Girlfriend gets upset if I ever joke about going gay or having a second family

Girlfriend gets upset if I ever joke about going gay or having a second family
What does that mean?

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It means she values you for the sexuality and future provisions she already has established.

Those are retarded things to joke about but she's insecure.

Nobody acts without reason. Go gay like you really want to. This isn't the 1950s.

Maybe she thinks ur a poop compactor

It means you have autism.

Yeah it pisses her off because she probably doesn’t want some beta bottom boyfriend.

How often do you do it? Maybe you do it with enough frequency that she thinks there's a chance you might secretly be serious. Or maybe she is just insecure.

I don't do it so frequently I make the joke when I go to the local gay bars with my gay fraternity brothers which isn't often

>I go to gay bars
Well this probably isn't helping her thought process. Gays generally don't reproduce; so they have to recruit. Maybe your gf is worried that this is what's happening.

haha you are a legit faggot

I bet you rationalize it with "But it's 2k19!"

Homosexuality isn't genetic.

That would be disappointing. I was hoping we could CRISPR it out of our species.

Most of our behavior is half-nature, half-nurture. I wouldn't be surprised if we discovered a gene that bends the mind towards homosexual behavior.

I agree with you; that's what I'm trying to say here. Gays, trannies, and people involved in other types of degeneracy usually use what's basically thinly-veiled psyops to bring more people over to their ways of thinking and acting.

Hows that tin-foil hat treating you

I understand your resistance to what I'm saying; I'm not going to say anything mean or derisive back to you, though... even though I think that's what you're hoping for from me.
Instead I'll just say that sooner or later you stand a good chance of doing a good bit of soul-searching, yourself. When that happens, I have faith that you'll think long and hard, and more importantly be open and honest with yourself.
I wish you all the very best in the future and I hope that you get past what you're going through now. I really do.

She doesn't want to be that girl who has to tell her friends and family she turned a man gay

She thinks you want the d

She is worried you may be a doughnut puncher

You're wrong, mate.Gays reproduce by raping young boys

That would be part of their psyops bruv: The proliferation of abuse and pornography.

>words leave my mouth but I fail to say a damn thing of substance

Do some soul searching yourself and find us what you're trying to tell, instead of hiding behind vague and ambigious fluff

Two things -

1. You have a weird sense of humor.
2. You have no sense of her, or you would have figured out it bothered her and not kept doing it

It means she should lighten the fuck up and get a sense of humor.

Also , check if this happens when she is on the dreaded week of the month . Women get incredibly sensitive and crazy during that time.

Well I stopped doing the gay jokes frequently, those came up whenever I'd go out with my gay friends/cheap as fuck friends which happen to be a lot during the past 2 months also the gay bars in town are actually cheap compared to regular bars which made them a regular place to pregame.

As for the second type "the second family" (secret girlfriend that I'm gonna leave) those were less frequent but elicit the same reaction. This one I don't do at all often because well it's partially true so I don't want her actually to start thinking about.

But I stopped doing both entirely, last time I made either joke she would stop the conversation and say "you need to stop saying that" I figured I struck a nerve but didn't poke at it because that would be retarded of me

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she actually thinks your gay