Girl showing clear interest in me

>girl showing clear interest in me
>checks all of my boxes
>but shes fucking FAT
How do I deal with this?

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If you didn't establish a box for weight you have no right to complain.

>girl showing clear interest in me
Even then you're not in the clear.

If being slimw asn't one of your boxes and she checks them all, either your boxes are shit or she's still supremely awesome. Weight can be changed, in comparison with many other horrible traits lack of should be priority of your boxes.

Don't date her just to make her hot but if she's awesome companion anyway, enjoy your time with her while encouraging her to work on the problem. Who knows, if you won't fuck up, you may end up with someone both passably well looking and a decent in other areas at that. Though there's also a risk that if she'll become hot, she'll drop many of the good traits due to easy mode caused by her looks. Make sure she'll apprecaite good traits of character not only because they make up for her physical shortcomings, but because she'd believe they have worth in themselves.

Fat can be fixed. Ugly can be fixed. Stupid cannot be fixed.

I don’t know. I slept with a fat girl once because I thought I could go with the personality is attractive thing. But it was so disgusting it scarred me for life. I’ve only dated petite girls ever since.
But everyone is different I suppose. Maybe watch fat porn? See if it’s something you can get into. But also more important; you have to be able to be proud of your fat gf in public. When she wobbles into a normal seat and people are looking, you have to think with pride;”that’s my girl”.
Have a feeling you haven’t thought about that part

>Fat can be fixed.
But they never want to fix it, especially if they are in a relationship. My last ex gained a ton of weight after we started dating.

Then move on to the next woman. I personally wouldn't date a lardass period

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Expect her to get fatter if you get in a relationship, or god forbid one day get married to her

Don't try to "fix" her issues and make her into your dream girl, it isn't going to happen. Being fat is a big red flag for a plethora of other issues as well.

It’s really hard to fix fat. Most people don’t change, even less change bad habits. If anything, all things point to her gaining more weight.

Shit user, get off your high horse because most likely you’re not a 10 so a great girl likes you but she is fat, what about convincing her to workout with you because fat can be changed, we have examples of that all the time.

What counts as fat?

Fatsos are a good investment.
They get really hot and thick of motivated to reduce weight

>expecting a lardass, especially a woman, to put any effort into changing or losing weight, especially in a relationship.
Fatness to women is like being broke for men

when you're obese and very wide

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>if motivated
Which never happens. Once they get comfortable in a relationship they lose all self control.

Either get the fuck over them being fat or just accept the fact you don't like them back and ignore their advances

I don't date black chicks, but they're all over me. Swerve the shit out of them.

That's not a good measurement.

pic related kind of makes the point for me, it's not perfect but it works

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Got an acquaintance. A girl. Awkward, fat fuck about 10 years ago when I got to know her and I helped her a bit, likely out of pity and on purely platonic grounds - now she's fluctuating between normal and petite. All it took was her to move somewhere away from shitheads and fucked up family that kept messing with her emotionally/mentally, start taking care of herself and her health and, ironically, find a guy who wanted to be with her and cared - and she is willing to go extra mile for him as well. She's still somewhat an awkward fuck and I know her enough and for long enough that in my case boner is a no-go, but more objectively she looks good enough to have a few others guys interested in her in the meantime.

Those do happen. What they need to realize they're fucking up, themselves and others, by being fat. They have to see it's a problem they won't ever solve if they won't make a good long-term plan of dealing with it and stick with it. And they need to be desperate, lonely etc enough to go on with it. Living in a society that's not some SJW shithole with progressive fat acceptance and treatign it as new habit development rather than short-term rigorous training that may end with rebound is a plus here, as well.

Dude, if they want they can, Ive been there, during high school I was always nice to the straight A’s she was chubby, I liked her as a friend for the fact that she helped me with homework or to study. Never liked her in a romantic way back then but now, we’ll she lost weight recently, and she looks sublime, so I really think that anyone who puts in the effort can do it

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Good for you, you found an outlier, too bad the average woman is a brainwashed idiot

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Weight can change, like a lot of people in this thread have mentioned, but it's not a great idea to go into a relationship where you're expecting a partner to change; that puts a ton of stress on both them and you, and can very easily lead to resentment. If you like her as a person, fuckin' go for it; you may find a lot of things to like about her body as it is.

(Admittedly, I AM a chubby chaser, so take my advice with a grain of salt.)

Not OP but you're kinda right. At the same time, it's good to encourage people to improve certain bits they can relatively easily improve (even when it takes some time).

OP, be her friend, don't involve yourself with her romantically but drop a hint jokingly when it comes to girls you like, that you like the ones who may not be ideal but work hard on themselves to do better, to be healthy, physically active etc - and maybe she'll get the hint.

Just go to Jow Forums and continue to delude yourself that you like "thicc" girls because you're "high test" and not "because I still can't get anyone better despite trying this hard."

here, I agree with what you're saying about encouraging people to improve. I do want to stress that the most important word int that sentence is "Encourage", though. good relationships are based on building each other up, not tearing each other down.

I disagree somewhat with your advice for the OP in your post, however. This is my personal opinion, but it sounds more like being passive aggressive than being encouraging. I may be reading that wrong, though, and please let me know if I am.

If you live in America, almost everyone you know will become fat boomers, usually including you. Unless, of course, you join a fitness/health cult, like cyclists.

If she become hot, she'll likely drop him for being superficial.

What kind of fat are we talking here, chubby or hambeast? Does she have big old fat girl tits? If she's just chubby and has some big ol titties, go for it. Full on hambeast, run far, far away.

Friendzone her, i did that and she is about to introduce me to her friend who is hot and goes to the gym daily.

>I may be reading that wrong, though, and please let me know if I am.
It may sound a bit judgemental but it's not really passive-aggresive. The idea is that the girl should learn, if she's into you, that it's something you appreciate, something someone she likes values. While changing for others rarely works out as well as it could, it may underline her knowledge that she does have an issue and give her that first push before she'll find more reasons and even satisfaction in getting a hold on that aspect of her life and improving. First step is recognition of the problem etc.
That's what I meant.

Great, that way the friend will friendzone you and you’ll be crying here because girls are bad with you

She's already kinda meh-passable 5/6 a desperate neckbeard would kill gazillion imaginary enemies with his plastic katana for. She does care, though, maybe because again - lot of rejection and shitty parents in her past and aside from just a couple of acquaintances/friends like me, he's the first guy, yet alone a lover who really gave shit about her romantically while not being a jackass but an actual decent person who isn't just fucking her but wants to build something she didn't have before. I cannot say it'll be an eternal love but they are together since years now, she still works on herself and even if they aren't ideal couple, they are alright with each other. Which, frankly, is far more than many other couples can say nowadays.

How fat? Fat in a good way, with a big ass that can bounce up an down on your cock while she smothers you with those Big Ol Tiddies? Or three belly’s and stretch mark looking like spaghetti thrown on the wall, camel-jaw-Vader-breathin-pants rubbed out at the thighs sweat hog fat? Which one, Op?

It's closer to the second one honestly, though I'd say she's between the two. Definitely not just thick. Pic related shows her lower body.

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Is that really her.......talking about a fat girl and she was a midget the whole time. Please God let it be so. Lel.

Just remember you can always make it a condition of the relationship to help her "burn the calories".

And I don't mean calisthenics.

She's not a midget faggot.

Pursue the relationship. Stay with her until you find a new bitch that isn’t a fatass that you can get along with. There’s also the possibility that you can cheat on her with one of her hot friends

Like what? And how?

Fat women need to be gassed

How fat we talking here? A little chunk is totally fine, especiallly if she’s hot otherwise. If she’s bloated fk that, I’d never be able to get an erection.

That’s gonna be a no for me.

I wouldn't. I dated a girl around her size because I don't mind chub if the girl is cool and puts herself together well. But the smell is truly unprecedented and awful, as well as fat girls being prone to insane levels of insecurity. Would not recommend.

“That’s my girl”

Don't date her, its pretty obvious you're not interested.

the incel phenomenon, erectile dysfunction, porn addiction, the high divorce rate, basically any issue involving relationships can be boiled down to a single fact

too many people are too fat

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