I am suicidal and I have a friend who has severe depression. Would it be impolite to ask her to form a suicide pact?

I am suicidal and I have a friend who has severe depression. Would it be impolite to ask her to form a suicide pact?

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Yeah probably, unless you make it sound actually sincere

It would seem like a complete joke and might make them feel worse if not done correctly. If you can’t do it correctly then I wouldn’t even go there.

Yes because maybe she's less of a fuck up than you and might still have a future

Also what do you mean by suicide pact?

Committing suicide together. Is English not your first language or something?

No, I just thought that you were going to do a pact NOT to kill yourselves.

But I still wouldn’t ask your friend, not all depressed people actually want to kill themselves as much as you do.

How about you just have sex with her instead

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Don't be suicidal, plz?

Why don't you two just start dating? It'll make things less shit.

Or is she depressed because she's ugly and smells bad because she's depressed?

I'm pretty sure this would be an option if the girl was bangable or hot. He didn't talk about her physique, what if she's fat and user isn't really into her?

I think sex with a fat girl you're not interested in out of all ppl would end up being even more shitty.

give her my discord. or both of ya. im bored and I imagine I could talk you out of it. Done it a billion times with my ex (who in hindsight should've let her do it).

Smooth. Got to get that suicidal pootang before it'll be all messed up and cold on a morgue slab, aye?

If you're seriously considering ending your own life then have the courage to do so yourself. The solitude and possibility of failure provide the opportunity for you have an epiphany or realization that will make life worth living again.

Don't drag people down with you.

Dude how's it going?

I'm still thingken

What did you think?

Mutual suicide is the ultimate sexual act. Do it, OP. Film it too.

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kill yourself op
stop being a faggot and asking other people to kill themselves with you


No, OP, plz don't kill self and another person

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Do it, OP. If you can get a grill to an hero with you, all the better. Make your death memorable. Don't forget to stream it.

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nah, I have real experience with helping the suicidal.

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