or to be happy god strikes me down and makes my life a living hell and traps me here
>no girls at ALL literally prison levels of loneliness
>only other person in my town is a crazy as fuck forest kid who just hangs out with mom all day
>have so much chronic fatigue i cant even get out of bed and it physically hurts to have my eyes open and i run into walls and trip over my own feet
>even if I wasnt disabled itd be impossible to do anything here
>no bus train taxi Uber nothing and I’m 20 miles from the closest source of shit in the coldest climate in the world

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. A white lash hit my car trying to pass me with my signal light on all the cops came blamed it on me because other white people lied and automatically fake after the black guy. Lost a car and couldn’t get my license after just getting it back again from being racially profiled

Finally got my license back started making money online got thousands of dollars my life was finally looking good again NOPE. Blacked out one day on accident god struck me down with bad luck and i got another fucking disaster lost my license lost everything got a lifelong probation sentence for being black and stuck in my shit town

God is so fucking evil

Oh and the people here are fucking creepy angry lunatics. Like fucking screaming angry fucked in the head going into the psych center fucking lunatics and everyones an ass hole drunk impoverished retarded drug addicted creepy weird as fuck literally just the worst life possible

Did you make that online money from doing dumb rap crap?

Your not suffering u know, u got the internet, learn some actual skills, like programming.

No i have to scam people and what part of “I’m depressed doing any job that isnt rapping” do you not understand? Do you need me to spell it out

Or should i just magically be happy when i cant? Ok. Fuck off. I cant make money rapping I’m in a small town and trapped here and cursed by god that option doesnt exist

Scamming people in what?

Why should god bless a scammer?

>live in the middle of nowhere
Ask to be allowed to move. Ask your PO.
>keep losing my license
Because you are dangerous when you drink and drive. Moving will solve all your problems.
Why do you even have a car?

I don't get why you insist your mistakes must be racial. You do realize other black people don't all commit felonies right?

They may be rich and famous and have girls and drugs and all. But are they really happy?

You sound like a cracka, all wh*toids are fraiming us black folk.

They get melatonin injections and pretend to be black and commit crimes to make it look like WE are doing the wrong thing becuase they want to kill us.

Get the fuck off of snapchat, instagram, whatever. Or cut down your usage of it severely. You need to stop living vicariously through celebrities. Also, move. Leave your town and go to a city where there's actually people.

Yes they fucking are happy!
They are not stuck in a nobody town full of nothing.
God i hate this place, why does god hate me?
I just want to smoke weed.

Are you saying that you didn't drink and drive?
Someone kidnapped you, got you drunk and put you in a car so they could arrest you?
People are too lazy to care that much about you.

I mean that would be great and all but with this curse do you really think thats going to happen? I had one P.O. who was going to let me move and he was chill as fuck then he said I’m in some program to get my shit reduced and i cant do anything until thats over and then i got a giant bitch oof a P.O. who doesnt care if i live or die or anything

What the fuck am i supposed to do i live in the middle of nowhere with poor parents no job opprotunities. Walk 30 miles a day to make 40 dollars at a shit demeaning job?

Yes obviously. Happier than me

How do people even fall for scams?

I’m a super genius. I would literally be on top of the world if god didn’t strike me down I could be a millionaire. Easy. Easy. This curse from god just rapes and destroys everything. I have to kill god just to level the playing field fucking god damn it

Hey OP send me some of your stuff I have a label

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>P.O. who doesnt care
He isn't a parent or a friend, he is a glorified prison guard. You need to ask him if you can move to another city where you can walk or bike to work without going to jail.
>do you really think thats going to happen?
Stop thinking you are cursed.

As I see it, (good) luck is a favorable outcome of probabilistic events.
If you see life as a deck of cards and the next thing that happens in life as the top card, you can be considered lucky if the top card is the just the card you need.

But real life isn't an equal distribution of different cards or events.
Good things will happen and bad things will happen, but you are able to control what your chances for a good card is.

Eg taking an education will make it more likely to get work in a specific field, moving to a town where you can walk to work makes it more likely to be able to walk to work etc.

But what can I say thats convincing. I feel like if i just tell them its for a better environment or more convient they’ll just say no

What if they just tell me I’m straight up fucked and cant do it without a job set up and a place to stay there

That means i have to find someone to give me a job AND rent a room 7 hours away without even being able to visit then ask them for proof of the place to stay AND proof of employment and then tell them they have to wait around my shit to be transferred basically asking strangers for gigantic favors in a big city

And then do this all in a place where 7 million people are looking for jobs and apartments while being so defeated i cant even get out of bed or talk to people fuck me

I was just given an impossible life and impossible situation inside my own hell

You keep making this thread "woe is me I live in the middle of nowhere and can't get out" I've seen it almost every day in one guise or another. The only one who's going to help you is you, so get your ass into action and stop aspiring to be a worthless rapper who smokes blunts all day.

Rap isn't music by the way, it's a cop-out used by talent-less slugs who can't learn to play an instrument or sing in tune.

it's obviously a troll don't reply and just report it