Gf is getting an iud and is kinda scared of getting it. The more I read about it the more scared I'm getting too?

gf is getting an iud and is kinda scared of getting it. The more I read about it the more scared I'm getting too?

Anyone know of someone who has had one implanted? Did you ever pierce your dick on the iud or get choked by the strings? How does it feel getting it put in as a girl and can you feel it all the time?

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My first gf got one and she was in pain for a long time, and I would also feel it while fucking, and it hurt both of us (size is relevant) and it was overall just a miserable experience and she had to remove it.

I had a bad feeling about it
What did it feel like? I think if my dick touched so much as the strings it would kill my boner. I don't like thinking about it up there

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does she suffer from bad period cramps during that time of the month? if so it’s a horrible idea to get one

i’ve been on the pill for 5-6 years now and it works great with no side effects for me. if she trusts herself that she can take it everyday i would do that instead

i’ve heard too many IUD horror stories OP

also adding to this some of my friends have the arm implant which works fine for them

>i’ve been on the pill for 5-6 years now and it works great with no side effects for me. if she trusts herself that she can take it everyday i would do that instead
she's prone to blood clotting or something so the pill isn't an option as well as most hormonal forms of birth control which also takes out arm implants as an option

I knew a dumb fat whore who got one, she had to go to the hospital to have it removed because it moved or something, she said it could've killed her

Ex gf haf one.
No problems.
Both of us never felt anything

I got one. Despite the amazing advantage of not using a condom anymore in your relationship and cumming inside her without worrying to get her impregnated, i wouldnt recommend.

I had severe pain when my period started because of the extra thing inside your uterus. It really make a difference. Even when I was going to the gym, i couldnt do sit ups anymore because it will just end up in suffering.

During sex, my bf had a big dick and im a small girl. I guess he felt it sometimes but it never bothered him. Also it didnt really hurt me, but i am an extreme masochist so perhaps I am insensitive to pain or regarded as pleasure.

Her period is going to last for weeks, but the blood is going to be less. Also the blood is going to smell so fucking terrible, literally like spoiled tuna fish. Never had this problem without the iud.

One last thing: it did have a major impact on my psychology. I become so fucking serious and couldnt understand jokes anymore. On top, I became depressed, exhausted and eventually suicidal Before that, I just to took life lightly but that small little bitch inside me made me a grumpy girl. I was having more anxiety, paranoia and panick attacks. This lead to our break up. after getting the IUD nothing was the same anymore. Now that we broke up and the first thing I didnwas to get rid of it, I feel like I become myself again and I enjoy life much better. Physical problems like severe migraine and eczema disappeared after removing it, as well. To confirm this, ive done some internet research and also asked a professional if this could be the case and it was confirmed. Some women become a whole different person.

In the end, I only recommend if you wanna shack her without condom all the time and if she doesnt change into this monster. Please reconsider other options first. It ruined my life for awhile and my relationship with my dear best friend boyfriend

My gf had an IUD and only when I was literally pounding her womb would my dick ever touch the string. It felt weird, but wasn't painful. As an aside wombs don't typically enjoy getting pounded. Only do so if your girl is into it.

Not him but if the strings are too long and you can feel them it's possible to ask to cut them. Also I wouldn't worry about being pierced by it unless your dick pushes her uterus to her stmach or some shit.

My wife has one and she couldn't move too much for 2 or 3 days but was alright after that. I don't need to go balls deep to hit her cervix and I never felt anything but the strings were probably already just the right length.

I have a hormonal IUD. I had a first one for 3 years, and now had this one for roughly one.

Getting it in hurts 8/10 for roughly 3 seconds, 5/10 for roughly 3 minutes, and then 3/10 for 3 days. Like period cramps. Then it is gone and you don't feel it for 3 years. You might get spotting.
You can feel it if you're really bad at fucking and you keep hitting the cervix. Don't be really bad at fucking and hit her cervix, despite what you learn in your chinese cartoons it hurts like shit.
You can't get chocked by the strings. It's literally a 3 mm plastic thread thingy hanging out of her cervix. You can't pierce your dick.
My boyfriend got a very tiny cut on his dick once after fucking for something like 10 hours and hitting on the strings over and over.

Actually, hormal IUD helps with period cramps and is overall a much better form of hormonal control than the pill.
You're thinking about copper IUD.

I had no side effects from it, just to give OP another point of view.
Just to be clear - not saying yours don't exist, but that they aren't what happens to everybody.

Yeah my gf got one a couple months ago. The pain sucked and her period was fucked for a bit (heavy flow for several weeks straight. She was miserable.)

After overcoming those few weeks, she's really happy about it and feels no pain. Thing works as they said it would. She got it for her endo though so your gf's experience might be different.

The strings don't affect my experience at all/not able to feel them.

Gf described the procedure of getting it put in as painless (since she was put out for it obviously) and afterwards has these two little scars on her belly that show the incision. But the pain of her body getting used to the IUD was pretty bad. She doesn't feel it inside her, there are no nerves in there bud.

I got an IUD. Insertion was very uncomfortable and my periods got heavier, but they were already heavy. You have some extra cramping initially but after that you don't feel it. The uterus doesn't have the same kind of nerve endings that the cervix/vagina do.

The strings are there poking out , but they're pretty short. They hang out of the uterus by maybe two inches, and while they start out hanging down and in the way during sex they quickly end up being pushed up so they coil around the cervix, and at that point they're undetectable. You as a guy won't feel the thing inside the uterus itself, it can't poke your dick. if it does, then it's moved out of place and that is an emergency.

The only time I ever felt more secure or protected by birth control was when I got sterilized. I can't trust myself to be reliable enough for the pill to be effective, and I didn't want kids for years, so an IUD was ideal.

...are you sure that's an IUD? That sounds more like a tubal ligation or oophorectomy. IUDs do not require surgery to implant, she would only have gotten one with surgery if it was in addition to another procedure.

Those things have been tested to be bad but the companies still try to sell them for money. She shouldn’t do it

Let me specify it was a copper IUD, not a hormonal, hence the heavier bleeding.

Yeah it was for a IUD. I imagine the incisions were for something more related to her endo that needed to be completed before getting the IUD in her.

The doctor fucking lied to me and said, "You're going to feel a little bit of pressure." Bitch naw, you're fucking ramming a metal rod into my uterus that's not pressure, that's god damn pain. The IUD itself "clicked" when it was fully inserted and I felt the click. It was weird. I hurt with what could be described as really bad cramps afterwards. I didn't normally get bad cramps before this and every once in a while I'll get a random cramp that sort of makes me hit the pause button with whatever I'm doing so I can ride it out.

The consequence free sex was what made it all worth it. My boyfriend says he can feel a little nub of something with his dick when he's super deep, but for the most part, there's no issue. I'm about due for a swap-out for a new one and I'm honestly not looking forward to it. Been thinking about doing the arm birth control that lasts 10 years. Has anybody done that one? Have you swapped it out? Do they slice you open and go digging around in your arm muscle to pull it out? How does it work?

It would be good to mention that copper IUDs tend to be better because there are a lot more long-term risks with hormonal contraception. These range from cancers to blood clots (which is vastly riskier for smokers) and even potentially to Alzheimer's.

Alright, that makes sense.

Yeah I asked to be sure and you were right, she said the IUD was a nonsurgical op and the incisions were for her endo

I hope the procedure helped. Endo is awful.

Nooooononono for the love of god NOOO. Copper and metals inside of the body will rust create scar tissue

I could feel that fucking string, it would always rub/tear skin off and it made sex unpleasant. I even started to wear condoms to try to mitigate it. I was so happy when that shit was gone.

My sister got the arm implant, and she had to get surgery to get it taken out because it had gotten lost. She wanted out originally since the implant was causing her pain.

Pill is probably the best way to go

Gotta agree here, if ya'll aren't planning on taking it out at like 5 years.
Just use condoms and be safe.
Implantation is just as risky as medication wise birth control.

Can you give me a citation please for that. The largest study I'm aware of is in the New England Journal of Medicine which had something around 2,000 data point for female patients.

"The previous use of a copper IUD is not associated with an increased risk of tubal occlusion among nulligravid women whereas infection with C. trachomatis is."

If you want to read it yourself:

Use of copper intrauterine devices and the risk of tubal infertility among nulligravid women. (2001). N Engl J Med. 23;345(8):561-7. DOI: 10.1056/NEJMoa010438

Sometimes I wish I were a girl because of how pretty they are but then I remember just about everything sex related outside of no refractory period fucking sucks for them.

Consider basic biology for one second. A woman is only physically capable of getting pregnant on one or two days of the month. Avoid those days and she never will until you're ready ( don't turn into a nokids loser ). Use phone apps to track her cycle. This method is 100% reliable, we've used it for 14 years. Don't let the shoes trick you into poisoning/hurting/making you infertile

Yeah, this is also a really good method. Also you can abstain up to 4 days to give a safe cushion. That's really not much, and being informed about her bodily changes will probably lead to a hightened ability to self diagnose utis and get propper medical treatment before most health issues take deep irrepairable roots.

Interesting article. While it does support the fact that the environment of uterus causing corrosion of the copper IUD, that was considered a normal physiological finding. The bulk of the text was a discussion on the effects of calcification and corrosion on the device itself. It did not seem to be targeted at all about scaring or health effects as you posted previously.

The NEJM article that I used was directly dealing with affects on fertility rates after use. Actually, I found multiple recent studies on the safety of IUDs, including copper.

Hov, G.G. (2007) Use of IUD and subsequent fertility — follow-up after participation in a randomized clinical trial. Contraception 75:2.

Xu, A. (2012) Fertility after IUD removal: the fair study. Contraception 86:3.

Each of these concluded that there was no association between copper IUDs and fertility.

The FDA in USA is ran by the same guy who was the head of medical device production. Essentially they would do the studies, find the results to be negative and harmful, then hide the results or blatantly lie to cover them up and to continue selling them for a profit. Women discovered that they were being harmed by them, approached their doctors about the pain, and the doctors rejected them, telling them that it’s normal cramps and probably not a big deal, to just wait a bit longer. The women had to create smaller groups amongst themselves as always to spread information. A quick google search shows the following article about metal corrosion in the body

Just saying of a piece of metal is inside of you and begins to corrode that is pretty much obvious that there are going to be health effects, you don’t really need an article to come to that conclusion yourself. The metal begins to corrode and the body begins to build tissue around what is essentially a wound being blocked by a foreign object

The article you posted is directed toward implants like knees, hips, etc., and corrosive effects on various types of metal states. Copper was only mentioned a single time in the entire article, and there was only passing mention of anything dealing with health effects with no citations.

While you present a portrait of the FDA head being tied to companies, and even if there was some sort of biased reporting, that is not positive evidence for the claim of damage itself. If true, it would only show that the evidence for safety is less robust, There has been nothing comprehensively presented to show causation for harm.

You are falling into a fallacy. There are multiple steps from corrosion to health effects. You would require the route of entry to be able to absorb appreciable amounts of substance. That substance would then have to be able to enter systemic circulation somehow without be removed by the buffer systems or processed in the liver. Not only that, but the levels would have to be high enough to have physiological effect. I don't believe this has been established.

If I'm going to be teaching patients about contraceptive options, I simply can't use a level of data that is primarily based on hearsay, conjecture of wrongdoing, or appeals to something believed to be axiomatic.

Newsflash: the uterus is also a part of the body just like knees. If you truly think that a piece of metal corroding inside any point of your body wouldn’t lead to detrimental health effects, then I think you’re trolling and I’ll stop responding.

Maybe some day you will realize that people who write articles can be biased and incorrect

>If you truly think that a piece of metal corroding inside any point of your body wouldn’t lead to detrimental health effects, then I think you’re trolling and I’ll stop responding.

To be frank, I think you have strong opinions on an issue that you personally have only a tenuous grasp on. Let's take corrosion. The conversion of base metals into oxides and potentially reactive-oxygen species (ROS). Okay, now, how does this reaction affect the cells in such a way that you can get from a device within the uterus to systemic effects? We can see clearly the effects from hormone based IUDs because the surface cells have receptors for the hormones which can then get spread to system circulation. How do you establish a direct system effect with metal oxidation?

Also, a metal IUD is placed within a cavity, and while it does contract the uterine wall, there is a difference between contact with epithelium and something like a heart valve or knee replacement which is directly interfacing with cell components on all sides, including interstitial fluids. There is a massive amount of fluid shift and pass through involved with that. Knees have an entire area which is rich in synovial fluid which would allow metals to potentially leech into fluids. In this case, one would expect a greater risk of physiological build-up, however, system effects of large areas of metal introduction directly into vascular tissues hasn't even been established.

You can say "I just believe it is true because!" and "Well it is just obvious!" but these are tantamount to giving up on actually providing a real rationale.

I have had two, both are Skyla, the smaller one in size and hormone doseage. My acne became much worse, starting getting painful cystic acne under my skin. Periods are kinda irregular but slightly lighter. Hurt like hell the first getting it in, the second time was not so bad. I did get pregnant while having one in but it did not keep, bled it out like a period. I've known others who had an IUD get pregnant too. I think the 99.9% effective thing is bullshit, so I recommend pulling out or using condoms along with it. Have her take Midol 30 mins before the procedure.

you won't feel it unless it's in wrong. Maybe if you have a 9 inch + dick.

Let’s be honest. Scientific studies on women’s health and anatomy are subpar. Women aren’t being believed about their painful experiences, so the proper studies and reports are not being filed. The reason why you don’t find articles about the negative effects is because the medical companies are preventing information on it.

Do you have a uterus? Not the same thing but just so you know, for example, if you wear the wrong sort of tampons (yes I’m aware that the vaginal canal is not the uterus) the tampons can cause cramps and pain for the wearer. By your logic this shouldn’t indicate negative health effects because it doesn’t come in direct contact with internal body fluid that goes into the circulatory system. I simply can’t have this argument with somebody who’s solely relys on medical documents for evidence, when you ignore the fact that medical documents can be skewed. The medical industry is largely about profit these days, rather than actual human health. People are literally hired to sell pills and medical devices to doctors, and the doctors are usually paid commission to offer these devices and medications regardless of actual studies (or lack thereof) and side effects. Especially in USA

>The reason why you don’t find articles about the negative effects is because the medical companies are preventing information on it.

Can you substantiate this at all?

>Do you have a uterus?

Does a cancer patient have a special knowledge of the physiology and pathophysiology of cancer simply for having cancer?

>By your logic this shouldn’t indicate negative health effects because it doesn’t come in direct contact with internal body fluid that goes into the circulatory system

This is a straw-man. You are twisting my argument in bad faith. If you are claiming systemic effects then you have to show the effects, not simply presume them. For an Cu IUD that would include showing that there is damage coming from the release of Cu and ROS from the long-term generation of the IUD.

In your example, pain can be easily scaled so that would be an obvious negative health effect. Arguing in bad faith does you no service.

Not to mention you last line can be easily riposted as the authors for some of the safety studies were in Scandinavian and "Progressive European" institutions, who consequentially claim the greatest female equality, and no conflicts due to government controls on research instead of corporate.

Just please don’t do that thing. Go for natural birth control. There’s a device called pearly that is 99% reliable. My girlfriend has been using it for 3 years now and she never ever got preagnant. Yes, you do need condoms while ovulating (7days per month) but other than that you do you.
Yes, it is more expensive but in the long run it saves her health.

Okay so you’re a man. That explains why you’re not listening lol. I’m logging off y’all

This was pretty much how it went for my wife and me. Condoms aren’t great for sensation, but they’re the best if you want a cheap solution that doesn’t involve hormones or potential pain.

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IUDs are great, but twice in four years it’s stabbed the fuck out of my dickhole and it’s always pretty easy to feel. That’s said, I can’t emphasize enough how much I still prefer this to any alternative.

Ill fitting tampons don’t cause negative health effects though.

OP here
She got it today and was in a lot of pain for most of the day, but it seems to have calmed down a lot.

Hormonal or copper?