Should I go transgender to get a job?

>be me
>engineering student
>GPA = 2.9 (tough to find jobs when GPA < 3.0)
>not sure if I can find job
>grils statistically are twice as likely to get a job in engineering

Should I just wear female clothing and call myself a “woman” so I can get a job?

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This should be the plot of a sit-com.

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I’m serious user I am scared that I can’t find a job.

NB here. Your biggest tool is 'diversity'.
Real question, would you be to dress up as a grill? Not talking about looking good or not, i am asking about the social stress that it brings on the table
If yes: go for it ask if it would be a LGBT friendly place to seem concerned
If not: dont . Or otherwise mention that you are not comfortable with going out and if it would be ok to work from home , since you don't feel ready.
And for the love of god, don't talk or respond to male pronouns

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Why don't you apply harder you mentaly ill tranny piece of shit


-My major is aerospace engineering with a minor in Mandarin Chinese
-I go to Embry-Riddle
-I have had 1 internship with my friend’s startup
-I have done multiple extracurricular projects including
>building a robot that competed in international competitions
>designed and built aircraft under AIAA team
>created a software for a Cubesat under my university’s NASA Space Grant

Leadership experience includes:
-Eagle Scout Project
-President of robotics club

My software skills include:
Arduino programming, MATLAB programming, C, CATIA, Fusion 360 and ANSYS

Despite all of these qualifications, my GPA is still below a 3.0 and I’m scared I cannot get a job because of that issue.

If I cannot find a job within 6 months after I graduate. Yes, I would be willing to. I bet I could pull off being female without the hormones.

Heck user.
Send me an email, i will get you up and running with some tips
[email protected]
Or tell me if you have telegram or something

Do you mean up and running with some tips on being a trap or getting a job?

I guess i could help you with the trap thing, but job stuff

Oh, sure. I can send you an email.

Send me a quick one so i can save your address

If you have a minor in Chinese, you should have a huge edge for any company doing business over there. I presume you've seen the copypasta about not letting them know, though. But if it's between being a trap and dealing with the Chinese, the latter is preferable.

No user that is incredibly self destructive. Try relaxing about jobs it is stressful but just keep at it and keep your stress levels down as much as you can.

>keep stress levels down while you try to not starve because you don’t have a job


OP here
I’ve lived in China before. If you post that copypasta online, it does not get “harmonized”. I tried it.

>my GPA is still below a 3.0 and I’m scared I cannot get a job because of that issue.

Study harder you lazy bum.

Don't take jobs from actual women or legit traps who need the money.

PS: Chinese is always in demand for translators. Consider being a translator. The money is great.

I'm curious about this Chinese copy pasta. Can someone post it?

>should I go transgender to get a job
>no become a translator instead
Like pottery

>women and traps need the money
>blue pill

No, corporations have affirmative action laws to encourage “diversity” because it attracts investors.

I may as well fuck them over for going through that diversity nonsense.

>Want to pull off being female

What is your body type?

It's too long for me to bother, but search "do not learn mandarin" and "Jow Forums" and it should pop up.

>be me
>feminine gay guy (not trans tho)
>w/ long hair, don't care
>math major with 3.9 cumulative GPA in both shitty gen ed requirements & upper division level major shits
>laughs at engineering plebians cus these bitches are dumb at counting (like u I suppose)
>interned twice at local state federal reserve

There's hope for u! U can do it!

It’s a Jow Forums meme regarding working with Chinks.

I haven’t had a problem working with them so far. It depends on the industry though.

Are they cheap? Fuck yes. Sometimes that’s an advantage and a disadvantage.

Are they lazy? Fuck no. They work harder than any other ethnic group besides Japs and the affirmative action in the West doesn’t help. Hence me considering being a trap.

Why not, you know, fucking studying?

I’m about to graduate. If I get all As this semester I would still be at a 2.9 (2.98). If I get Bs and Cs it is still a 2.9 (2.91).

You could just not include your GPA, some places won't ask about it. Your experience seems pretty great so don't worry about it too much.

No, just say you're female. If they argue just call them bigots. You don't even need to try lmao. No women's clothes and no hrt. nada. You can have broad shoulders, a wide chin, a foot long beard, be wearing a mens suit and you'd still have to be called a woman.

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Soul Man?

Trans people have statistically less chance to be given a job than females born females.
So standing as a trans won't increase your chance to get a job.

What kind of engineering do you want to do?
If you find a niche field,
that sincerely boost you instead of drain you when you read about it,
Work fucking hard to be good in it,
you'll be motivated and skilled
and you'll have a job because that's what companies are looking for.