Just got into relationship with gf

>Just got into relationship with gf
>Shes really gushy about me and tells me Im so hot etc and wants to have sex all the time
>Bring her to meet my friends in home town
>I know she was into really tall guys before we dated due to exes
>Have one objectively more attractive super tall friend
>They get along super well, same personality and obv attracglted to one anither
>Im 6'1, hes like 6'4. He smells like shit tho never washes
>I inquire what shed rate my friends out of 10 out of curiosity
>Says 7.5 because of smell, 9.5 otherwise

She gushes about me all the time and is super turnee on and
Shes obv in love with me, and neither of them would ever get with each other and theyre great. But I feel like I wanna break up because the sexual tension is just the worst. Am I being too jealous?

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Yes. You'll never be the most attractive man in the world, and you don't have to be. You're definitely too jealous.

Of course, this assumes that other than that rating she hasn't done anything.

Also, height aside, you can probably look into ways to make yourself more attractive.

>Am I being too jealous?

Don't you want other people to think your girl is attractive?
I do.
I love it when other guys think my wife is hot. I also know she is only with me.

I am very muscular and am generally considered attractive. Shes also said that I turn her on more than any other guy shes been with. Being in medschool helps too

Convince her to take a break and give that man a tip that he needs to be more hygienic.

I just feel ike that if wed met on a night out shed woulda have gone home with him, not me. Its normal that that bothers me right?

Why would I want deliberately sabotage myself like that

normal, yes. Productive, no

I had a similar experience with my girlfriend who is now my wife. I am tall and successful, but I have a friend who is absolutely huge 6'5" and 280 lbs of muscle. She met him at a party when we were first dating and there is no question she was attracted to him.
She did not leave with him though, and we dated for several years, got married and are very happy.
Sometimes she see's me checking out some young hot chick. She rarely gets bitchy about it, but if she does, I remind her about how she looked at my friend.
All humans look at other attractive humans. All humans feel jealous about that.

It's called doing the right thing, establishing a more compatible relationship with someone who is potential more fit to be with you.

Thanks man. Yeah I overreacted and Im really happy with her. Its just that shes my first kong term gf and shes dated several guys like my friend. As a guy whod only do one night stands this is some emotional maturing i need to do.

She literally says I make her happier than anyone else though. Also the relationship is amazing this is my only pet peeve. Weve never even fought. Sex is great too

Jealousy is beneath me. I would rather feel secure, and the hype of forward momentum.

I am obviously very addicted to narcotic regimens.

You only break up if she actually cheats on you, do you honestly expect to be the only guy she finds attractive?

Sure for a relationship to work you both have to be attractive to each other but you also have to like the person, respect and trust them, if you can't do that then you are not in a good position for a relationship.

No one is a 10/10 for everyone and everyone are attracted to multiple people, the fact that you asked for her to rate your friends tells her you are insecure about yourself compared to your friends.
It bothers everyone user, even that person you consider a 10/10 will feel like this.

The thing is we don't know her, tell us about her, do you think she will cheat on you or dump you for him? Just because he is OBJECTIVELY better looking than you?

She would never cheat. She wouldnt leave me either. We have a great relationship and she is really in love with me. Shes also a very physical kind of person so thatd why I think it bothers me so much. I know im just being stupid, shed never cheat. Im just being afraid of things that will never happen.

The thing you need to remember is that she’s with you not him. I get feelings like this too about my boyfriend, I see things in my friends personalities and I convince myself that he would be better suited to them.
That’s ridiculous though because you have no idea how compatible they are you’re kind of just making a judgement based on what you know about both of them and it’s probably wrong.
Also it’s probably not the best to ask each other to rate your friends like that. Me and my boyfriend have never done that. I would never even look at his friends like that so I can’t even say if they’re attractive or not because I honestly haven’t even considered it. Maybe in future you guys should avoid that, because it’s a bit silly and just causes hurt feelings for no reason !

Hmm yes she would cheat...
If she breaths she a thot.
When that guy decides to be clean for whatever reason...bye bye gf.

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Solid advice, thanks.
Yeah my gf is just the type of girl to say what she thinks so when she thinks one of my friends is hot shell say. It sounds weird I know and normally it doesnt bother me at all

Well there you go then, there is not point in worrying over something that won't happen. You have to sort this insecurity out though because you will drive her away in the end if you keep on asking for ratings, what she thinks of these other men etc. shit like that makes a woman insecure because you are insecure.

Whyd you ask her something that would bother you?? You set her up.

Disgusting. There's more to a relationship than physical attraction. You'll also still be attracted to others even in a relationship. This is why Jow Forums is 18+

There will always be men who are taller, richer or smarter than you. But the same applies for your girlfriend too. What would you do if you saw a woman who has bigger breasts than her and there might be some mutual attraction between you? Would you act out on it? Just because of her breasts or because she is more a top model and your girlfriend is not? Even if it was for one night?

I guess not. Because what matters is the attraction and bonding to a certain person and that is based on their individual mix of traits, emotional connection and shared experiences. So feeling jealous is normal, but don't overact on it without a reason.

Just convince her that if she left you for someone else that she would be doing you a favor so you can go get another bitch.

Well duh I think you lack self awareness.

There's more to relationships than sexual compatibility. You shouldn't lock yourself away to a single individual in a sea of billions and call it a day.

>This is why Jow Forums is 18+
Theses plenty of people here well past that age who have never been in a relationship.

Christ. Yes, break up. Not because there is anything wrong with her, but because you are an insecure needy guy and you will drag her down in life


Ofc, this is a bit too jealous, but its not always that easy to stop it. My advice is to talk to her about it, and ask her to change her toughts about him. Give it some time, and if the jealous thoughts dont go away, its not worth it.
You might be too jealous, but if you cant help it, and if she doesnt do what she can to prevent it, its not worth it

Have you thought about just letting your friend fuck her just once. So they can both get it out of their system? It will be healthier for your relationship overall long term

Yeah this is on you. It was a clumsy move on her side to answer honestly and not at least make it an 8 or something, but asking questions you want to hear one specific answer to is never a good idea.

What does that mean? Do you feel instant physical attraction is somehow more pure or deeper than overall attraction? Because you sure don't build healthy, long term relationships just on looks. And physical attraction isn't a static, objective thing - surely you know women more beautiful than your girlfriend, but do you know women who turn you on more? Because when you look at your girlfriend you see her cute face AND her body AND the way she can smile at you AND that thing she does with her tongue to your frenulum AND the smell of the nape of her neck AND how she grabs your hand without saying anything on a shitty day.

Also, if the dude smells just taking to her, I very seriously doubt she would've gone home with him to take her chances on what state his dick would be in.