Later, dudes

Hey there. I'm going to kill myself tomorrow. I need to make it look like an accident that way the people around me won't feel responsible. I have a job interview tomorrow, so I'll be driving for a few miles. My trip will will take me on some long highways, and even the interstate for a bit. I'll be driving a 90s Saturn. Any advice on how to make it look like a simple accident?

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What state do you live in?

Is it icy on the roads?

Just drive really fast and jerk the wheel once you reach a fast enough speed

Why does it need to look like an accident? It won't assuage anyone's suffering at your death, if that's what you think.

My advice is always to lay your head on the railroad track.

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don't. abort mission.

No ice here. It's too tropical

I mean, that sounds iffy. I don't want to be more of a bird in by being disabled. I need yo make sure it gets the job done. I was thinking a tree maybe

Why the fuck do you care? What if im a child rapist? Or a fucking serial killer?

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Someone took me in and offered to Help, but if he knows that I killed myself, I know it will bring him great pain. I'd rather not have that be my mark on the world.

I should become a professional assassin for suicidal people. I'd become rich. I should advertise right here on these boards.

Good luck in prison m8

we are all one in some sense. If i can help you, you feel good and so do i. Think of the poor folks who will have to clean you up, it's not a good way to go. Cultivate goodness and you will reap goodness.

If the person cared enough about you to take you in, you dying in any way will cause great pain. Lay with your head on the railroad track.

Cut your brakes and slam a wall?

You going to do the job interview or not tomorrow? Why waste their time. You going to intentionally wreck your auto? Sounds like you could endanger others, destroy property, and delay other people in their day. Don't want to hurt others? Why don't you try actively helping other people. You sound like a selfish prick.

It's a very painful method, when I was working in law enforcement we responded to a lady who crashed hard into a tree and the windshield went halfway into her skull and didn't kill her immediately at all, she was alive for 45 minutes like that and feeling it all before dying. And that's just one example. You'll likely die of blood loss, internal organ damage, or even burning to death. All very painful. If you're lucky you lose your head but those other ways are just as likely.

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wait wait slow down there.. have you tried heroic shroom or acid trips to simulate death yet.. bc that can change everything.. really magical world we have within.. at least experiment w/ the depths of your subconscious before turning your soul inside out in the void

like why not just become a crazy ass sorcerer walking the edge of reality before actually crossing over

Have to agree with other user. Car is among the worst way, a lot of people don't die instantly and just l lay there fucked up, limbs blown across the street, and making gurgling noises while their eyes dart around (probably them wondering why they're still alive). It's very messy. Have even seen people who tried suicide by train but wound up in the same situation.

Of course, I don't think you should die at all. I'd much rather you took your shit and fled far far away without telling a single soul. Truly live, on your own and by your own rules forging your own path (as long as you aren't a fucked up killer or anything). But I can't stop you. I can only suggest something less likely to fail.

How about instead of pretending like your life is fucked why don't you just put in the effort to actually fuck it up?

I second this

Suicide is a permanent solution to what could be a temporary problem.

There's arguably nothing inherently wrong with suicide, but I do think entirely the wrong people commit it.
Unless you're wracked by physical disability you should probably look into just trying to make yourself and your life better; e.g. if you're ugly, just go to south Korea and get surgery. The only real exception is stuff like autism where you're just kinda fucked for life.

>frog poster

I hope you succeed OP.