It's become clear that all media is being censored and edited before I can consume it. If I detect it's censored...

It's become clear that all media is being censored and edited before I can consume it. If I detect it's censored, I look for media elsewhere but almost every avenue seems edited to me at this point except for books but I'm sure those have been censored/burned too especially if I have to give up my address and name to purchase it.

Where can I obtain clean, uncensored, unedited media? I escaped most sinister audible messages by switching the language of media but then my phone/computer/internet just edits the subtitles. I'm sure the Jow Forums I see is custom edited just to piss me off and isn't the same Jow Forums everyone else sees.

How have you dealt with internet censorship? Where can you find unedited media?

So far, music is the closest I can get to clean water because I can remember what happened in a 3 minute song and notice edits and if it was edited for my 1st listen, whatever I guess i still liked the song. I have a problem when the music I'm playing eerily links up with the anime I'm watching to send me mean sinister messages which is all the time. I'm also sure my subtitles and audio are edited even when watching anime without music.

Why does this happen? My life sucks already, why can't I just have my only escape?

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btw i realize how futile it is to complain on Jow Forums because all of the Jow Forums that I get to see is edited so any replies i get, even though this thread is getting saged, will be doctored just for me.

Its very easy one: with a bit of google kungfu you can find out that majority of media is owner by the same international (jew) company.

Find tv stations / newspapers / websites which doesnt have the same owner aka the same filter and same push for certain agenda. Learning different language helps a lot in this regard. Elite is interested in controlling 90% of the average masses. Your average person barely speaks one language. Learn new language and you will be able to watch completely different news from different locations. It is really funny to watch pro western media at 7 and then see pro asia news at 8, they often report complete opposite news. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle.

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fuck you we know where you live

t. secret internet editors

You're possibly underestimating how powerful the censors are. Since I have to use T-Mobile to gather data/files, somewhere in my chain of internet they will simply say it's coming from a neutral publisher while it's just coming from the publisher that polluted it in the first place.

Also, an opposite opinion isn't to be readily trusted. EG if I'm sick of right-wing media editing my stuff then look towards another country's media where they left-lean as a contrast it may at least provide an opposing opinion but the subtitles will probably be censored and deconstruct the crucial arguments of the left because my phone is controlled by the west aka right-leaning media. As much as Trump is portrayed to be a rich-buffoon his assertion that there is a lot of fake news is true and he's the most famous to say it even if others said it first. Fake news gets confirmed by multiple media outlets on the right and left so no matter where you look, the powers that be are pulling the puppet strings.

I appreciate the video and infographic though. It feels like in my life the more I did that related to what made the stick figure on the right fall down the building, the more blatant the editing of my media got almost to the point that they didn't even care that I could notice it was edited.

After all, I appreciate the (you) because within the narrow, easily polluted river that is my internet, changing the source/publisher of my media is my best defense even though I imagine it will probably still be edited but hopefully less than the native media.

Hopefully I'll be able to hear the screams of the message that's being censored under the censorship.

don't fuck my virgin ahole plz

I forgot to applaud the advice to learn another language. Hopefully censors won't go through the hoop of getting translators to deepfake the audio

Bro, you have mild case of paranoia. Nobody will go to such lengths to edit subtitles on foreign media sites.

Maybe go see a doctor.

Typical case of irrational paranoia. Use your brain for a moment. You are a completely irrelevant nobody. Why would anyone spend a huge amount of resources just on you? You are not some special chosen destiny's child. You are not a powerful person. You don't hold any knowledge or potential. Nobody gives a shit about you.

Paranoia comments aside, meet real people, trade real data/media. If you are taliing about news, the best you can do is cross reference. I am aware of how much control there is, but can only hope that it is not a singular censor, and that discrepancies can be found.

You are not alone in this at all - how many people do you think (rationally) would actively engage in this (aside from things like "my boss told me to" etc.).

A lot of people are noticing these patterns though, again you are not alone, but I wouldn't take it personally or even treat it as directly maligned against you (Welcome to the NHK); the war is freedom and individuality vs control and society or something like that. There IS a struggle, but it may even just be us approaching the dark age of the neon future or whatever. Also be careful with doctors - if anxiety, depression are the issue leave it at that. Avoid anti-psychotics unless you are legitimately schizophrenic or something.

And you say all of this before posting any single shred of evidence.
>b-b-b-but I can't post evidence because they will censor it!

Why the fuck do we have so many schizoposters now?
Did some asylum just hand out a bunch of fucking phones?

You have schizophrenia. Seek help.

You are as low as an insect and mean nothing to anyone but those in your immediate circle. If you had a functional non-crazy brain in your head, you'd be able to see that.

I try to see how like "oh, that was an easy pseudo-psychic cold read of my persona's archetype" and sometimes it is just that - a cold read where they put out a generality that is eerily close to the truth but I've had it be too specific to where I get spooked enough to make a thread like this. The crossreferencing you mentioned is good advice and honestly I'm just replying on mobile to thank you for the (you) and it's a bit hard to address the rest of your post blow by blow.

i've thought of this sentiment - why would anyone go through such lengths just to fuck with me, a loser nobody? Unfortunately, i can only provide intuition as evidence. You ever look at the recommended videos on youtube and go "wtf this is too closely related to whats going on in my life right now"? I know that can be explained away by 'just a coincidence bro ur too sensitive' but it's happened too many times to believe it's coincidence. sorry i don't have a specific example atm.

The only virtual evidence I have is that my videos get stopped/buffered at strategically insulting moments. The video will reference a recent external frustration of mine that just happened to me then buffer right after saying it. Or it may be as friendly as I'm trying to learn some new concept and the video I'm watching will pause at a moment that eerily addresses a mental roadblock I just came to in learning to program or whatever I may be trying atm.

I'm not trying to be a stubborn ass. I genuinely believe there's a conspiracy against everyone's media. It's like a funnel or pyramid - most will be cold read in-the-ballpark generalities mixed in with deep cutting messages that directly address you directly and personally. It's made by someone who at least knows someone you know who is monitoring your internet activity.

From how this thread is going, no one will believe me but if my message is actually reaching the real internet - you'll probably see something similar to what I'm seeing.

btw with the NHK reference it's like that episode where they were following around the main female lead of the anime. many will say 'who cares about you in particular?' but then like it's easily believable that people will stalk someone to get to the bottom of something and thus it should be believable that a group of people have it out for any target to censor their media just to fuck with that particular person.

Going in person is good advice though becauss at that point, they're forced to corrupt whatever friend you're asking which is somewhat hard to do.

i wish you were right - that no one would care about me enough to fuck with me. but sadly it just feels like you're negging me like most men to do women. "she's hysterical and on her period" is in the same category as your schizo accusation.

ad-hominem me with deceptively simplistic logic because my stance takes some imagination and experience to believe. It doesn't matter because I know most won't believe me until they see these patterns in their own life. And if they don't see the patterns, I either pity them for being too obtuse and continuing to get subliminally controlled or envy them for being able to receive clean media/content.

>coincidences aren't real; the schizopost
There is no conspiracy. It's the universe's way of having a giggle at your expense. It does this to everyone.

possibly. and even if not, that's a pretty cute and disarming way of describing this frustration that I regard as serious. this comment feels warm and although my ty's are common at this point, thank you.

plz no bully, universe!

also - I'm no schizo you idiot!

('baka' felt too forced even if it fit pic related)

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>I'm sure the Jow Forums I see is custom edited just to piss me off and isn't the same Jow Forums everyone else sees.
You're delusional.

If this huge conspiracy thing was real, how come there is no evidence of it? There is simply no way for anyone, no matter how powerful, to keep things under wraps. Look at what is the most repressive censorship regime in the world: China. Even they can't keep discontent and leaks from being suppressed. So who is this even more powerful organization who does this fuckery to complete nobodies like you, and the most important question: why?

post screenshot of your Jow Forums, I wanna see how it differs.

I can assure I am far more observant and smarter than you. I also have far more power, and connections. Unlike you, who would be in the bottom 1% of targets of evil conspiracies, I would be in the top 1%. And yet, I don't see those things you described, because I am a rational human being, not a hysterical low intellect paranoid.

even if that part of my post isn't literally true, it's true metaphorically.

I doubt you could provide hard evidence that China's google is the same as USA's google even when queried with the same search inputs. inb4 someone checks with a VPN or proxy whether it proves either argument.

If that's true why would it be so farfetched for Jow Forums, the most popular anonymous imageboard? Changing results based on location is just a seemingly benign form of the censorship I'm referencing.

>China's google
At least spend 10 seconds researching something before spouting something so completely moronic as to expose yourself as an idiot to everyone.

why? mostly for sport. at least that's my suspicion. it's the same as animal testing. 'Let's see how much fuckery a human can sniff out among other things in what they consume every day.'

in other words, monsters don't have to be powerful or valuable for high lvl MMO characters to test their damage range on.

China doesn't even use Google, they use Baidu.

lol you're the type of person to cheat in a game whenever gicen the opportunity and anyone past 12 will vomit at how much you have your head up your own ass.

how could i research it if google is censored? it wouldn't take much to edit it - just the same methods phishers use to create seemingly legit login portals. but don't believe me and continue to baa along with the rest of the sheeple.

>mostly for sport
An organization that is so massively powerful it rules the entire world from the shadows, does it mostly for sport? And to complete nobodies only, who have nothing of interest to offer? They really need to spend their resources better.

Why the anger? You did not understand the simple fact that I tried to point out: there is no Google in China. The Chinese government does not allow it. This has been the case for many, many years. How can you not have known this?

who's angry? I'm just using figurative language to illustrate how you're ignoring the meaning of my post in the immature pursuit of 'winning' an argument that doesn't exist rather than seeking to find the truth. I'm sorry if 'ass' was language too colorful for your eyes. also, accusing me of being agry is a cute way of inflating how sharp and cutting your blunt post was.

continue to ignore the post's meaning and take it literally. it's obvious that something seemingly benign as seaech results get edited based on location - why not content within the same location too? also, even taken literally, it would be futile for anyone, including me, to even research whether china has (which they probably do) because most USA/UK/whatever internet wouldn't tell you the truth of what's going on with their internet just like theirs wouldn't tell then what's truthfully going on in the US.

continue to argue against my specific example of 'china' and purposefully ignore my point that your river is polluted based on location/identity/etc.

Learn a bit of computer science. You will quickly learn why it is completely impossible to have tailored results from an internet site for every user in the world. Google does use geological locations to sort results, this is all well known. So if you search for a sushi place in London, you will get sushi places in London first.

But think about this a bit, you got extremely angry and hostile as soon as I pointed out the flaws in your line of thinking.